Maybe it’s not the other driver you have to worry about…

I'm glad someone thinks he's in charge.

I’m glad someone thinks he’s in charge.

Have you been on the roads lately?

Looks like the summer travel season is in full bloom.

Golly there are a lot of drivers, well, um…driving places, and in a hurry, too.

So I think it’s time for another PSA on how to be SAFE while driving.

I know. I know.

You know.

You’ve heard it before.

But do you do the things you’re supposed to do?


Do you not do the things you’re not supposed to do?

Okay, you got me.

Okay, you got me.


I thought so.

Well, I’m one of those drivers you may inadvertently swerve into and because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, I don’t react well to surprises like that.

I’m apt to either overreact or freeze. Both of which will get both of us killed.

Or seriously late.

So here are some tips for YOU to follow as you head out for your family vacation.

I’m already a safe driver, unless you count that overreacting/freeze response thing when I get startled while driving…

1. Don’t text while driving even if you have a really big phone. One second of not paying attention at 65 miles per hour while driving is like 7 minutes of dog-trouble while your anxious pup is left home alone.

This cell phone's texts would be easy to read, but still not safe in the car.

This cell phone’s texts would be easy to read, but still not safe in the car.

2. Don’t fiddle with other gizmos in your car (GPS, sound system you’ve been meaning to figure out, electric seat controls, mirror ball, wet bar, whatever). Adjust, program, familiarize yourself with all necessary components before you put your car into “drive” and step on the gas.

3. Eat before or after you get behind the wheel…not during. You know you’re never going to let that french fry you dropped just sit there. You have to find it while you’re at maximum cruising speed and it’s still warm.

4. Don’t let your critters crawl all over you. Sure they want to. Yes, it’s cute. And it’s fun when it tickles. But it’s dangerous for everyone.

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

5. The rear view mirror is not for personal grooming. It’s for viewing what’s behind you, like traffic. Don’t use it to shave or put on make-up or look at yourself or talk to yourself. It’s just a bad idea.

Yeah. No. Don't do this, either.

Yeah. No. Don’t do this, either.

6. Try not to engage in any conversions that annoy, pester, or agitate you. If this means traveling alone and sending your family ahead via another form of transportation, so be it. At least everyone will be alive at the beginning of the vacation. An angry driver is an accident determined to happen.

7. Have a good idea of where you are going and how you plan to get there. If you know ahead of time that your GPS always takes you in the wrong direction, make sure you have plenty of time for side trips and backtracking. Make this part of the “adventure” rather than a source of stress. (See #6 about avoiding stress.)

8. Make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. If you break down and cause a traffic jam on a major highway, the distress inside your car will be the least of your problems. Oh, and there’s the bodily harm issue (caused by any accidents from the breakdown and fights about the traffic jam). Just make sure you buy a new car before you travel.

See? I'm not feeling good about this whole adventure.

See? I’m not feeling good about the chances for this whole adventure ending well for anyone involved.

9. Secure all bottles and beverages so that they don’t spill or roll around. This is especially true for any open liquor bottles.

10. Don’t drive to the point of exhaustion. Sure, you want to reach your destination as quickly as possible so you can relax (hahahahahaha) with your family, but a sleepy driver is a sloppy driver. What am I saying? You’ll most likely have your family in the car! You’ll be wide awake from all the bickering quality time. Plus, you’ll be thinking about all the work that’ll be waiting for you when you get back from your vacation. That’ll keep you up all night.

So, have fun as you drive to your vacation destination.

Was that my exit? Don't tell me that was my exit! Freakin' GPS Lady! You're useless! And I really have to pee...

Was that my exit? Don’t tell me that was my exit! Freakin’ GPS Lady! You’re useless! And I really have to pee…

Just be safe so that drivers like me can rest assured that drivers like you won’t be swerving into me.

Because you know that if you aim your car at me, an accident will happen.

Let's get the heck out of here, Ralph, Lorna has finally lost her marbles.

Let’s get the heck out of here, Ralph, I’m feeling rather sensitive today and the traffic is getting heavy.

Because I’m a safe, but highly sensitive, driver.

What concerns do you have about driving/drivers/summer travel?



~ by Lorna's Voice on June 22, 2015.

37 Responses to “Maybe it’s not the other driver you have to worry about…”

  1. Generally, I think it’s best to stay home, don’t you? 😉

  2. In New Mexico, speed limits are merely suggestions, as I’ve stated before, and although we have a $300 fine for using a cell phone while driving, well, I see it every time I’m out in the truck. Nothing, absolutely nothing, makes me angrier than watching the errant driver in front of me talking on a cell phone. They have no clue about the danger they are creating for everyone as they slow down to a crawl, swerve into an adjacent lane, or slam on their brakes. I have a hard enough time texting on dry land without even trying to attempt it while maneuvering a death torpedo on the streets.

    Excellent rules that everyone should follow. And, by the way, I think that picture of the pick up truck was taken here. I see this every weekend. And every weekend something flies out of a truck into the windshield of the car following too closely.

  3. or a conspiracy…

  4. Mass transit for you, huh?

  5. Yes, use mass transit whenever you can!

  6. I had that problem with my phone and car not speaking to each other. Try turning the blue tooth function off your phone while you are using it to navigate. It may just start talking to you. The only problem is that if you normally receive phone calls through your car’s audio system, that function gets turned off with the bluetooth getting turned off. Try if and see if it works and if it’s worth the sacrifice…

  7. I had to get out this morning and I think it’s safe to say that I exercised myself with safety in mind, since I made it back…safely and all. I did have to look at the navigator on my phone ever so often since Miss Navigator got a little stubborn and refused to verbally guide me.

  8. Fear? Everybody who speeds at 95 mph on I-95–between DC and NYC. Le train, le train–perhaps a better option.

    Good post!!

  9. Good mix of reminders and humor. I see cars as a necessary evil … thus I don’t enjoy driving or riding.

  10. Almost seems like an epidemic! 😦

  11. As long as you stay in your driveway, I think you’re on to something! Some of my vacations have been in my bedroom…wait, I didn’t mean it quite like that sounded. (Well, maybe I did…) 😉

  12. Road construction…ARG! It’s everywhere and cause for much consternation (and jobs). 😉

  13. Yes, you are in winter, which has its own travel issues (at least I assume). Glad you enjoyed my silliness! 🙂

  14. Half the fun is finding the photos… 😉

  15. Good reminders. Funny pictures!

  16. haha .. “If this means traveling alone and sending your family ahead via another form of transportation, so be it.” One of your best, Lorna. I have a concern that it’s not summer here 😦

  17. Great reminders here Lorna. MANY people need to read this. Don’t get me started with crazy drivers, construction, lane closures and over crowded roads here in Toronto. 🙂

  18. It seems like I would be better off being sedated while driving – what do you think?

  19. I don’t blame you one little bit.

  20. probably… 😉

  21. I did not know that. I love learning something knew every day…and this is a doozy of a new thing! Thanks Dawne! 🙂

  22. Yeah, our trip across the country was interesting, to say the least! Glad we both landed safely. 🙂

  23. I was a ball of stress driving from Florida to Chicago. The roads were unbelievably congested. I was grateful that on one of our hotel stops (we took two to help from a mental break down) had a hot tub to relax my knotted calves and thighs. I was so relieved when we arrived safely. Cute yet informative post, Lorna.

  24. Did you know that beautifying yourself in the car is called farding? With a d not a t.

  25. No worries-no need for GPS when I am there. So I guess Phill will be driving us around next week?

  26. What worries me about summer driving? Having to go through New Jersey.

  27. no, haven’t seen any shaving – I was imagining the whole lather and razor bit, but realize it’s probably electric (still considered uncouth in some circles 🙂 ) but one of my clients reads the Economist bumper to bumper – print’s so fine, no idea how he manages !

  28. Thanks so much!

  29. Ah, yes, the gesturing–for when words just don’t cut it! And I’ve seen all kinds of activities behind the wheel: men shaving, men reading the newspaper…no kidding!

  30. Not you, Gerry! I refuse to believe it!

  31. Do tell! 😉

  32. 🙂 I have my ways, P! And aren’t those pups the livin’ end? 🙂

  33. Where’d you find that photo of my truck, lol. 😉 Wuv the cute doggie photos. wag wag

  34. I’d love to read what you’d have to say about SA drivers… they are mostly clowns…

  35. I could say a lot here on this subject,,, but wont… just that I am a monster when on the road… Aaarrgh!

  36. Very timely reminder, Lorna. Cellphone talk is the worst here. The law says you have to have earphones, but maybe everyone’s a cheapskate. Also, gestures are part of conversing in this country, so letting go of the wheel goes hand in hand (pun!) Grooming on rear-view. is not a female preprogative either. Lots of people manage to do all the former at once, together with gps or cd fiddling. I love trains…

  37. Enjoyed it all. 😄

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