Well, my name does mean “lost.”

I knew at least one of my readers was looking for me!

I knew at least one of my readers was looking for me!

Have you been wondering where I’ve been?

Are you worried that I got lost somewhere?

Golly gee willickers! I kinda wondered what happened to me, myself.

What the heck have I been doing while I’ve been the antiblogger blogger?

Well, here are my alibis  excuses  random falderals  extremely important activities of late:


I’m an artist. I can’t sit around and look dizzy-blonde gorgeous all day. I have to do something productive besides talking to walking Scrappy and watching TV. So I’ve been making some things to adorn my home. Take a look.

I finally made a bed-sized quilt for me! (And Phil, of course...)

I finally made a bed-sized quilt for me! (And Phil, of course…)

I'm not in Pennsylvania, nor am I Dutch. I just love working with wool and doing things by hand.

I’m not in Pennsylvania, nor am I Dutch. I just love working with wool and doing things by hand. Yup. All this is hand applique.

My guest room needed something happy in it. I call this quilt "Funshine."

My guest room needed something happy in it. I call this quilt “Funshine.”


I’m not the out-doorsy type, but Phil convinced me to try tent camping at a nice campsite in the Adirondacks. He usually goes wilderness camping and that sounded too extreme for me. My squatting-to-pee days are behind me for more reasons than I will enumerate for your benefit. We drove to the site in a freaking downpour. Couldn’t even see the hood of the car because of the sheets of rain coming down! But it cleared up and the site was sandy and pitched just enough so that we didn’t have to set up the tent in a small pond.

Our site. No close neighbors except for a persistent and cute chipmunk.

Our site. No close neighbors except for a persistent and cute chipmunk.

Path leading to the pond that was supposed to be there (as opposed to the one created by the rain).

Path leading to the pond that was supposed to be there (as opposed to the one created by the rain).

View from our tiny "beach." The pond was high due to the wet summer we've had.

View from our tiny “beach.” The pond was high due to the wet summer we’ve had.

The days were in the high 60s-low 70s and the nights go down to the mid-50s. I never slept on such a cold pillow in my life. And my bladder being what it is, the midnight trip to the latrine was frosty. But, oh, the stars! I forgot how many stars you can see when you’re in the pitch black of a mountain night. I’m ready to go again!

Totally Happy Campers!

Totally Happy Campers!

Getting Ready to be Illegally Hitched

When I got divorced, I signed a document that barred me from getting married until I was 67. I know. What the fur ball, right? But, at the time, I was feeling deeply wounded. Being alone for the rest of my life sounded both realistic and kind of restful. I had no clue Phil would orbit back into my life and come in for a landing.

But he did. And his landing gear is stuck this time.

We’re engaged. I have a ring. We have our wedding date set for my 67th birthday.

Waiting for a formal, legal shindig, however, seemed kind of silly. We and all of our family and friends (who weren’t dead or disabled) would have to strap on our orthopedic shoes, make sure our Depends undergarments didn’t bunch up when we shuffled on the dance floor, and would have to do Geritol shots just to make it through the evening.

No. We want to party (and have pictures) while we’re still looking good on this side of 60 and have some shimmy left in our tushes.

On September 14 we’re getting illegally, or informally, hitched. What does this mean? We’re having a party with 30 of our family and friends, saying our own short vows. No one officially sanctioned to make us husband and wife will be within a 50 mile radius. Then it’s just a catered dinner and a DJ. Sure, I’ve planned the whole thing: the venue, my dress, decorations, flowers, menu, music… But it’s not a wedding. We’ll do that before a Justice of the Peace when I’m 67. I wonder if my dress will still fit me…

Spit-Polishing my New Novel

I know. I know.

I’ve been talking about this “new novel” for a long time.

Well, it takes a long time to write, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite a novel.

The whole thing should come together in late September (we’re not going on a honeymoon).

I’m hoping that your anticipation is building.

I’m also hoping I become better at marketing, like, overnight so that this book gets the attention I know it deserves.

How’s this for a teaser?

Meri had a dream. She also had incredibly bad fortune and even worse timing.

Born of a tenacious need to prove her hostile mother wrong and to please her rarely present, but beloved, father, Meri decided to become a famous fashion designer in Paris. 

Paris in the late 1920s was not friendly to immigrants, even talented immigrants from Finland. Forced to find work as a domestic, Meri persevered–vowing she would never return to Finland and never give up on her dream. Turning back, her father had told her, was a sign of weakness. 

Join Meri as she forges ahead through turns of fate and misfortune as Paris braces for Hitler’s invasion, she cares for her half-Jewish child as a single parent throughout the occupation, and she finds her way to America in hopes of keeping her dream alive. 

This story is based on real people and events. Names, specific places and some details have been changed to fictionalized the tale.

Given all of this, I’m kind of too pooped to blog every day  other day  week.

I really need to get a few things off my plate before I can start blogging again like I used to. Maybe I should start with getting ME off my plate...

I really need to get a few things off my plate before I can start blogging again like I used to. Maybe I should start with getting ME off my plate…

So, what have you been up to lately?




~ by Lorna's Voice on August 15, 2014.

29 Responses to “Well, my name does mean “lost.””

  1. Thanks so much! Quilting is my therapy, although traditional therapy is probably a lot cheaper and quicker!

    As for the book, it’s a humdinger of a story, and most of it is true! Look for it in the next month or two. 🙂

  2. WOW! Where to begin. uhhh Love the quilts.
    And the book sounds fantastic.

  3. I think the best thing to do is take a deep breath and ask “What?who am I writing for? What works best for them?” And go with your gut. Something told me after this darned book was all but finished that it would be more “real” (since it’s based on my grandmother’s life) if I switched to first person. I just wish whoever is talking to my writer-self would have piped up sooner!

  4. Oh Lorna, I did the same thing with my first novel. Twice. I started with 1st person and an agent at a conference told me to change it to third–that that’s what agents wanted. And she wasn’t even interested anyway. So I did and completely lost the character. A year or two later I realized what had happened and then changed it back. Not fun, heh…but you can do it!

  5. I bet you will! I just got the idea to rewrite the whole thing (over 600 pages) in the first person. What am I thinking?!

  6. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to Sept 14. Being illegally married will be a first for me! 😉

  7. There is just so much to love in this post … but the un-wedding is the best!

  8. I love the idea of your “un-wedding”–congrats. And your quilting. The camping, I’m not so sure about. Check your buns. I had to excise a tick out of a lady’s backside once. And the novel–I’m in the same place. I have the createspace proof in hand and oh so many edits to do. Want to compete–who gets it out first!? Ha!

  9. Thanks Len. My ex put it in the divorce papers–I can’t remarry until 15 years after the divorce. I didn’t even really notice the clause because I figured I’d die a single lady. As my memoir is titled, how was I supposed to know? 😉 Maybe he wanted to leave room for me to reconsider and go back to him. No that can’t be it. He’s the one who left me and filed for divorce… Who knows? I should have hired a lawyer but I didn’t have much money because he controlled the finances. Geez. I could write a book about mistakes in marriage and divorce!

  10. I’ll say! 🙂

  11. Thanks so much, Ruth! 🙂 I do love my quilting. It’s so therapeutic!

  12. Your name means “lost”? I find that very interesting. And how does one make the decision not to remarry until they are 67 and why 67 and why? Proud of you for the camping in a tent. We did that once or twice, and then bought what we called the “apartment,” a 26 foot 5th wheel trailer with all the comforts of home. The salesman even said “Camping is out there.” Love the outdoors though. Beautiful quilting.

  13. 🙂

  14. YAY!!!

  15. Hi Lorna,
    Fun to hear what’s up! You are superbly creative. Mom would love your handiwork. I’ll show it to her someday (lack of internet at her place makes it challenging). Congratulations to you and Phil on your engagement and non-wedding 🙂 I wish you all the best and send my hugs for the shindig!
    Love you,

  16. I’ll wipe off any extra DNA on your copy, Al, don’t worry!

    Having never been divorced myself before, I didn’t know if that clause was standard or not. I didn’t get my own lawyer (as you know because you read my book), so I just glazed over that line. As I said, I didn’t think any man would ever want me–damaged goods, you know–so the thought of marriage again was unthinkable anyway. So much for my psychic abilities! I guess I better stick to quilting, taking care of my aging pup, and getting this novel into some people’s hands… 😉

  17. I know I’ll get there, but the path is long and twisty (and expensive) as you well know. I have to pace myself! Thanks for the encouragement, Peter!

  18. It’s all good, Sara. Phil and I feel like newlyweds every day anyway! Thanks for the support and for the compliments. They mean so much from someone like you who goes to arts and crafts festivals all the time!

  19. Great story–I hope my party is just as fun! Only we’re both definitely showing up! And thanks for the recommendation. I just read a nice little book by Elizabeth Berg called the Art of Mending about family dynamics. The oldest sister is a quilter.

  20. I’ve put so much effort and money into this novel–I hope it does well, too. As for my relationship with Phil whatever I’ve put into it doesn’t feel like work at all and I’ve already gotten so much out of it! Thanks, Gerry! 🙂

  21. You did remember to thank me and thanks for the compliments. I’ve loved sewing/quilting for as long as I can remember. And every piece I do has some hand work in it. I find working with the fabric in my hands so relaxing! 🙂

  22. We are totally at ease and in love with each other. I’ve never experienced a relationship like this before. It gets better every day! Thanks! 🙂

  23. Wow!!! Lorna, I’m so happy for you. You and Phil look at ease with each other and in love with life. Awww, you inspire me that maybe I too can create that. I just put your non-wedding day in my calendar xx

  24. Thanks for the update, Lorna…and congratulations on your upcoming non-marriage! You do beautiful sewing/quilting/applique work…I’m so impressed. The great outdoors agrees with you, Lorna…you look really relaxed and happy in your photo…a very sweet looking couple you two.

    I hope I remembered to thank you for the second edition book that you sent me…I really appreciate the trouble you went to to do that for me.

  25. Nice to read another from you, and wish you luck with your forthcoming pretend marriage and also hope your book does well… good luck 🙂

  26. Congratulations!

    I went to one memorable non-wedding, and really it is the best wedding story of all.

    My brother and his fiance arrived at the venue in Chicago. Friends of theirs had been married two weeks before by the same minister in the same place and they’d all had a blast.

    Fred was ready, milling with the guests. Laura was in the ladies room, waiting for the minister. And waiting. And waiting.

    He never arrived.

    So at their wedding, Fred and Laura didn’t get married. But they had a great party, Laura’s father read a few words over the happy couple, and they went off on their honeymoon. When they came back, they got married.

    Oh and I think you might like this book for the quilter in you: The Last Runaway: by Tracy Chevalier (Oct 29, 2013)

  27. Lorna, you are amazing. Now that I see what you’ve been up to lately I don’t have to come over there and kick your butt to blog more frequently.

    Your quilt work is quite amazing, as well as your applique work. Such talent! As for your camping trip, well, I’m done with squatting by now but I have a nice family cabin in the dark woods where I can see the stars quite wonderfully. I’m glad you had a nice getaway with the other happy camper.

    I’m not really sure what to think about a clause in a divorce settlement that prevents marriage to another until you’re 67 (really? that sounds really weird!) but I’m thrilled for you to have the informal hitch to your true love Phil. I hope the party is a blast!

  28. Lovely to see another post from you, and to hear about your engagement, which is lovely news. As to the star views you get when away from the city, they really are amazing aren’t they, and give us ‘context’ somehow. Keep writing, I love you excerpt and, as you know, I appreciate that getting a novel out and in any kind of shape is not easy, but you will get there.

  29. Several observations about this blog.

    1. Beautiful quilting projects! Love those wall hangings, especially the one with the Distlefink in it. You didn’t know I spoke Pennsylvania Dutch did you? We lived in Allentown for 10 years. In fact, my favorite saying comes from the Penn Dutch: “Ve get too soon oldt, und too late schmart!”

    2. I had many a Adirondack camping trip with my family growing up in Elmira. However, as a good capitalist, I feel I must stay in swanky hotels now to do my part for the economy. I’ll leave it to you and Phil to uphold that New York state tradition.

    3. I’ve never heard of such as clause in a divorce settlement before. Of course, I’ve never been divorced either. However, next year is a big one. We will have been married 47 years next April. When we took our vows, I told Patty I would stay married for 47 years to see if I liked it or not. After that, it would be a yearly contract…..so who knows? Anyway, congrats on your illegal marriage….I’m trying to think of an illegal gift to send….some pot maybe? Hmmmm….

    4. Looking forward to the novel with great anticipation! However, don’t spit polish too much….no one wants to read a book with spittle all over it!

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