Do you want your manuscript to captivate your audience from the first to the last word?

I’m Lorna Lee, Ph.D., an author, editor, internal book formatter/designer and the person who will help your manuscript sparkle, attracting the kind of attention it deserves.

Why choose me as your editor or formatter?

  • Like you, I’m an author, too, so I’m familiar with what you’ve gone through to get to this point, with what you’re facing now and with the challenges ahead of you.

  • I’m certified in editing, and I have access to multiple editing resources. I am also trained in the intricacies of MS Word.

  • You won’t have to worry about grammar gremlins, punctuation problems, or any of those many manuscript mishaps that distract readers from your message because I will notice and fix those things for you.

  • Your deadlines are important, so I take them seriously.

  • I’m familiar with the publishing industry standards for internal book design, but also creative and happy to work with you to make your book look exactly as you wish.

  • Having someone else read and suggest changes to your hard work is often nerve-wracking and challenging. When you work with me, you work with someone who respects your voice, offers constructive, gentle suggestions, and keeps our relationship professional but lighthearted.

  • You will be able to contact me in the way you feel most comfortable: email, messaging, telephone, and (if necessary) FaceTime or Skype. And I respond promptly (within 24 hours, often less).

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What qualifies me to edit your masterpiece?

  • I have authored two books and worked with two editors for each book. So I have experience on both sides of this partnership.

  • I figured out how to format my own books and have been formatting authors’ books for over five years, keeping up with the changes in technology.

  • I am trained in editing any manuscript, but I specialize in editing fiction, creative nonfiction, and business communications.

  • I have published several articles in my local newspaper.

  • I am a contributing writer for a monthly magazine.

  • Two of my short stories have won critical acclaim in national contests.

  • I teach workshops on how to write creative nonfiction and fiction.

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I offer a range of editing and internal book design/formatting services.


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What are my editing services and prices?
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Internal Design and Formatting

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NOTE: Formatting for Microsoft Word or Word-compatible documents only.


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Send me the first five (5) double-spaced pages of your manuscript in a Microsoft Word document (or Word-compatible document), and I will edit it for you.REE!

After you get my edits and comments back, you can decide if you would like to work with me. We can discuss the details of what is needed and work out a contract.

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Comments from my Clients

“I hired Lorna of Early Girl Enterprises, LLC, to format my book in preparation for publishing. She did so much more. She stayed available and responsive every step of the way, day, evening and weekends until the book was successfully published. I felt supported every step of the way at one of the most stressful times of the process,”
Rose Lochmann, author of The Letters She Wrote
“I was referred to Lorna by my book cover designer. I’m so glad he recommended her! She is professional, responsive and allowed me multiple changes. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I will definitely be using Lorna for my paperback formatting needs in the future.”
Kat Mayor, author of the three-book Spirit Chaser Series

“I have recently had the pleasure of completing and publishing my first, and most likely only, book, Go on Dad…Knock. It’s a memoir about my quest to find my family. I’d spent the best part of two years kicking it about and turning it into something like a book, granted with a little help from some local professionals here, in Liverpool UK. Then I was told about Lorna. I needed someone to edit and format my book for self-publication on Amazon. I read her credentials here, on ‘Lorna’s voice. It was a no-brainer. I asked her basically to do ‘all the things that she does’ to help me turn my book into (In her words) the best that it can be.
Before long I had an ally, a new friend, and we laughed and joked our way through the process, whilst always respecting the serious business of producing an ever-improving piece of work. What was previously a burdensome process became a fun objective. There was always something positive to work towards. Lorna pointed out details that I had missed. She had such a clear vision of where we needed to go, and her gentle and fun comments always led to a further layer of polish as the project developed. She seemed to grasp what I was doing better than I did myself, and having her ‘by my side’ proved invaluable.
As a novice author, I have ultimately produced a piece of work that stands as a proud legacy for my family and friends to share, and the book is now proving popular way beyond the limited boundaries I set myself. I couldn’t have arrived at this point without Lorna’s assistance, I will be ever grateful to my friend Lorna Lee who kept her promise, and from afar, helped my book become ‘The best that it could be’. Thank you, my friend.”
Ron Clark, author of Go on Dad…Knock!


“Working with Lorna was an absolute pleasure! She is a true professional, incredibly knowledgeable and made sure the whole process of formatting my book was an enjoyable one. She was always so full of positivity, words of encouragement. And I must mention her patience with me as I struggled to grasp even the basics of editing and formatting. Thank you so much, Lorna!”
C.E.A. Forster, author of You’re Being Ridiculous
Just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for all your help in formatting my novel Champagne and Labradors.  It was a pleasure working with you, nothing seemed to be a problem and your words of encouragement meant a lot.  Also, your attention to detail resulted in a very professional product. I look forward to working with you again once I’ve finished my next novel, currently a work-in-progress.”

Helen Aherne, author of Champagne and Labradors


“Lorna was an absolute professional through the whole process of formatting my debut novel. She communicated promptly and clearly and was completely dedicated to helping create the best final product possible. She answered my every question with patience and generosity too. There’s no one I would trust more with this process. Thank you, Lorna!”     —Tim Antonides, author of Rain


“I would like to thank my amazing editor, Lorna. Without you, Origin wouldn’t be half as amazing as it is now. You came to grips with the complicated lives and personalities of my characters, and our partnership grew ever stronger through that. I can’t wait to work with you through the remains of this series and to see where this world takes us.”
—Lauren Dowding, author of Origin: The Mortal King (Book 1)


“I’ve worked with professionals, including an editor who worked at Simon & Schuster and have to say that Lorna’s work is every bit as good. Her editing skills 
are superb as is her level of understanding of the components of writing a compelling story. I’m looking forward to working with her again 
and highly recommend her.”
Paulette Mahurin, best-selling author of four novels. (Her most recent book, The Seven Year Dress, has been on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Seller List for many months.)


“Lorna responded to one of my calls for beta readers for a work in progress two years ago. Her findings and comments at the time were way beyond the call of duty for such a task, giving me a detailed critique of my writing style, characterisation and pointing out even the smallest inconsistencies and errors.
It is rare to find such diligence and commitment at this stage of the publishing process, which is why I have asked Lorna to help me with every new novel since.

I was not surprised to find that she was enrolled in an editing course by then. She seems to have a natural talent for this. Lorna turned around each one of my books in a short space of time and has contributed immensely to their success through both general and very specific observations that helped me improve the book stylistically, grammatically and factually, with attention to detail, consistency and with sensitivity to the differences between British and American English. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Christoph Fischer, best-selling author of twelve novels.


“Lorna has a keen eye and wonderful customer service. I would trust her to look at any of my manuscripts.”
Christine Keleny, author of seven novels.


“After three frustrating rewrites of a piece, a writer friend recommended Lorna. She made quick work of editing the flab and perpetual mistakes I make. I am not a computer savvy person, but the process she uses was well within my scope of expertise. In no time, she had helped me make, ‘a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.’ Her humor made the whole experience easier than I anticipated. Tips she gave me will be valuable in future work. I won’t hesitate to work with her again and recommend her to writer friends.”
Susan, an adult student of one of my writing workshops.


“Working with Lorna was amazing! She was always so kind and had such amazing ideas. I can’t wait to work with her again on future projects. Thank you so much for everything Lorna!”  
—Tanya Gandolfo, author of Underneath the Surface

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“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.”
– Arthur Plotnik, American author, and editor

I'm looking forward to working with you!

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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