Well, people, I did it again.

Well, I didn’t do that. I don’t like men with pokey facial hair.  Or pokey teeth, either.

My entry for the sin of lust in Katie’s Seven Deadly Sins writing contest, I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, is a finalist.  It’s one of five essays that showcase the talent that publishers are somehow overlooking here at WordPress.  Are they blind, or what?

The Keynote Speaker at the Association Media and Publishing Annual Meeting. No wonder they are missing out on all the talent here at WordPress.

The winner of this part of the seven part contest is determined by YOUR votes.  Yes that’s right–VoteS as in plural.  Katie rigged her contest so that you can vote once each day until the last day, which is AUGUST 11 (this Saturday).

Yeah. We all know this guy. He’s constantly providing intel into “The Man” and making sure that, come election time, you only get to cast one little vote. Well, Katie is going to rock this guy’s world, which might make him a wee bit excited–so look out, Katie!

Think of this contest like democracy, only in other countries where their elections aren’t run by anal-retentive officials who get stuck on this “one person one vote” rule.  You can act more like your own Super PAC and influence the outcome of the contest by voting today, tomorrow and each day, including Saturday. (That’s assuming that you have the time, energy, and memory to vote on a blog contest, which is to say that your life isn’t all that busy or interesting–not there’s anything wrong with that.  Hey, voting may give you something to look forward to each day, right?)

Oh Boy! I can’t wait to vote. When can I vote again? Let’s go vote again! Are we there yet?

So, hop on over to http://k8edid.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/lust-the-finalists/, read all five entries and vote for the entry you think is the best in the Lust Department. While you’re at it, leave a kind note to Katie. She’s recovering from surgery and could use some cheering up.

You can only vote for one entry each day, but you can vote for a different one the next time…or the same one.  How often do you get that kind of power? Use it, Baby!

Remember, you can do anything and make it look good. All you need is confidence, style, and snazzy duds. Now giddy up and go vote!  It will make you feel like you’ve done something more with your day than crush the backs of innocent hobby horses.  That’s gotta count for something.