Stop. You're killin' me here. And I'm an endangered species.

Stop. You’re killin’ me here. And I’m an endangered species.

Don’t you just love a person who can make you laugh out loud?

I do.

And I’m lucky enough to be illegally hitching myself to one of those funny people on the 14th of this month.

Here’s one of the more memorable things he said that still has me chuckling.

We were eating dinner at our favorite restaurant and seated at our favorite table near the windows. We both love to watch the passersby while we wait for our meals.

A woman walked by dressed in classic 1960’s hippie garb. She might have been barefoot, I’m not sure.

I am sure that she appeared to have just time traveled forward about 50+ years.

Phil, who isn’t usually judgmental, said, “She’s weird.”

“Weird? That’s kind of harsh.” I replied, being totally nonjudgmental of her but being very judgmental of him.

“Okay, strange. Different. She’s different.” Phil is such an agreeable guy.

“What makes her so ‘different’?” Our meals were taking a while and I needed something to occupy my time. Why not try to trap the man I love?

“I’ve seen her at the Coffee Cat, She reads palms for a living.” He stated this as if his point was made.

 Being kind of psychic myself, I took umbrage at his assumption. I wasn’t about to let this go. “What so different about reading palms?”

This is when Phil does his Perfectly Phil Thing. Without missing a beat he does this:

He puts his hand up in front of my face and says, "Do you see any WORDS here?"

He puts his hand up in front of my face and says, “Do you see any WORDS here?”

He got me. I couldn’t stop laughing, even though I am open-minded about palm reading and other new agey stuff.

Did you find that funny?

Do you think people who read palms are weird, strange, or different?

Do you see any words on Phil’s palm?

By the way, the picture is a recreation of what he did. I took it in our garage. Our favorite restaurant has better decor than what you see in this picture.