Come on, People. How hard are you really trying to find this “elusive” creature?

My social blog calendar is getting rather full these days. If you want a date with me  want to get a dose of me, you don’t have to just come knocking at this door all this time.

I might be out galavanting. That’s because I’ve become quite popular lately. I prefer to think of me as “popular” as in swank diva rather than “popular” as in scamp tramp. Let’s just say I don’t jump into every blog that offers me a writing gig. And just to be clear, that so far I have accepted every offer is not evidence that I will or won’t accept them all in the future. Is that clear enough for you?

I’ll take this one, but not that one. Oh. well, maybe I’ll take that one, too. They all look so tempting…

  • You already know to look for me on Sundays over at Legends Undying, right?
  • Every once in a while I make a surprise appearance over at Phil’s place. Since it’s called Random Thoughts, it’s only fitting that my posts over there are random.
  • Now, and I do mean at this very moment, you can find me over at Jacqueline’s blog, The Mature Student Hanging In There. Yup. She invited me to do a guest post, which proves that I accept invitations from women as well as men. I guess this makes me bi-blogular. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The name of the post is I was in School for 40 years. Can you Beat That? Part 1. As the title suggests, there will be a Part 2 in the not too distant future.
  • I didn’t post anything over at Traveling Adventures of a Resilient Entertainer (but you never know). If you click this link, you’ll find a review of my blog on this coolio site. Imagine that! My little blog got the attention of a keep-it-real, superfly blogger who reviews blogs and other stuff. Hot-diggity-dog! And I mean that in the most grateful vegetarian way possible. Spoiler alert: the review is short and oh so sweet.
  • Pretty soon, and by that I mean fairly soon, I’ll be showing up on Amazon, SmashWords, and every place you look because my memoir will be ready for Prime Time. I may even have to create a Facebook and Twitter account. GULP. COUGH. STOMACH GURGLE. Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom…

…Okay. I’m back now, feeling much lighter in my head and other areas of my body.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be editing the final chapters of my book, which is 25 chapters long.
What will you be doing?

And you wonder why this book is taking so long to finish…