What are the fat chances?

What is going on? I don't understand you people.

What is going on? Confusion is making my head hurt.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s a childhood obesity epidemic happening in America, right?

If you watch the news (and by “you” I mean “you” because I don’t watch the news because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and it’s part of my Plan to a Healthier Me, which, so far isn’t working out very well–more on that later), the atrocity of overweight, unhealthy kids comes up a lot, right?

See? I'm not crazy. This is a huge problem.

See? I’m not crazy. This is a huge problem.

Children with Type 2 diabetes. It’s awful.

It’s also NOT happening in my neighborhood.

I am surrounded (as in they’re everywhere) by slim, energetic, speedy kids.

They jump. For no apparent reason.

They bounce or kick balls. Endlessly.

They race through the streets on roller-things.

And they scream. Not for ice cream. They just scream. Randomly. Incessantly.

But they are fit as a fiddle.

I am fit to be tied.

Hey, as long as this is a soundproof, room, I'm okay with this.

Hey, as long as this is a sound proof, room, I’m okay with this.

You see, I mentioned that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP. That means I prefer, no require, silence to maintain my sanity.

HSPs startle easily. And nothing spells startle like a random, high-pitched, child-scream.

Okay, I get it. These kids are having fun. When they get excited, they scream in delight.

But a couple of little boys have a screaming contest (a scream-off?) as they walk to their homes when they get off the school bus. That’s not having fun and getting excited, that’s psychotic.

Yelling seems to be quite common. Still, are they yelling at each other to stop their yelling?

Scream-offs are all the rage around my neighborhood. I wonder how this will affect the resale value of my home? Or my mental health…

Well, I was a kid once (a very long time ago).

I kind of remember having fun.

I don’t remember screaming.

Screaming was not allowed.

I came from a generation which had parents who made kids follow certain rules.

One of those rules, at least in my house, had to do with screaming. The rule was don’t do it.

Put a sock in it Kiddo. Okay, put your fist in it. Just don't scream.

Put a sock in it Kiddo. Okay, put your fist in it. Just don’t scream.

I suppose screaming was allowed if:

1. my sister was pulling my hair and a fist-full actually came out of my head.

2. the rollercoaster I was on malfunctioned.


I guess that was about it. In all other cases, quietly alert the Adult In Charge. Or suck it up in silence.

Where are the parents of these screaming children?

Aren’t they worried something horrible is happening to their precious progeny?

No. They’re probably reassured by the constant screaming. That’s how they know everything is okay. Just like my mom knew everything was okay when we were playing quietly.

A lot sure has changed in 50 years.

What do you notice in terms of differences between kids today and kids when you were young–and I know you were once young?


~ by Lorna's Voice on April 7, 2015.

43 Responses to “What are the fat chances?”

  1. Thanks, Ruth. It’s ironic. The screaming makes me feel like screaming, but that’s the last thing I would ever do!

  2. Yes, absolutely! ❤

  3. I know, I know. Why do you think I’m always so dizzy? 😉

  4. I’m smiling thinking of you. I, too hide my HSP-self behind some rather outlandish outfits. I don’t want to be recognized as someone the non-HSPs can pick on, because I know they will!

  5. If misery loves company, I’m loving this! 😉 Glad to know I’m not alone…

  6. Lazy or they don’t want to discipline their children for fear that they will squelch their creativity or individuality or some such nonsense. (I know, spoken like the HSP curmudgeon I have become!)

  7. Sounds right to me!

  8. I don’t know if it’s a scientific fact or just something I made up, but it’s a scientific fact that as we lose our hearing as we get older, we also get more sensitive to loud noises. At least, that’s what scientists say, as a matter of fact.

  9. I’m with you on this one, Lorna. I know that we weren’t allowed to make a lot of noise when we played outside. My mom was very strict about us not annoying the neighbours. I think that there’s just not enough discipline these days. Maybe parents have gotten lazy. 😦

  10. OMG, the screaming pierces my eardrums. We had a family two doors down where the kids screamed all day … ALL DAY in their backyard, which echoed straight down the corridor to my house and into my ears. And, we’re talking high-pitched screaming. I considered calling the police. I had two excuses for calling them if I did so. 1) Disturbing the peace, or 2) I thought someone was being killed over there because the screaming was blood curdling. I never called the police, but I did call the HOA. Thankfully, they moved out after about 8 months. Apparently, they weren’t paying their rent. I could go on and on about how kids behave badly these days, but I’ve said enough. I feel for you, Lorna. Maybe some outside-noise canceling earbuds? Sigh.

  11. I wasn’t allowed to scream and now I am quiet shy and introverted and hide behind a picture of a woman in a gaudy shirt and Hawaiian lei.

  12. Can you keep the noise down? My head hurts from all the screaming.

  13. Screaming turns me into a real ogre! I feel for you

  14. My mom was a single parent. She didn’t have a husband to deal with. I’m lucky she didn’t feel the need to take her frustrations (and I’m sure there were many) out on my sister and me. She is a wonderful mom!

  15. Oy vey! You’re probably right! 😐

  16. The biggest difference is in the parents. They’re probably inside somewhere screaming at each other.

  17. Or their own support group…

  18. Those elementary teachers must have nerves of steel.

  19. Thank you for making your little corner of the world more peaceful! 🙂

  20. Oh good!

  21. I bet you treasure those times!

  22. I go on sabbatical to my parents’ for a few nights every few months to write. They are very quiet, they cook meals and they leave me alone. It renews me 😉

  23. I will again too,
    whenever I get the
    chance 😉 lol

    Andro xxx

  24. I teach kids that screaming is for EMERGENCIES only. There are a few of them who scream like nobody’s business at school and I quietly go, take their hands, lead them into the office and then tell them that that kind of screaming means “I am in trouble! Please come help me!” I tell them that next time they scream like that I am going to have to call the police, because I will think that they are in that kind of bad trouble. So they don’t scream at school. And at home? Well, their families just ignore them, so I suppose they scream at home. But not at MY home! So sorry about the jangled nerves!

  25. Always do, Andro! Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Ah, yes. I should have put that on my list! If in the presence of the Fab Four, screaming was definitely allowed! 🙂

  27. Right, Rob. That’s what I’m talking about. I wonder what these kids would do if their parents punished them like we got punished? Foergetaboutit. Never would happen.

  28. Our rules were pretty darned strict. We were a quiet family and I don’t ever recall even riding on a rollercoaster until I was well into my teens. I was just making a point that screaming was reserved for serious situations. I just can’t believe how noisy these kids are. How do elementary school teachers and workers survive the day?

  29. Yes, I have ear phones and ear plugs. And I’m going to replace my “thin” windows with heavy-duty ones. And you’re right about how parent let children rule. We want to be their friends, not their parents. I don’t think we’re doing them any favors.

  30. Absolutely. We were raised to get out of the way of on-coming adults. What’s this “kids first” mentality all about, anyway?

  31. Oh dear, Dawne. My heart goes out to you. I was blessed with only one son who was quite sedate. My ex, on the other hand was a whirling dervish. I feel better not having in my life. 🙂

  32. I have requested quotes for better windows and a storm door to mute the noise. They make the windows rather flimsy out here because of the temperate climate. I want windows that will withstand an Arctic environment! 😉 I hope that helps…

  33. The only screams I hear are
    those of the slaves in my dungeon 😉 lol
    Well I might be kidding about that…

    Be good, be well and above all behave yourself 😉

    Andro xxx

  34. I can’t imagine you screaming at any age! So there! 🙂

  35. I think I’m the only one who screaming in my home, growing up. What do you make of that, Dr. Lorna? lol 😉

  36. I do remember, when I was a kid, screaming was usually associated with pain, and joy and happiness were normally less noisily expressed, but what can you do eh. Will double glazing save the day. I hope so for all our sakes !

  37. I am an HSP too. I feel very affirmed now that I’m able to put a name to it. I also have 5 kids and a husband who came from a very LOUD family. My life is quite a cosmic joke.

  38. Dang kids today won’t move over on the sidewalk when I pass by! They walk side by side in groups of 3, and cranky old Jules (and crankier Uncle Jesse) have to swerve into the dewy, wet grass/street. UNACCEPTABLE.

  39. Gosh … how long do you want this reponse to be? 😳

    If I started talking about the differences of kids today and when I was growing up your blog comment area would be filled with only ‘ME’. 😃

    Let me just say … kids are rude … parents are whiny with them … children need direction and guidance …. somehow, parents are trying to be sooo nice that the kids are taking advantage. I’m not an advocate for beatings or cruelty either.
    When my youngest daughter was bad I used to reprimand her in the softest voice possible.
    Since my voice was low she would have to stop and focus in on listening. LOL
    Fooled her … I can scream as loud as tarzan.
    I think you may have to get those new fang dangled music headphones. They say all you hear is music. 😁
    Have a quiet day !!!! ❤

  40. First of all, only scream on a roller coaster if it malfunctioned? Oh no … screaming is allowed on the coaster … but only after the first hill. Meanwhile, I’m with you about screaming kids.

  41. Being almost totally deaf I need someone to alert me to a scream… but many many many years ago, if I let out a scream unwarranted, it was normally followed by a bum beating …. such was life many many years ago…

  42. The only screaming I remember [not me by the way] mostly by the girls was when the Beatles appeared… Oh my I could not bear it and I could ‘onestly say I am glad I am deaf in one ear.. I dunno why I was born with two hands, I only need one to poke in my ears.[ear]

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