I thinks it’s pretty spasmagical whenever anyone shimmies down gets stuck in a chimney and it’s not Jolly Ole St. Nick, don’t you?

At least it’s worth a mention.

There are some other things going on around here worth mentioning (and by “worth mentioning” I mean “worth taking a flipping break from trying to make all the stuff I’m unpacking fit into my house”).

I plan on giving you some tips about moving in the near future.That post will be gift-wrapped in packing tape.

You don't want to miss my moving tips, People.

You don’t want to miss my moving tips, People.

I’ve been on a Cyber Interview Tour for my Novel

Izzy, from From the Mind of Isadora, did a nice, chillaxed interview with me. I almost forgot to talk about my book. We hugged a lot.

Diana Douglas, romance writer extraordinaire, lured me into this really poofy room where were drank aphrodisiac tea and became Goddesses for a day. Writer Goddesses, that is. We still are.

Peter, over at Counting Ducks, did me the honor of being his first book interviewee. He’s an author, too. If you missed my interview of his first book, click here. Even though he was a virgin interviewer, he did great and I had fun. You really should hop over and take a look at the interview because he asked questions I was never asked before.

Patricia Zick, a seasoned interviewer and book reviewer, also just did an interview with me. Somehow she managed to ask me questions I never answered before. So pop on over to her blog and find out something new about me and my book.

Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and Ellen, I still have some room in my calendar…

Anyone can write a book about divorce. I wrote a book everything but divorce.

Okay, you like red books. I can make my book cover red.


A Few More People have been Saying a few More Nice Things About my Novel

I have nine (9) reviews of Never Turn Back on Amazon. Nine is not bad but I wish there were more.

We're going as fast as we can, but we do have a life you, you know!

We’re going as fast as we can, but we do have a life you, you know!


Here are some excerptations from the newer reviews.

“I loved this book. It’s very engaging and features likeable, realistic characters. The story line is so interesting that I found it hard to put down the book.” (And it’s a heavy book.)

“…the book weaves fact and fiction seamlessly together to create an engaging and wholly believable story. It’s one of those books where you find yourself quickly immersed in the story and then feel a sense of loss at the end that you will no longer be part of their lives. I think this book would be excellent dramatised for TV,” (I’m totally ready to stop this silly unpacking and write the screenplay…)

“Lovely dialogue and scenes move this poignant story along through to the end.” (Can we meet and talk about this in person, you smooth talker, you?)

If these don’t inspire you to read my novel and write reviews that I’ll publish (so you’ll be published, too), I don’t know what will.

This Blog is an Award Magnet

How many times must I tell you, keep the kitchen door closed until I get this situation under control?

How many times must I tell you, keep the kitchen door closed until I get this situation under control?

The Four Year Old Adult thought that my blog was meganominatable for the Real Neat Blog Award. This makes, like, a whole lot (as precise a figure as I can give you without actually counting) of blogging awards for little old zany Lorna’s Voice.

Real Neat Blog Award

I’m familiar with the rules.

1. Put the logo on my blog. It’s on my Awards and Aw Shucks Page.

2. Thank the kind blogger who nominatified me and link back to his/her page. Thanks, you 4 year old adult, you!

3. Name other bloggers I want to nominatify and notify them on their blogs. I think you’re all Real Neat, Nifty, and Keen, so consider yourself nominatified. This is your notice. And don’t pretend you didn’t notice.

4. Here’s a twist. Answer the seven questions posed in the nominationizing blog post.

Okay. Here goes.

1. Do you ever bother about what people think about you? Only when they don’t like me.

2. Rate WordPress and social-media on a scale of ten. WordPress (blogging) I like because I understand, so I give it a 9. Other forms of social media bamboozle me. I don’t use any of them, so I give them a 0. You’ll probably all FB and Tweet about that and say bad things about my social media impairment. Shizzle.

3. What was the real purpose of starting a blog? I needed to have a social media presence so an agent or publisher could find me when my memoir came out and I could become famous. I’m still waiting.

4. Have you ever tried to spam people for increasing the hits on your blog? Spam? Heck no! I’m a vegan!

5. How do you rate blogging as a career opportunity? So far, not so good, unless you’re independently wealthy–which I’m not.

6. Have you ever hit on your fellow blogger? Not intentionally, but I can’t help the natural hot, dizzy blonde Scorpio Vibe I give off. It’s a burden.

7. Observing the current situation all around the world, Do you think that the world needs a makeover? The world could use more dizzy blonde Buddhist vegans in leadership positions. Things would change in a hurry. I can’t say exactly how, but there would be a lot less violence getting there.



Happy Weekend, Peeps!