Suggested Book Club Discussion Questions for Lorna’s Books

How Was I Supposed to Know? A Memoir

  • Novels require plots to move the story along. Memoirs are held together by one or more themes. What theme(s) do you think the author used in telling this portion of her life story? Give specific examples from the book.
  • What surprised you about the author’s life story or how she told her story? Give specific examples. Why were you surprised?
  • What lesson(s) did you take away from the author’s life story? Did it/they have more to do with what happened to her or how she told her story? Explain, using details from the story.
  • Did your impression of the author change over the course of reading the book? If so, in what way and why? If not, what quality or qualities remained consistent throughout your experience with this author?
  • If you were to tell your life story, did this memoir influence either how you would tell it or what you would include? Be specific in your answer.
  • Memoirs are about the author’s interpretation of her/his life story. Other people necessarily play a part in that story. What are the ethical issues you see when including details of other peoples’ lives in a memoir? Using specific examples from the book, discuss how you feel the author navigated those ethical issues.

Never Turn Back: A Novel



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