To Make You Feel My Love

You may need more than a little hankie before this is all over. I sure did.

You may need more than a little hankie before this is all over. I sure did.

It had to happen.

I got Scrappy’s ashes back and the peacey, calmy, sereney Me vanished.

Griefy Me returned.

I'm sure you know the feeling.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

I purchased a nice container before I screwed up the courage to pick up his cremains.

Much to my surprise, his ashes were already in a beautiful wooden container they provided.

This cremation service is a class act. They even clipped some hair from his chest and put it in a small plastic bag. I know it was his chest because the hair was all white.

“How thoughtful” I thought as I sobbed.

I opened the bag and tried to smell the hair, wanting to get a whiff of him one last time.

Nada. I have to rely on my memory of that musty Scrappy Dog smell.

I know it well. I buried my nose in his fur a million times telling him, “I love the way you smell.” I must have been a dog in a former life.

So I put the wooden box inside the box I purchased. It has room for his collar and the plastic container of his precious hair.

Anyway, I see what remains of Scrappy every time I pass my dresser. He’s front and center, between Wolfer and Humphrey, my other two furry canine companions who traveled for too short a time with me.

I picked the box because the decorative part reminded me a bit of an old time world map. Scrappy--ever the traveler...

I picked the box because the decorative part reminded me a bit of an old time world map. Scrappy–ever the traveler…

I touch the box and my heart aches. His inanimate presence makes me miss him more than his total absence did. Is that odd?

When I placed Scrap in his final resting place, I sang a special song. It was my little funeral for him, I suppose.

I have a special song for all of my furry (and feathery) loved ones who have gone but are waiting for me. I always picked the song while they were alive, knowing the lyrics held a special message about them and my relationship with them.

This is the song I picked for my Scrappy.

I picked it because, as you know, we were both abandoned souls with bruised hearts who saved each other by working on healing old wounds, trusting we were worthy of love.

Who loves ya, Baby? I do!

Who loves ya, Baby? I do!

Billy Joel wrote the song and it’s performed by Adele. This video provides the all important lyrics.

You’ll understand…He did.

Does anyone else pick songs for their furry friends, or is this just another quirky thing that I do?

~ by Lorna's Voice on February 3, 2015.

41 Responses to “To Make You Feel My Love”

  1. I do. And you’re right, He’s still ignoring me!

  2. It’s so hard to keep things going. I know.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks, Sweetie. ❤

  4. 😉

  5. Gosh, I can relate exactly. I also worry for other people with their pets who will lose them one day. I used to say the same thing when my Piezon died … that he would not be happy with seeing me all sad. But, I think they understand from wherever they may be. You need time to grieve. It’s not like you can flip a switch and turn it off. You’re human. I know it sucks to feel that way, but try not to beat yourself up. It’s natural when we miss such a great love. Hugs.

  6. No next one for me, Rob. I think I knew that when I rescued Scrappy. He was going to be the last perfect pup. Maybe that’s why this has been so difficult. I’ll tell you this, I’ve been petting Phil a lot more lately! 😉

  7. I dread that day for you, too. I look at all the happy pet owners and I cry inside for that inevitable day. I’ve got to get out of this morbid funk! Scrappy would not be happy with me being all sad and mopey. 😦

  8. I dub you the poet laureate of this blog!

  9. It’s always so sad. I don’t know if the songs help or hurt. Thanks for being there even though you are thousands of miles away, Peter!

  10. I never had a special song but, as you probably know, I have three daughters, and when they were young, I remember pets used to die in a regular progression and we always held a little funeral to say goodbye. The last cat died from their childhood just after Christmas and was an astonishing 22 years old when it passed. I know how central pets can be to the happiness of a persons life, and so you have my understanding and my sympathy

  11. Well I don’t think I’m going to win any poetry contests here, but I know you’ll appreciate the effort…


    There was a special dog called Scrappy
    He made our dear Lorna Oh so happy
    Now he’s gone and left a huge gappy
    Our poor Lorna feels Oh so crappy

    Scrappy chose Lorna and she chose him
    Going for walks was more fun than the gym
    The light he shone will never grow dim
    Why does nothing much rhyme with im?

    The memories will never go away
    And so he’s still with her every day
    Even though there’s no more play
    He’ll always be her sunshine ray

  12. Well Legendary Post has kind of been in neutral for a while, but I post things on there, and Paige has started to as well


  13. Oh my. I knew there was a reason I didn’t put on any make-up yet. The tears would’ve smudged and ruined everything. I would’ve had to wipe it off and start all over. Sigh. I’m glad you’re expressing yourself here on the blog. I’ve only lost one precious furry soul mate, and it devastated me. I needed grief support it got so bad, and I found it on a place online. There is a link to it on my sidebar (widgets) if you’re interested. If you go to the link and scroll down, there are support message boards where I frequented for quite a long time after my guy’s death. I dread the day when this happens again. I didn’t think I could get so attached again, but I did. So, I know your loss is great. Hugging you from warm, sunny Florida.

  14. You can still talk to him. He didn’t answer before, either.

  15. Now I wish I couldn’t read this… when my dogs leave me I pine like a good bulldog would… I feel for you and your loss….. so hard to replace a special friend, but the next one always has their own special love for you

  16. Yeah, walking into the house and getting nothing is a real downer. So is having to talk to myself… 😉

  17. If ever you hear that song, think of him…and me, Paulette. ❤

  18. I’ll get to that point someday. Seeing the containers of my other two dogs makes me smile. So there is hope! Thanks for that story about your cat.

  19. He was the cutest. Even other dog owners told me he was the cutest dog they ever saw! I just can’t believe I’ll never get to ruffle the fur on his head again. Or take a silly picture of him. Jeez, they weedle their way into your life and heart and don’t seem to let go easily!

  20. Sorry, but tears seem to enjoy company…

  21. Aw, sorry about the tear-fest. And Scrappy got the best. Always…to the very end. I rub that darned box every night.

  22. You bet they do. I just hope I do, too! 😉

  23. Nice quote–and so very true. And I’m glad to know I’m not alone in the song-thing! Thanks!

  24. Thanks, DJ. It’s hard to keep up on everything going on with all these bloggers around here. Promoting my book has been on the back burner since I moved to the Portland, Oregon area and Scrappy died. But I may take you up on the offer when I get my feet firmly back under me…

  25. Thanks, Gerry. It’s funny how certain songs find me and stick with with me. They have so much meaning and I can never let them go.

  26. I’ll be “tributing” him for a long time to come, Al.

  27. Yes, I guess it was nice in that sad, dignified, slobbery, crying sort of way…

  28. Oh, Happy Birthday is exempt. I mean a special song that is all their own. That may be pushing the edge, don’t you think?

  29. Lol, my daughter’s dog just had her first birthday, and when I groaned on Facebook about having to sing Happy Birthday to her at her very own birthday party, everyone was like, ‘What, you don’t do that’?

  30. Nice memorial for the pup!

  31. A fitting tribute to the scrapster! Good memories are a treasure.

  32. I am not very good at emotional things, but I do feel yours from this…I love the song by the way, I like both Billy Idol and Adele.. good wishes..

  33. Wow I’m so sorry for your Loss Lorna… And wow, a Second Book, totally missed that one… Gratz on that… Please go ahead do a Post on it on Legendary Post if you’d like


  34. Someone once told me, “If it doesn’t hurt, it wasn’t real.”
    I’ve got songs for all sorts of things — animate and inanimate! 🙂

  35. He was there when you needed each other, and he will be again. All dogs go to heaven…

  36. I was okay until I clicked on the song. I see what you meant about the tissues. What a beautiful box you chose. Scrappy deserves the best. 🙂

  37. crying now … xx

  38. I bet serenity is not going to come around for awhile. So sorry about the loss of your sweet and adorable Scrappy. The photos made me wish for him to come and lick my hand or face. He was a cute dog, Lorna.

  39. From my perspective, it’s a quirky thing for you .. .but I’m sure you are not alone. Besides, your heart is still heavy. For what is worthy, we have the remains of our first cat on a dresser … and we lost him sometime in the 90s … and seeing the small container makes me smile.

  40. A perfect song for your sweet Scrappy, who remains in you heart forever. Sending love. ❤

  41. Grief isn’t a “one and done” proposition, and I think it is more so when you once got the most wonderful greeting upon returning home. I don’t think you really ever get over, you get beyond, get by.

    Let yourself feel it from time to time. I think it lessens the pain.


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