Something’s Gotta Give

Hey, that's not all it?

Hey, that’s not all me in your inbox…is it?

For those of you who don’t appreciate seeing my blog pop up in your inbox every day, have I got good news for you!

I have to quit the 20 day daily prompt Writing 101 challenge, even though I’ve really enjoyed it. I kind of hope you did, too.

Uh huh. I'm just walkin' away.

Uh huh. I’m just walkin’ away.

But I took on the challenge at, like, the worse possible time.

Well, I suppose there could be worse times, like if I was struck by lightning (again) or had to have brain surgery (again) or was getting divorced (again), but none of that is happening.



But I am moving way the heck across the country–from the east coast to the west coast. And it’s going to happen soon. Sooner than I thought.

I still have a book to get published and, like, a whole household to cull through, and, oh yeah, find a new place to call home.

Blogging just dropped down on my “to do” list to somewhere between “try new recipes with kale” and “pull weeds from garden I won’t own next summer.”

Good luck with that landscaping thing I never quite got the hang of.

Good luck with that landscaping thing I never quite got the hang of.

I’ll try to keep up with your blogs as best I can.

I’ll post when I need a mental health distraction.

But you won’t be flooded by my posts until I’m settled and my book is up on Amazon.

I have this strange feeling that many of you are elated. I’ll believe it’s because you’re happy that I’m making wise life choices. Yup. That’s why.

Yup. You're happy because good things are happening to me, not because you don't have to feel guilty deleting all my posts you don't want to read.

Lorna’s moving! Blog blackout! Yeah!


~ by Lorna's Voice on September 25, 2014.

56 Responses to “Something’s Gotta Give”

  1. It’s all good…until it’s not and I start to panic. This blog is keeping me sane! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Izzy!

  2. Super good luck with the move. Like a cat, change is a bit unnerving. I try to be flexible but life doesn’t work well with me. I hope it plays well with you. One doesn’t need trauma at this stage of our lives. Hope you’re life is a 9 lifer. Breathe and take in the moment of newness. 😍😘😜

  3. Yes, I’m culling. It’s needed. And you’re not the only one now having trouble with receiving notices of new posts. All my notices are ending up in my “junk” folder. How dare my email server decide which blog posts are not worth my while!! πŸ˜‰

  4. My dear dear Lorna, and there I was thinking nothing is doing. For the last few weeks my blasted server (or whoever is responsible for my email/internet constipation) shows up nothing any longer. Nada. Thought you’d gone all quiet on the EASTERN front. So I logged on manually. Sometimes we do have to take life into our own hands. And there you are. Hallelujah.

    Delighted about your news. Even though it’ll move you further away from me, geographically.

    Probably no comfort to you, though it should be: Moving is marvellous. Not least because it makes us take stock. You don’t want to pack outlived garbage only to unpack it the other end.

    Best of luck, wish I could help, don’t forget to label the boxes,


  5. Thanks so much!

  6. I feel the same way about you, Peter (minus all the moving business)! I’ll be writing things from time to time just to keep my mental health. 😐

  7. Your Blog is one of my little ‘homes’ on the internet, and I always love to come over and see what you’ve come up with this time, but I also know the pressure of book writing and publication, and when you chuck in the odd house move across the country, and all the implied disruption that implies, things just go off the scale. You’ll be in my thoughts over the coming days and weeks, hoping you get everything done that needs to be done, and without too much stress.

  8. Good luck with the move, Lorna. I always enjoy seeing you around on blogs πŸ™‚ Take care ❀

  9. Be patient with yourself and others.

  10. Maybe I could get a legal marriage when we’re ready! πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks so much for understanding. I needed to hear that! πŸ™‚

  12. We’ll definitely do it! ❀

  13. I’ll keep you all posted. Moving to Portland, OR, which is all the way across the country for me!

  14. Moving? I hope it’s for all sorts of wonderful reasons! Let us know how it’s going or we’ll miss you too much.

  15. My table is set and ready for ya’ll. Scrappy’s bowl is overflowing. yap yap yap wag wag wag ❀ I'm not sure how far apart they are but hey there are direct train lines and it's a gorgeous train ride. Probably a day away.

  16. Moving is such a hassle & stressful… and I can’t imagine doing a cross-country move! Good luck … meanwhile, don’t worry about the bloggers because blog readers are much more patient & understanding than blog owners … just return when you can.

  17. πŸ™‚ Yes you are!!

  18. I’m in Reno. You could come and get an illegal divorce from your illegal marriage. Ha. Actually, I don’t want to propagate the illusion that Reno is all about divorce and gambling. So not true anymore.

  19. I’d love to meet you. When I get out there, maybe we can arrange something–a meet in the middle sort of thing. Not exactly sure where you live, but I’m willing to go on a road trip!

  20. Me thinks you’re right! πŸ˜‰

  21. If you’re interesting in my memoir–a funny book, it’s up on Amazon. It’s called How Was I supposed to Know? The Adventures of a Girl Whose Name Means Lost. It won a literary award and , although it’s about my life, it’s really about how to face really tough challenges without becoming a victim of them.

    The novel, also based on a real person and real events, is not at all funny and has a differ message, but more about that when it gets closer to release…

    Thanks so much for your support, TC! ❀

  22. Okay. Thanks a bunch!

  23. Oh wow! Maybe close enough that we could meet someday?! Moving is such a stressor, Lorna. Be gentle on yourself. This is not a time you need to obsess about blogging, for sure. I’m still a bit MIA, too. Too much going on. Let me know (by e-mail if you prefer) where you will be, if you wish.

  24. You’re so sweet, Robin. I know this is a great move. Getting there is the stressful part, but I can manage that with the man of my dreams by my side.

  25. Thanks, Ruth. YES! Definitely with Scrappy!

  26. Thanks so much Suzanne! I’m trying to pace myself and take things as they come. I know it’s absolutely beautiful. Went to visit last year. I wanted to stay! Guess I’m living the dream…

  27. It is. I visited last year for several days and really felt at home. I loved it. Getting there is the stressful part. I think living there will be blissful–especially since I’ll be there with the man of my dreams and my Scrappy Boy (13 and counting!). Thanks Gayle! ❀

  28. I feel like I must finish the “lost and found” post–the series about a person lost to you. I know the daily post people said they would have a prompt allowing us to finish but I haven’t seen it yet, so I think I’ll just do it.

  29. Yup, only for a little while. Thanks Len!

  30. Moving either sucks or it doesn’t because it’s a new start in a new place… it sucks. Good luck and I’ll miss your posts, I hope only for a while.

  31. I’m excited for you with all the great changes happening in your life – although I might be the only person who thinks of moving across the country as an exciting change πŸ˜‰
    I am sad that I won’t have your daily posts, with your unique sense of humour, in my mailbox 😦 Looking forward to when they return!!

  32. Take care of yourself, Lorna…you have a lot on your plate! I have family in Eugene, OR…not sure if that’s close to Portland or not. But anyway I hear that OR is a pretty cool place to live and I’ll bet you’ll have a great life there…as long as you have Phil and Scrappy with you too. See you when I see you!

  33. WOW! You’ve got a whole lot of excitement going on! Good luck with the move and the book and the house culling…Don’t work too hard…definitely time to back off on the blogging…Such an adventure! You’re moving to a BEAUTIFUL area πŸ™‚ xxx

  34. The writing challenge has been fun… I will miss them. Praying for a smooth move and a perfect place for you to settle into (with Scrappy? I hope).
    Blessings, thanks, and congratulations!!!
    Love you,

  35. I am excited by all the possibilities and your move will be one of the happiest, I feel, Lorna! Hoping that the book will get finished, I remember when I used to have more time, too. It goes in circles, our lives do, glad that we are both alive and ‘kicking’ so we can be a little crazy in our progresses. I loved the dog’s photo and the back yard project that never got started! You are always a breath of fresh air, Lorna. Best wishes in your move and all the business of marriage, too!

  36. E-mail me the info. I have the url but can’t seem to get it in my sidebar. Thanks … : )

  37. I’ll be watching for your return! (And of course I want a copy of your book, for purchase.)

  38. I remember that Portland was named the best city to live in in the USA. Hope you find lots to stimulate your life and keep you challenged. Methinks Lorna could get into lots of trouble if under-challenged! XO !

  39. Aw, thanks so much. My timing sucks and I know it. Stick with me, though, if you like my style. I’ve got plenty to say and if you explore my site, you’ll see that all my posts are like the ones you’ve read for the class. I love humor and I think breaking up all the words with pictures of .gifs makes things more interesting. I really appreciate your comment. I’m not going away for good, I just have to attend to this moving thing…

  40. Thanks so much! I’ll be seeing you soon!

  41. I plan on it! Can’t take the chance that I’ll be gone and forgotten!! πŸ˜‰

  42. Yes, adding the second edition cover and link would be great. Soon, you will have another book cover to add, too! Thanks so much! You’re such a friend! πŸ™‚ ❀

  43. Don’t worry, I’m not kicking the bucket or anything. I’ll be around, just not as frequently. And when I come back…look out! πŸ˜‰

  44. You are sweetness personified! We just have to arrange to meet, Paulette. California and Oregon aren’t that far apart, are they?

  45. Great way of putting it, Elyse! I just have to remember to take deep, cleansing breathes, and freak out anyway! πŸ˜‰

  46. Thanks, and I’m counting on it! πŸ™‚

  47. I wish! Or maybe I don’t. We’re moving to the Pacific Northwest–Portland area. Phil took a new job and Scrappy and I just have to follow him! πŸ™‚

  48. Moving on the other side of the continent, huh…Well, nobody told me you were plotting and all. You’ve got your work cut out for you but you probably couldn’t have chosen a better time, with the cold weather soon to rush in and all. Are you starring in a movie or something?

  49. Good luck with the move… we’ll be around on your return…

  50. Whoa! Big change! Good luck with the move. I know from experience it will be a survivable pain in the ass ….

  51. When have you not made wise choices? You are wisdom personified. Can’t wait till you’re closer to my neck of the woods. ❀

  52. And I was just getting to know ya! 😒

  53. Dear Ms. Lorna ….
    I will be back to read this and the other posts you’ve been adding toyour blog recently.
    BUT … I have a question
    Would you like me to add the updated image of your book to my sidebar.
    As you can see, I’ve been working on that too. Who needs sleep? I just got back from a vacation. Right??? LOL
    Just e mail it to me and give me the details as I’ve forgotten how I did the other. Perhaps, I just need to add the new url and delete the old one.
    Huggies … no not the diapers … πŸ˜ƒ

  54. Wow, major move! Good luck with the move and getting the book up and all that business. Keep popping back when you can πŸ™‚

  55. And I thought you’d complete two assignments today…
    Well.. what can I say!
    Congratulations for your new house. All the very best settling in and making it your own. πŸ™‚
    See you soon!

  56. Just to be clear, I didn’t like this post because you were quitting the Writing 101 class, I liked it because you are one fun writer to read (seriously, I love the combination of gifs and pictures, and your humor gets through your captions and writing fantastically). Good luck with the moving and the book and the life-living! πŸ™‚

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