Well, I didn't mean everything you're wearing. Use some common sense, People!

Well, I didn’t mean drop everything you’re wearing. Use some common sense, People!

No, I don’t mean this post.

Although, you kind of have to read this post to know what I mean, don’t you?

Anywho. I’ talking about Peter Wells’ new novel, Living Life Backwards.

It’s great! I just finished reading it and, if you can believe it, it’s better than his blog–but only because it’s like a movie version of his blog.

five star

Here’s the review I put up on Amazon.

Peter Wells cannot be described as merely an accomplished breakout novelist. In his first book, as well as in his very popular blog, he has proven himself to be the most subtle of humorists, a most astute observer of human emotion and behavior, and the kind of philosopher I simply can’t get enough of.

This novel gets inside the minds and hearts of a cadre of characters that you won’t soon forget. Why? Because they are us–real, quirky, flawed, complex, dreamers, well-intended, unsure, conflicted, and presented with difficult situations through which they must navigate. Sound familiar? It should! It’s called life. And it’s messy. Peter captures how these people deal with their challenges in a way that only he can. It’s as if he has special spectacles through which he can see into a person’s (fictional or not) psyche. And he does it with a wit that I, as a humorist, envy.

As a writer, I know it’s best to show not tell. Let me give you a few snippets of Peter’s laser-like wit that cuts to the heart of his characters:

Of Misty, the object of much consternation, he tells us: “Through no fault of her own, she was more than averagely pretty, and this had made her a prize for those not necessarily interested in marriage.”

Of the protagonist’s (Bill’s) wife and mother-in-law complaining about their husbands: “Grumbling at low volume was their normality. Mother and daughter now joyously celebrating a common burden: men with no imagination.”

Of Bill’s (Peter’s) insightfulness: “Secrecy is often the strategy of the socially awkward or shy.” I very much related to that observation!

I could go on, but won’t. I don’t want to give away the many gems in this novel, which is a veritable treasure chest of jewels.

At the heart of it is the basic human dilemma: do you settle for a good enough safe life or do you risk it all for the fantasy dangling before you? Peter takes us on the ride with characters who grapple with the choices they make and the consequences of their choices. And what a ride it is.

Don’t make us wait too long, Peter, for another book. Until then, I remain a loyal follower of your blog on WordPress.

For those of you who don’t already follow Peter, click here. I also did an interview with him a little while ago about the book.

Now I understand what “living life backwards” means. If you want to figure it out, read the book!

On another subject, I’m taking a little vacation.

Not that you’d notice. I’m hardly around here, what with editing my novel and all.

But I just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to be incommunicado for about a week…or more. I’m not going anywhere exotic–just breaking the routine a bit.

Like I said, nothing exotic. Just so alone time with me and Phil.

Like I said, nothing exotic. Just some alone time for me and Phil at Sandypants Beach.