Once I got a taste of freedom, Honey, there was no stopping me.

At six months old, most infants are crawling. Lorna’s Voice turns 6 months old today. I’m crawling around now and just think of the trouble I can get into! Wanna hear what I’ve been doing since I was born? Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway.

So far, Lorna’s Voice has…

…logged about 22,800 visitors (1,433 misdirected by 600+ different creepy and plain inexplicable Internet Search Terms). Of course, some many most of these visitors were repeat offenders fans, including, (gulp) some of the Creepy Searchers.

Confetti, really? Aw, shucks. And, Creepy Searchers, please take note of the uniformed officer packing heat.

…posted 167 brilliant, slap-your-knee, spit-out-your [insert beverage of choice] posts. If you read them all, you know more about me than anyone in the world, except the other people who read this blog.

…received 3,850 comments (given the number of visitors, either I’ve left A LOT of people speechless or there are more lurkers out there than I care to imagine).

Just go ahead and say it. You know you want to.

…attracted 115 loyal, wonderful, I-want-to-hug-you subscribers.

…solicited 58┬áindecipherable SPAM—Senseless Pointless Annoying Message—messages (not unlike the┬áindecipherable SPAM—Stuff Posing As Meat—found on your grocer’s shelf).

…loyally followed 81 amazing, funny, insightful, talented and diverse bloggers, making pithy, witty, sagely comments with discriminate use of emoticons and exclamation points! ­čśë

NOTE: By the time this post is published, most of these stats will be wrong. That’s okay, I’m used to being wrong. I’m sorry. I just wanted to celebrate another arbitrary milestone and post something really short and hopefully sweet.

See? Short and sweet.