Libby Couldn’t Help Herself

 (This should be read with a Southern Belle accent of at all possible.) Goodness Gracious! Our delicate sensibilities are all kerfuffled by that word Miss Lorna used. Whatever can she be talking about?

(This should be read with a Southern Belle accent if at all possible.) Goodness Gracious! Our delicate sensibilities are all kerfuffled by the fact that Miss Lorna has been missin’ from our lives. It’s just not right.

Wow, a whole week has passed and not a word from me.

I have a very good excuse.

I’ve been busy.

You just never know how people surf the net these days...

No, not busy having fun in my underwear! I wish!

Generally, my time is kind of free. Usually I just walk around and try not tip over.

You try being dizzy all day...

You try being dizzy all day…

You’ll hear about my shenanigans in a little while when I’m ready to break the news, but for now, you’ll have to settle for another 100-word submission to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.

This week’s photo prompt comes to us from G.L. MacMillan. It’s pure fiction.


Libby Couldn’t Help Herself

Libby couldn’t help herself.

“Three-year-olds ain’t got the best judgement, Ma.” Libby’s mother repeated this same sentence countless times throughout the day.

“She ain’t gonna just hurt herself if she don’t stop climbing up that picnic table, she gonna break somethin’ we don’t got no money ta pay for.” Libby’s grandmother had the gift of foresight that comes from raising too many children and grandchildren.

“Jeez, Ma. Leave her be. She’s havin’ fun.”

Libby turned to her mother and smiled just as she was standing tip-toe on top of the picnic table, reaching for the pretty glass bottles. She wobbled.

(100 words)


Should things slow down a bit for me, I’ll try to post something more dizzy blonde-ish in a few days.

I know that’s what you come here for.

Hey, the bag was heavy and, yes, I had a hard time letting go. Look! Someone threw away a perfectly nice lamp. I think I can reach it...

I’ll dig deep and come up with something to tickle your fanny, er, um, fancy.


~ by Lorna's Voice on July 30, 2015.

65 Responses to “Libby Couldn’t Help Herself”

  1. You always make me laugh, Lorna. Thanks!

  2. Sometimes I ask what gave them the idea for the story given the photo prompt when the story is really different. It’s interesting to get the replies. You see the inner workings of people’s minds. 🙂

  3. I appreciate your answer. I thought there might be a writing rule on how to approach a prompt. I prefer the literal but do enjoy when someone gives the prompt a twist. With so many writing stories on the same prompt, it does keep it interesting to see a different approach. However, too far off the prompt and it becomes just words that baffle me. Thanks, Lorna. 😎

  4. Thanks so much…and I’ve watched my fair share of little children doing their little children “things!” 😉

  5. It’s like you’ve watched my daughter climbing (on everything) & grabbing (everything)…

    Great story, I liked the engaging tone/voice here.

  6. LOL.

  7. My new nickname, Shenanigans. I thought you were referring to me hogging all your time, lol. 🙂

  8. You’re better off!

  9. Sheesh! What’s this world coming to? 😉

  10. Yes, the “Broken House” my ex and bought had old canning jars full of stuff. Awful-looking stuff. I was glad when those were finally hauled off to the dump! There were a few empty glass bottles of the sort in the photo, too. They are probably still there. My ex threw nothing out (except me, that is!).

  11. I wish I was the normal (not vertigo) kind of dizzy blonde, but I guess I’m both. All the sun these past few weeks makes it worse. Too much stimulation for my brain, I suppose. 😦

  12. 🙂 Good to know people still dance on tables of any sort!

  13. I’ve read lots of stories based on these photo prompts over the past several weeks. The ones I like best are the ones that relate directly to the photo–so taken literally (in answer to your question). It’s nice when the writer throws in a twist or focuses on some minor aspect of the photo so not all stories are about the same thing. But stories that seem not to relate to the photo at all just confuse me.

  14. Me neither. In fact, I usually get more compliments on the intro than the story itself.

  15. 🙂

  16. Me, too. I have something up my sleeve…now I have to wrestle it out of there… 😉

  17. I’m thinking all of them… 😉

  18. Thanks so much, Christine. Really? Envious?

  19. What does it mean to the Brits? Oh no!

  20. Ha! I feel like I live in Southern Texas. It’s too darn hot up here (but low humidity, so that makes it all better). 😐

  21. Maybe…maybe not. You never know with Libby!

    And you are my “shenanigans,” P! 🙂

  22. Maybe she only wobbles and doesn’t fall down? Kids are known to surprise you!

  23. Thanks so much. I like that line, too!

  24. Thanks, but I have no idea here they came from!

  25. Or not… 😉 That’s what I love about this flash fiction stuff–you can end before you finish!

  26. Thanks, Rochelle. When you really look at these photos, there is so much to see. 🙂

  27. Lots of wobbles going on in this post, huh? Sorry! 😉

  28. Thanks…I can never just leap right into the flash fiction. That would be way too simple! 😉

  29. It better be a small step when the set is on a surf board in a girdle! 😉

  30. I like leaving a little mystery in these stories. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

  31. At least Libby thinks so… 😉

  32. Yeah, me, too. Someone is going to have to start another antique bottle collection!

  33. There is no accounting for taste…and you can take that any way you wish, my sister dizzy blonde! 😉

  34. I was more concerned about the bottle breaking! Libby always lands on her feet! And, yes, never wear heels!

  35. Thanks. For some reason these voices enter my head!

  36. Yes, it does. I never wear heels higher than…well, I never wear heels!

  37. 🙂 Thanks!

  38. Brings back memories of countless family outings curtailed in order to either find me or take me to A&E (or both).
    Good piece.

  39. Lovely little story. That gif of the model looks painful though…yikes.

  40. Libby’s happy – that’s all that matters. Love the voices. Very entertaining intro too.

  41. Oh gosh. You had me holding my breath. I hope she’s all right.

    That image of the model walking is just painful to watch. I twisted my ankle recently so I know what that must feel like. Ouch.

  42. The girdle suffers are pretty great. As another dizzy blonde, I wish I had their balance. Also… Why would someone go commando the same day they went dumpster diving? Seems a little risky to me.

  43. I heard that crash.

  44. Mother knows best.

  45. The dialect was authentic and the story perfect – leaving the reader to interpret whether’s grandma’s foresight was right or not. I think that all that which wobbles may not necessarily crash 🙂

  46. Surfing in a girdle is a step too far even for dizzy blondeness. A small step, but nevertheless a step 🙂

  47. Dear Libby, uh . . I mean Lorna,
    Know-it-all-Granny might as well zip her lip. Who wants to learn anything the easy way. Besides, the more you tell me NOT to do something, the more inclined I am to try it. Ain’t that the way we are?

    Oh, and just so you’ll know, I love your lead-ins as much as the story.

  48. I can hear them clear as day. Stay away from the picnic table! Whoops. I got wobbly just watching your videos. And I’m normally ditzy anyway!

  49. Dear Lorna,

    I love it that you went for the picnic table rather than the bottles. Great dialect. Ma needs to listen to Grandma. Natural curiosity is a good thing but Libby needs guidance and protection.

    Well done.



  50. Oh no, somebody’s going to take a tumble. Nice story!

  51. Great voices here.

  52. I’m glad you wrote about the picnic tables! A different take on the prompt. Well done. “Libby’s grandmother had the gift of foresight that comes from raising too many children and grandchildren.” A great line.

  53. Oh my, I can hear all the pretty bottles shattered. Hopefully the child isn’t hurt. Their voices are great. Thanks for the chuckle.😀

  54. Can’t wait to hear about your shenanigans. 😉 Well, did Libby regain her composure. 🙂

  55. That drawl suits you! You must live in southern Oregon.

  56. Those pretty bottles – sooo tempting.
    Nice one.
    And it’s those fantastic fanny jokes again to shock the Brits (where it means something else. Canada too maybe? And not sure about Australia.)

  57. Another post to lighten my day. And your flash fiction…I am envious!!

  58. So who are the blondes in the story?

  59. I enjoy the 100 word stories but I look forward to my refreshing dose of “Dizzyness” when you are less busy.

  60. You always make me smile, Lorna. 🙂

  61. LOL … the video with the model is hilarious. Hope it isn’t an indication of your absence. I have memories of when you wrote about your dizzy issues here and in your 1st book. Be well and rest if you are under the table …. haha … I mean weather as in ill.
    Great write on the photo prompt. I used a southern accent. My friend is from the south. I used her accent. 😀
    You captured that mischievious child perfectly. Rambunctious and unmanageable as many are now-a-days. I enjoyed, Lorna, as always.
    Huggies from your amiga …
    Issy ❤️😍💋
    p.s. techinical question …. on photo prompts or prompt on a word prompt … do you think they should be written literally or should the writer take liberties on their approach? Just curious … 😳

  62. Last time I danced on a picnic table I got moaned at… the food was still on it..

  63. I hope you’re doing okay, Lorna. I like the normal dizzy blonde–not the vertigo kind. Just sayin’

  64. I loved this one! I love old bottles, too. The house I grew up in was 100+ (still is, actually). I helped my father tear down a wall once, and trapped inside we found 1/2 a bottle of wine and a book of poetry. The bottle could have rested on your shelf.

  65. Last time I went underwear surfing they arrested me… go figure?

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