Somebody’s Ready For The Big Move

Scrappy Hood

I hear it rains A LOT in the Portland area. Maybe I could be the local weather station’s new Weather Dog?

Will the gals still find me attractive in this yellow submarine?

Need I say more?

~ by Lorna's Voice on November 3, 2014.

25 Responses to “Somebody’s Ready For The Big Move”

  1. Old fashioned spiritual thinking that has always made sense to me. Perhaps, I’m a bit of a skeptic. >3
    Sent them today …. 😃

  2. Let ’em try. Scrappy is aptly named and soon they’ll find out that he’s no pussy cat! 😉

  3. Yes, I’ve deduced that he’s the jealous type! And isn’t my boy just the cat’s meow? 😉

  4. Didn’t know about the broom thing. Thanks! Didn’t see the questions come my way…hmmm.

  5. And I’ll be sure to tell about it! 😉

  6. The gals will definitely chase you in that new uniform. What happens when you take it off may be another story.

  7. lol … he is beyond cute. 😘
    Have a good transition to your new location. Be sure to cleanse all rooms with some nice insence and a little white candle to eliminate the previous energy from your home and create a peaceful environment for you now. Throw away the previous owners broom and your from the previous location, as well. Their broom has their problems and bad energy.😝 Your broom has your old problems and lethargic energy.😜 This is a new beginning of a life filled with beautiful happy moments to treasure. Be happy and Be well mi amiga. 😃
    Izzy ❤ hugs ❤
    p.s. I've e mailed the interview questions for you. When your ready send them back. 😊

  8. OMG – he’s the cutest! Don’t listen to Bulldog. He’s just jealous 😉

  9. That poor pooch looks mortified that all the other guys are going to see this picture and kick his a**!

  10. I can see him fighting with the hood already. I think I’m going to need a really big umbrella…

  11. What? Should I have gotten him something in a different color? 😉

  12. I think so, but I don’t think Scrappy shares that opinion!

  13. And I’ll miss everyone here at home… 😦

  14. I will. So much has been going on–buying a house, trying to sell my condo. But I plan on taking pictures as we drive ourselves from New York to Washington State.

  15. Now I can say he’s the cutest dog west of the Mississippi! 🙂

  16. I’m taking it day by day. Being out there is going to be wonderful. Getting out there, well, that’s a bit more challenging! At least we’re all in this together! 🙂

  17. Yeah, he doesn’t look too thrilled, does he? Then again, neither do I when I have to wear a hood!

  18. I like that second picture – “Really, Lorna.” I can hear him say. Good luck with the move!

  19. Have fun!

  20. So cute and yes, he will be quite a ‘hit’ in Portland! ha ha!

  21. Have a safe trip and be sure to tell us all about it!

  22. I will miss Scrap-a-lious!

  23. Looking good!

  24. NO….

  25. You’ll be the hit of the town with that gorgeous boy in his yellow slick-get-the-chick raincoat. Safe travels, my friend. ❤

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