What do we have here? It's gotta be good. We're all watching!

What do we have here? It’s gotta be good. We’re all watching!

We all know that this sleepy time of year is AWARD SEASON!!!!

They plan it that way to glam up the doldrums of winter (if you live in a climate like mine, at least).

Never mind. The shovels are out in the garage.

Never mind. The shovels are out in the garage.

Well, I’m here to announce an award I heard about via the Daily Post several weeks ago (I know, it took me a while).

A blog I never of heard of, Blogher, runs a yearly contest to pick several “Voices and Photographs of the Year.” It’s not a WordPress thing, it’s a whole blogs-R-us thing.

You can nominate yourself or another blogger for a specific blog post and/or photo that you think fits one of several categories:

Post: Exploration; Heart; Humor; OpEd

Photo: Street Life/Slice of Life; Faces, Friends, Family; Food, Craft, Things I Made; Nature, Big and Small; The Selfie.

The site has judges that will decide on the winners in each category PLUS there is a PEOPLE’S CHOICE where you can vote on your favorite.

Over 100 awards will be given. Don’t ask me to do that math, I’m just the messenger, not the calculator.

Deadline for submissions and voting is FEBRUARY 28.

I took it upon myself to nominate Elyse from Fifty Four and a Half for her heartwarming, funny, and endearing story about her beloved Springer Spaniel and a wild boar in Switzerland. It’s called Letting Go.

I also nominated Rob, aka Bulldog (The Photographic Journey of Bulldog) for his gorgeous shot of a grey-crowned crane, who he chose to name Lorna. Even if it’s a “he,” she’s exquisite! You can see Lorna in all of her fancified featheracation right here.

Now it’s your turn. You have to go to Blogher and sign up for an account to either nominate or vote. once you do that, have at it. Let your voice be a part of The Voices of 2014 in the blogging world!

You can nominate the same ones I did or others. Just go for it! If I can figure it out, anyone can!

Uh, yeah, sure. I'm ready to stand in line at Best Buy. I gotta have that new iSomething. But can I finish this chocolate pudding or gravy? Whatever it is, it's hitting the spot.

And I’m on a liquid diet, People. So if my addled, shrinking brain could do this, YOU CAN!.