You wouldn't be afraid of getting interviewed by innocent little me, would you?

You wouldn’t be afraid of getting interviewed by innocent little me, would you?

I Invited Kevin Cooper over here to talk about his second memoir, Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear, which is the continuation of what he started in Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear, which is his life story.

And it’s a doozy.

Does this image give you a sense of foreboding? It should.

Does this image give you a sense of foreboding? It should.

Kevin’s blog is dedicated to highlighting independent authors. He interviews them and reviews their books. His blog is Kev’s Great Indie Authors, so that kind of gives you an idea about his blog. But he’s also an independent author, which is probably why he likes indie authors so much, right?

Anyway. I figured that people who write memoirs like to talk about themselves. The reason I suspect this is because I wrote a memoir and. like, my favorite subjects are me, myself, and the ever-present I.

This should be an interesting interview.

Lorna: Hiya Kev! Welcome to my place. Make yourself comfortable and let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Kev: Sure! Thanks for inviting me to talk about Miedo 2. I can’t wait to get started.

Lorna: I sensed that. You know, I have what some people call “The Gift.” But I get clearer signals from animals. Humans are so guarded. But not you. You, I feel, are more like me.

Kev: (narrowing his eyes) Are you having a bit of fun with me, Lorna. I know all about your hijinks when you conduct an interview…

Lorna: (serious as a case of diarrhea with no toilet in sight) Not in the least. I am not kidding. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person to all kinds of things–worldly and other-worldly. I’ve had out-of-body experiences, communicated with animals, been inhabited by spirits (and not just of the alcohol variety), you name it. No kidding, Kev. But this interview is about you, not me…unfortunately. Did I say that last word out loud? Hmmm. Let’s move on. In what genre(s) would you classify Miedo 2?

Kev: Although it is a memoir, it’s also a British Drama with paranormal/supernatural events, pretty much the same as Miedo.

Lorna: Yes, I’m reading it now and your life is certainly quite British and very dramatic.

Kev: (shrugging shoulders) Right.

Lorna: Right. Why did you select this genre to tell your story? I mean, you could have made it fictional…See, I left out all the paranormal stuff that happened to me when I wrote my memoir because I’m, like, a dizzy enough blonde. I figured that stuff would kick me into a whole other category of blonde. You get my meaning?

Kev: (folding his arms over his chest) The story is what it is… it’s a memoir, all true and it simply fits the genres I chose. I think, these days, genres need to be expanded to make way for elements of other genres. In Miedo’s case, he experiences a lot of seemingly paranormal phenomena which has as much influence upon his life as that of his dysfunctional family and the social climate at the time. It’s hard to put it in one genre and leave it there when there is so much going on that fits into other genres as well.

Lorna: Fair enough. But could you stop staring at me so intensely? I know you’re passionate about your work. I admire that. But I’m getting a super-charged energy-vibey thing that’s overloading my delicate circuitry. Just take a deep breath and chillax. I will, too. (Deep breathing and smiling at each other) There. Good. Moving on. Pretend you have a billboard to advertise your book. What catchy slogan to grab readers would be plastered on it?

Kev: Face Your Fears! in very large font.

Lorna: Wow! That got my attention! Good job! (gulping) Now, let’s get to the paranormal and spiritual events that happen in the book. Did they really happen to you? Or to Miedo, the you in your book? You know what I mean…

Kev: Miedo’s experiences were very real to him, whether people believe these things really happened or not. Everything I put in Miedo, happened to me, including seeing things, being lifted off my bed and slammed back down again, the out-of-body experience and being transported away. I’m sorry, but if I say much more, I will give too much of the book away.

Lorna: That’s okay. We get the picture. It happened. And I believe it happened because stuff like that happened to me, too. Not the bed thing, mind you, but other equally hard to explain in that if-you-don’t-believe-in-things-you-can’t-see-you-won’t believe-this way.

Kev: Yeah. It’s hard to explain.

Lorna: You said it way better than I did. So tell me this, what is the central theme of the story or “take-away” lesson you want readers to get from reading this book?

Kev: You can face and overcome your fears and take control of your life, no matter what you’ve gone through or what others may think or say about you or do to you.

Lorna: Fantastic lesson for all of us, Kev! Bravo! My memoir was about the unsinkable human spirit. Now, tell us something unusual/interesting/or fun about you.

Kev: (smiling in that far-off way) I love my cats, I love to play with them, to roll in the floor with them, chase them, have them chase me, and play peek-a-boo with them. They probably just humouring me because I’m sure they’re thinking, “Aw look, he wants to play again… bless!” It’s just the way they look at me sometimes… idk! They run things, I’m the pet.

Lorna: Ah, kitty-love. You’ve got it baaaad! I’m a puppy-love gal myself. What can readers expect next from you?

Kev: I’m working on my second fantasy book. Now my memoirs are done, I want to establish myself as a fantasy author. I will be writing Elyysa and the Shyde of Darkness which is the second book in my Chronicles of Geo series, although each book can be read as a stand-alone.

Lorna: Sounds like you’re busy! I know I am.

Kev: Yes, I’m busy, but never too busy to stop by for a visit. Thank you, Lorna for this great opportunity to be presented on your wonderful blog!

This is Kev. He is such a good sport!

This is Kev. He is such a good sport!

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