When I'm singing about peace on earth, that's how I reach the high notes.

When I’m singing about peace on earth, that’s how I reach the high notes.

You know me.

I’m all about peace and harmony.

And a few laughs sprinkled in to keep it light.

Quite impressive, eh?

Quite impressive, eh?

Maybe that’s why Coach Muller (from his blog, Good Time Stories), included me as one of his recipients of the Peace and Harmony Award that was recently bestowed upon him. Thanks, Coach! Your blog is a constant source of inspiration packaged in bite-sized tid-bits.

To quote from his blog, which quotes from the award’s creator:

This award was created by the “Idealistic Rebel” who says, “I created this new award to celebrate all those who promote Harmony & Peace, and who add Love & Beauty to the world through their Blogs and through their lives. Their Positivity makes the world a better place for all of us.”

As with any blog award, there are rules.

  1. Give this award to seven bloggers who have added Harmony & Peace, Love & Beauty and Positivity to the world you live in. (Read on)
  2. Let them know that you nominated them. (As we speak…)
  3. Acknowledge the blogger from whom you received this award (Done)
  4. Display your award on your blog, because you have earned it! (Heck yeah, on my “Aw Shucks” Page)
  5. Continue to live in Harmony & Peace (How could I not?)

Inside the Mind of Isadora: Izzy is a precious person who spreads love and light with every post.

Laurie Jackson’s Blog: Laurie is a fine story-teller who always finds a way to look on the bright side of life. She’s an inspiration!

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap: Paulette is not only a top-notch writer, she is a humanitarian and angel on earth. All of the proceeds of both of her wildly successful books go to help end the suffering of our four-legged companions.

Soul Dipper: Amy is a blogger who nurtures our hearts and souls with her wise and thoughtful posts.

Hope the Happy Hugger: Hope’s blog is filled with beautiful photos, essays, and treasures to nurture your soul.

I was sure that double Ensure with a protein bar chaser would last longer than the beach volley ball semi-finals.  All that female hugging, butt slapping and general overly-toned enthusiasm is wearing me out.

I was sure that that double Ensure with a protein bar chaser would last longer than it did. I’m pooped from all this award-giving. Five awards will have to do. I’m a rule-bender anyway. I look like a rebel, don’t I? A tired one, but a rebel nonetheless.

So now I’ll just leave you with this amazing video. Maybe it will inspire you to sing or to find a little peace and harmony in your life today. I hope so!