Lost and Found, Part 2

Let's define "best friends" shall we?

Let’s define “best friends” shall we?

I couldn’t leave the story I started untold.

You know me.

I’m a sucker for cliff-hangers, but this is ridiculous.

If you don't tell us more, I'm going to jump...or walk...or fall...or something.

If you don’t tell us more, I’m going to jump…or walk…or fall…or something.

When last we left nine-year-old Lorna, she was forced to leave her best friend, Michele, behind because her mom moved the family back to northern New York. Would they ever see or hear from each other again?

This is suspenseful and all, but I'm really wondering why I don't have more worry lines on my forehead.

This is suspenseful and all, but I’m really wondering why I don’t have more worry lines on my forehead.

Since not much went on the lives of pre-teens (when I was a pre-teen at least), our letters were short and dismal unimaginative pathetic.

Dear Shell,

How are you?

I am fine.

Is it hot down there? It is hot up here, but we have a fan.

I miss you.



Hers were kind of the same. We could’ve sent telegrams to each other.

Why do they even bother?

Why do they even bother?

Soon we stopped writing because, let’s face it, mowing the lawn was more fun.

But both of our mothers had more of a commitment to keeping our friendship alive than we did. Which is to say, our moms forced us to write weekly letters to each other. I hated doing it because I had letter-writer’s block. But Mom wouldn’t rest until I filled one side of a note pad page with something. I wrote in very large, loopy handwriting.

The Mother Letter Writing Gestapo worked.

Tell her about your pig-tails. I don't care. Just write something!

Tell her about your pig-tails. I don’t care. Just write something!

Soon we grew into teen-aged girls with something to write about: BOYS! Sometimes my envelopes needed two stamps. So did Michele’s.

My letters were more about my hopes and dreams of a love life; hers were more detail-oriented. Remember, she was tall and thin while I was still portly chubby substantial. Heck, I got stuck in a dress I was trying on in a dressing room.

Our mothers surprised us with springing for yearly visits. One year, I would visit Michele for a week; the next year, she would visit me. We only did this when we were old enough to ride the bus–fourteen, I think. Missing children hadn’t been invented yet, so we were safe.

The only thing we had in common was our playground deal, the years that had passed, and boy-talk. In every other way, Michele and I were opposites. She was the gazelle and I was the orangutan.

Until I turned fifteen and I lost weight. Whatever weight I kept shifted up in the two exact right places. All of a sudden I was a blonde bombshell. My letters contained many more details after that.

Yeah! I totally know how you feel.

Yeah! I totally know how you feel. Oh those aren’t your hands. My bad…I still know how you feel.

After we graduated from high school and went to college, and were no longer under our mothers letter-writing influence, Michele and I drifted apart.

We both had steady boyfriends who we “knew” would marry us. Our focus was on them, not on fantasies any more.

Phones still had those darned long-distance charges, so we managed holiday cards, but that was it.

Hey, I have to get paid minimum wage. How else do you think I can afford this fashionable hair do and fancy clothing?

Hey, don’t begrudge your outlandish phone bills. I have to get paid minimum wage. How else do you think I can afford this fashionable hair do and fancy clothing?

My steady boyfriend wobbled after six years. He dumped me. I was devastated and turned to my best friend–Michele.

I called (at great expense to my tight budget) and asked her to come to visit me, even if just for a weekend.

She said she was busy making plans for her wedding (ouch), but would come.

The weekend we spent together didn’t go as I envisioned.

I wanted to stay in my apartment and cry on her bony shoulder.

She wanted to have one last fling before she got married.

Being a girl who always wanted to please others, I went out to a bar with her.

While she was performing her mating dance, I sat alone at the table and drank.

She ended up picking up some guy who spent the night with her. At my place.

I listened to them having sex. I didn’t sleep well.

She had to leave the next day, which made me kind of happy.

When I took her to the bus station, she said she had a great time. She hugged me goodbye.

As I watched the bus leave, I decided our friendship was over. And she didn’t even know it.

I cried that weekend. But it was on my Old English sheepdog’s very hairy, but soft, shoulder.

He looks like a better best friend, doesn't he?

That’s me back then. Humphrey looks like a better best friend, doesn’t he?

Is this really the end of a decades-old friendship? Can the betrayed and humiliated Lorna ever find it in her heart to forgive this horny woman? Stay tuned…One more post and this story ends!


~ by Lorna's Voice on October 1, 2014.

51 Responses to “Lost and Found, Part 2”

  1. You’re way too kind. Your voice is magnificently yours. Don’t wish it away!

  2. Yes, you did. You have a great skill for that. I’m always intrigued by it. I want to write just like you when I grow-up. LOL 😁

  3. I wrote the posts to make you want to read the next. Seems like I succeeded!

  4. BUMMER …. my previous comment on part one should be dumped. What a terrible thing she did. !!!! Gosh … age changes people and friendships. I suppose you didn’t go to the wedding. 😂
    I’m sure the one will have some happy things in it … maybe, not. 😩
    I’ve go see what happens next. I think I’m a cat … very curious. 😳

  5. You’ll have to read the last installment, Victoria. I don’t want to give anything away here…

  6. […] When last we left broken-hearted, betrayed, and boo-hoo-hooing Lorna, she was…well…broken-hearted, betrayed, and…you get the picture. Would she ever cross paths with her former, and totally selfish, best-friend ever again? […]

  7. Oh, I hope you reconnect, as I have with my best childhood friend (who lives in Portland)! You have a treasure trove of memories. Just wait.

  8. That’s the spirit! 😉

  9. Most aren’t…but it’s all good.

  10. Sometimes AHA moments aren’t happy realizations.

  11. I will stay with it … although a side of me senses a closing the door … but I’m staying positive … after all, if the door closes, it may reopen later.

  12. It will be, or I’ll do my best to make it worth blowing something off. No wait. That didn’t sound good AT ALL!

  13. Oh you do, do you? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! 😉

  14. No, I didn’t think it was such a great idea either. I lost a lot of respect for her that weekend for lots of reasons. I felt like she betrayed me and her fiance. I felt as if I didn’t know her at all… 😦

  15. That you will. And you never know with me how things will twist and turn. I should have written “Gone Girl!” 😉

  16. It will get perfecter… 😉

  17. But wait! There’s more to come! 😉

  18. Thanks, Robin! Examining friendships seems to be something lots of the bloggers I read are doing. I wonder why? I guess because it’s an interesting way to look inside the human spirit. 🙂

  19. I love life long friendships, ones that were barely there, in the beginning, since you were young. I love the fact you pepper (or salt?) your posts with clever words or phrases, Lorna. Yes, children write almost like ‘telegrams!’ Exactly! Then, as subjects of fears, growth and romance become topics your letters probably became like a diary. Your mothers really helped to keep this alive, too. I have a longtime friend, who lives in New Jersey, she moved away that year we were in 4th grade. I have a friend from when I was in college, one who I met while young in Welcome Wagon, we still meet halfway but have not lived in the same town for 27 yrs! I liked this because you got some great discussions and responses, too.

  20. Poor Lorna. Not even a bony shoulder to cry on. Doesn’t seem like a likely friendship with it being forced and all. Seems awkward but not altogether foreign.

  21. Perfect.

  22. Oh it’s a three-parter you tease! I’ve read a couple of posts lately about people having to end long standing friendships because of coming to the conclusion that someone they thought was a friend wasn’t really. But maybe yours will turn around yet! I shall have to wait for part three I guess…

  23. As someone else already mentioned, I don’t think it’s a good start to a marriage by having a one-night stand. Bad judgment!!
    Looking forward to hearing how this one ends 🙂

  24. Twist, turns, and surprises. i know what you mean about ending friendships that the other didn’t even realize … but I’ve got the feeling forgiveness is in a future post.

  25. No … but I hope it is worth the exciting feeling I have…

  26. Me neither! Can you tell I’m blushing? 🙂

  27. Thanks. That’s my style–gotta have a little humor! 😉

  28. Great continuation. Can’t wait to read part 3! Emotional writing fused with humor, how could I resist? Great job.

  29. I don’t wear socks so now I can’t wait.

  30. I’ll probably finish the story this weekend. It’s a great diversion from culling sewing room stash and the finally read-through of my novel!

  31. Thanks. I re-evaluated what friendship meant to me after that episode. My dog was the only friend I could trust for a long while. 😐

  32. It’ll knock your socks off! You do wear socks, right? If not, be careful about reading and what might get knocked off! 😉

  33. A 1970’s ad for shampoo, don’t you think? 😉

  34. I still think about good old Humphrey. I’ve had some wonderful canine friends in my life. Too bad they don’t have a longer life span.

    But, Peter, this story isn’t over yet. A few more twists and turns are coming. Would you expect anything less from me and my life? 😉

  35. That’s a telling tale about that friendship, and many friendships which are formed in shared circumstances, but often wither when those circumstances change. Heart wrenching reading really, but I love the picture of you with your dog. They always love you don’t they, and their affection just about stops the world going completely mad !

  36. I’m too scared to say anything in case it gets overturned in the next instalment 🙂 I will venture to say you and Humphrey needed to be in an ad of some kind. Gorgeous.

  37. Can’t wait for the finale…

  38. Eeekkk … Why do we continue with a friendship? Is it our need to connect and be normal in the midst of chaos.
    Adolesce is a phase that should be a mandatory skip.
    Super insightful writing. 😚

  39. Interesting way to start a married life with someone…go out and get laid first! Now I’m curious too as to whether she’s still married…and whether or not you two could remain friends. Glad we won’t be teetering on this cliff for too long, Lorna! 🙂

  40. In a few days–maybe the weekend. I won’t make you wait too long!

  41. Spelling “slip”??????? when are you posting the 3rd part?

  42. You’ll have to read the last part of the story. I don’t want to give anything away. Sorry. 😦

    You’re right about friends, though. Each has to care enough about the other to them first, at least every once in a while. I have a friend 500 miles away who, when we talk or see each other, we feel like it was just last week–we pick up right where we left off. Now she’s a friend.

    Funny thing–I keep misspelling ‘”friend.” It almost always comes out as fiend!!!! 😉

  43. I am friends with people I don’t have anything in common with other than the pleasure of each others’ company. I love talking to them and hearing about their ideas, hobbies and etc. Friendship much like a “romantic relationship” I believe requires the idea that you have the other person’s best interest in your heart. I’m sorry about your friend, but putting you in that uncomfortable situation at the bar was a sign that she did not have your best interest in her heart, but her own agenda of getting her jollies before settling down. Tell me … is she divorced now?

  44. Yeah, it did for me, too–especially knowing what’s coming next. Oops, I did it again–another cliff hanger! 😉

  45. Sometimes I think people think they are friends because they’ve defined themselves that way for so long, even though they don’t make the effort to support each other any more. Having this experience with Michele really made me wonder about friends and what they mean…

  46. I often wonder what holds a friendship together. I really wondered after this episode in my life! 😉

  47. Thanks so much. I’m used to writing like this since I wrote a whole memoir. Michele was in it, although not this story and not named. I called her “Skinny Mae!” I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

  48. I loved your story and am really looking forward to the next episode. I liked the way you wrote. It was succinct, flowed so well but told so much about life at different ages and how we are in those different stages.

  49. Weird. but I think I might have felt the same… nice story so far…

  50. Letter writers block … yup been very guilty of that. It is very sad when you know that you’re no longer “friends” or just don’t have the dynamics with someone you were once close to. Life changes people…

  51. Conquers up a lot of emotions. That ending really got to me.

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