Hey, that's not all me...is it?

Hey, that’s not all me in your inbox…is it?

For those of you who don’t appreciate seeing my blog pop up in your inbox every day, have I got good news for you!

I have to quit the 20 day daily prompt Writing 101 challenge, even though I’ve really enjoyed it. I kind of hope you did, too.

Uh huh. I'm just walkin' away.

Uh huh. I’m just walkin’ away.

But I took on the challenge at, like, the worse possible time.

Well, I suppose there could be worse times, like if I was struck by lightning (again) or had to have brain surgery (again) or was getting divorced (again), but none of that is happening.



But I am moving way the heck across the country–from the east coast to the west coast. And it’s going to happen soon. Sooner than I thought.

I still have a book to get published and, like, a whole household to cull through, and, oh yeah, find a new place to call home.

Blogging just dropped down on my “to do” list to somewhere between “try new recipes with kale” and “pull weeds from garden I won’t own next summer.”

Good luck with that landscaping thing I never quite got the hang of.

Good luck with that landscaping thing I never quite got the hang of.

I’ll try to keep up with your blogs as best I can.

I’ll post when I need a mental health distraction.

But you won’t be flooded by my posts until I’m settled and my book is up on Amazon.

I have this strange feeling that many of you are elated. I’ll believe it’s because you’re happy that I’m making wise life choices. Yup. That’s why.

Yup. You're happy because good things are happening to me, not because you don't have to feel guilty deleting all my posts you don't want to read.

Lorna’s moving! Blog blackout! Yeah!