The Only Hemorrhoid Remedy You’ll Ever Need

Does anyone have a Tucks pad I could borrow...well...use?

Does anyone have a Tucks pad I could borrow…well…use?

I’m one of the 10,000,000 American’s who knows the itching, suffering, and embarrassment of hemorrhoids.

Are you?

If you’re not, you might know someone who is. You can tell by the way they try to sneak in a butt scratch, walk as if their diaper needs changing, or shift positions while sitting even if they’re not bored. Or maybe your time simply hasn’t yet arrived. The Big H will find your butt and then you’ll join our swelling ranks.

Well, thank me now or thank me later…you’re in luck. I have the only hemorrhoid remedy you’ll ever need.

Don’t take my word for it.

An honest-to-goodness doctor sent my mother an honest-to-goodness newslettery-looking brochure with “The Cure.”

Now there's a face you can trust with your butt.

Now there’s a face you can trust with your butt.

Naturally, she shared it with me because she’s my mom and she loves me. We both have had our battles with the Big H. I just don’t know how she got lucky enough to get on Dr. Michael Cutler’s mailing list and I didn’t. Oh well.

This cure is too good to keep to myself.

But first, you should know something about Dr. Cutler and his claims.

The amazing Dr. Cutler is a Board Certified (I wonder what board?) Family Physician “specializing in degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue,” which totally makes him an expert in hemorrhoids.

He graduated from Brigham Young University, Tulane Medical School, and Natividad Medical Center. He’s had over 19 years of clinical experience involving obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, minor surgery, internal medicine, geriatrics, and nutrition.

You could say he likes to diversify.

Now he’s really into newsletter-writing and natural health approaches to solving patient problems, like hemorrhoids.

He claims: “This old-fashioned miracle will allow you to eliminate your bowels without pain or bleeding…and say NO to hemorrhoid surgery once and for all!”


Sounds like the pooping version of an orgasm, right?

Sounds like the pooping version of an orgasm, right?

After explaining why typical remedies for the Big H don’t work and really enthusiastic testimonials from some one person, he finally reveals the miracle cure.

Here it is. I’m quoting this so you know exactly what to do:


1. A small jar of powdered sulfur.

2. A few wool rags.

3. An old churn 18″ to 24″ high. If you don’t have and old churn [like who wouldn’t have one of those hanging around?], get a metal bucket 18″ to 24″ high or any container that you can sit down on to expose your external hemorrhoids. Make sure it is not plastic. The reason a churn is best is because it has a folksy charm and doesn’t transmit heat very fast. [So plan on a NASA-like launch party, People.]

4. A pair of old shorts or underwear.

I seem to remember an enhanced interrogation technique involving these items...

I seem to remember an enhanced interrogation technique involving these items…

[Are you getting dubious excited yet?]

Take the old shorts or underwear and cut a hole just big enough to expose your hemorrhoidal area.

Then put them on (the holy underwear—you’ll need them in more ways than one).

Now put 2 or 3 wool rags in your churn or bucket. Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of powdered sulfur over the rags and set them afire. It will blaze up, so just drop a match in. Don’t put your hand too close to the material, as it will burn you.

Let the materials burn for about 30 seconds to 1 minute or just long enough for it to start producing enough smoke to warn the neighboring villagers that some crazy shizzle is about to go down…or go up.

Put the fire out completely by smothering it, which means sitting on your makeshift churnfire.

Sit on the churn or bucket for 3-5 minutes. Do not sit for any longer, because you will burn or blister yourself and because that 3-5 minutes is the approximate response time of the area domestic and wild carnivores looking for their next meal.

You may feel a mild burning or stinging sensation for several days. Use petroleum jelly to ease it. Just don’t hover your butt near open flames while it is slathered in petroleum jelly.

If you’re butt isn’t as good as new in 3-4 weeks, repeat the procedure. You might also want to relocate to another region of the country.

If, after several years, your hemorrhoids return [and you’ve gone completely insane again], repeat the procedure.

Is there a miracle cure for this miracle cure? I got a feeling I'm gonna need it.

Is there a miracle cure for this miracle cure? I got a feeling I’m gonna need it.

So whaddaya think? I think the hemorrhoids become the least of your problems with the “miracle cure.”

1. You have to find a churn in some high-priced antique store only to torch it. That can get expensive. But, given the heat conductivity of metal, I wouldn’t settle for a bucket either. Talk about a butt puzzler…

2. I don’t know about you, but I was never great with chemistry. Where do you even get sulfur? Do you have to give the sulfur sales guy the reason why you need it?

3. How do you know exactly where to cut the hole in your shorts/underwear? I imagine precision counts.

4. What if someone smells the sulfur and finds you sitting on your antique butter churn with smoke coming out of your butt?

5. 3-5 minutes is a long time to sit on butter churn, especially if the butt-to-churn ratio is way out of whack. I’m just spitballing here.

5. All the talk of repeating the procedure doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that this is really miracle cure. It’s more like something your great, great-grandfather did after drinking too much whiskey and complaining about how his piles make his butt hurt. “Back in the old country we used to do this thing with butter churns to cure piles…” (They called hemorrhoids “piles” back in the olden days, before 1960.)

I don't care how much them piles of yours is killing you. You ain't touching my churn for no snake-charmer's miracle cure especially if your bare behind and fire are part of the deal.

I don’t care how much them piles of yours is killing you. You ain’t touching my churn for no snake-charmer’s miracle cure especially if your bare behind and fire are part of the deal.

I found the “fine print” interesting: “The ingredients discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary.” I bet they do,

Dr. Cutler, whose probably practicing plastic surgery now. He probably specializes in butt beautification.

Hey, I'm Dr. Cutler. I can (and have) done anything. I'll fix this up for you in time for bathing suit season. Next time, just cut the hole in your underwear smaller, use less sulfur, and try to find a churn. Sorry to hear the hemorrhoids are still a problem...

Hey, I’m Dr. Cutler. I can (and have) done it all. I’ll fix this up for you in time for bathing suit season. Next time, just cut the hole in your underwear smaller, use less sulfur, and try to find a churn. Sorry to hear the hemorrhoids are still a problem…



~ by Lorna's Voice on May 8, 2014.

37 Responses to “The Only Hemorrhoid Remedy You’ll Ever Need”

  1. I misread as chum and was going to sit on a small friend (after setting light to her).

  2. So they are still up to their old tricks, eh? Unbelievable!

  3. I actually was just sent this “cure” yesterday. It was a flyer that was one of the “free gifts” for ordering a supplement that is supposed to help digestion. I couldn’t believe they were serious and it causes me to question the credibility of the company I bought the supplement from and I may be sending it back.

  4. So funny you should have stumbled on this one (one of my personal favorites). My mom just had to have her ‘roids checked by her doctor and was having a fit about it. She is the one who gave me that crazy “newsletter” and recently asked me if I ever wrote a blog about it (I said I would because I thought this “cure” was outlandish). She recently saw it and told me, “No one makes me laugh the way you do, Lorna!”

  5. O gawd, Lorna! I decided to treat myself to some of the blogs I’ve missed and stumbled upon this one. I’m still sitting at my computer laughing out loud. And the icing on the cake is the comments from your followers. Wonderful!

  6. Some people are just too uptight​!

  7. The swelling and itching don’t bother me too much, but the smell on the end of my fingers seems to turn some folks when we shake hands.

    My Dad used to buy sulfur powder and mix with used motor oil to treat dogs with mange. We never tried it on our butt, and Mom sure wasn’t about to let us dangle our hemorrhoids in her churn.

  8. Now it all makes perfect sense… 🙂

  9. Galen Drake was the man behind the voice of the Preparation H commercials in the early 70s. I had a friend in college who had hemorrhoids. His nickname was Drake. His college friends still call him that, but new friends don’t get the connection. That’s my story and I am sticking with it.

  10. Agreed!

  11. More importantly, how do one ‘splain Dr. Cutler getting through medical school?

  12. You’re funny! At least now a few more people do…OH no! What have I done? 😉

  13. You’re welcome for the smiles. As I said, this “newsletter” came to my mother in the mail. Go figure…

  14. Right, I don’t suffer in that way yet, but I don’t think that should stop me at least buying his product and getting in some training so I’m ready for when Big H and I become chums. I don’t know where you fins these guys, but this was really hilarious. Thanks for the smile

  15. I am never sure if my humour comes through,, but glad it did with you,, I suppose like you said Vanessa maybe a UK thing. heehee! thanks..

  16. I thought everyone knew this method, no?

  17. Hey, you read it the same as I did at first – it’s chuRN not chuM – I’m a UK resident to so it must be us, hehe!

  18. How does one ‘splain the butt burn circle if they miscalculate the time?

  19. One is always a bit cautious, though, when it seems pretty obvious that the cures are worse for the health than the health problem!

  20. That’s the sad and scary truth of it.

  21. If he tried his own miracle cure, I bet he is not a perfect asshole! 😉

  22. And he seems so innocent and helpful…it’s always the nice-looking quacks you have to worry about!

  23. You know me–leave no stone or embarrassing secret unturned! 🙂

  24. Yes, these work wonders to alleviate the itchiness, but remember this Dr.’s “cure.” Can you believe he sent this garbage out to unsuspecting older people???

  25. No I don’t. Do tell…

  26. If if they are tins, I’d stay away–metal is too efficient at heat conducting! 😉

  27. My work here is done! 🙂

  28. Thanks for the good laugh to go with my morning coffee!! I particularly liking the ‘pooping version of an orgasm’. Priceless!

  29. I am glad of at least two things, one, I am a UK resident and not one of your 10.000000 in America. and two, I don’t have the Big H but I now know what to do. The only chum I know of is tins of dog food.. not big enough I guess. 🙂

  30. Darn, I was all set to try this, but I don’t have a metal bucket or a churn. Oh well, maybe next time I will just listen to Galen Drake. (Do you know who I mean?)

  31. I think you spelt the Doctors name wrong… Dr, Butler I think it should be… I read he has just escaped from the mental institution easily recognisable with a carrot stuck up his butt….
    Have suffered from this for donkeys years, till I discovered “Baby wipes,” specially the ones with “Aloe Vera,” a wipe with these everyday keeps the itches at bay…

  32. Lorna, I feel like we’re intimate friends now. Thanks for baring your soul and your bum.

  33. The last person who tried this was executed by fellow villagers for consorting with the Devil – I mean, the sulphur and all that!
    Dr Cutler is a pain in the butler?

  34. Before I would let this guy around my nether regions I would want to examine him to see if he really is the perfect asshole.

  35. You know thee are bound to be folks who would try this!

  36. Maybe that’s the “science” behind this guy’s cure!!! 😉

  37. The smell of burning wool and sulfur would enough to scare the hemorrhoids off of anyone!

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