Many of you wanted to see more of my quilt art. I explored small quilting projects when I retired because large quilts seemed too overwhelming. The freedom of not following a pattern and playing with colors was fun—and I needed some fun in my life. I tried all kinds of projects. I’ve sold a few, but most were given away as gifts or I still have them. Since I started blogging, my Berninas (yes, I have 2) are¬†eerily still and my sewing room is way too neat. I can’t find the time play with my beautiful fabrics while I’m writing. I guess I’m a one-creative-endeavor kinda of a gal.

Here’s a sampling of my work.

"Adirondack High" 8"X10", fabric, thread "painting" and Shiva Oil sticks

"Breezy Leaves" wall hanging. Batik fabrics, machine appliqued.

"Buried Treasure," entirely hand appliqued, pieced, and quilted. This quilt is a tribute to Reggie. I made it while sitting by his cage during his final weeks. One of his yellow crest feathers in tucked behind the label.

"Chakra Window" a "Stained Glass" style art quilt wall hanging.

"Just Picked" 8"X10" fabric, thread "paint" and Shiva oil sticks.

"Lake Champlain Moonshine," wall-hanging with batik fabrics and thread painting.

"Fresh Flowers on Old Chair" Machine applique, Shiva oil sticks.

Teal and Purple Handbag, batik fabric and decorative machine stitching.

"Eco Chic" high-end grocery bag

"Remember Me" (or something like that) Hand applique, machine pieced and quilted. A quilt I made for Chuck, started during the summer of 2009 and finished for Christmas that year. He left me that fall, but I finished it and gave it to him.

"Winter Dreams" Fabric, thread "painting, machine appliqued, Shiva Oil Sticks

Machine appliqued handbag. I designed this one after a scarf I love.

Wool candle mat, hand blanket stitch.

Once I finish my memoir, maybe I’ll get back to my sewing room…