Try Getting out of this Post without saying Something

I dare you.

Well, did you vote?

Well, did you vote?

~ by Lorna's Voice on February 7, 2014.

33 Responses to “Try Getting out of this Post without saying Something”

  1. Good idea…Sherlock!

  2. Maybe that’s a poll question: how do you attract more visitors/readers? I used to wonder about that a lot.

  3. I suppose that’s true. Then I wonder why WP advises us to put polls in to attract more visitors/readers to our sites…?

  4. You’re in good company. Lot’s of “others” out there–just like in real life, I suppose…

  5. It means my readers are paying me back for this post! ;0)

  6. “other” has a commanding lead. What does it all mean, Lorna?

  7. No I suppose you’re not… I read somewhere today on a post of someone saying “they like to live on the edge of their comfort zone” my comfort zone is probably their edge…

  8. LOLOL … I voted ‘Other”.
    I didn’t see the categories – Democrat or Republican.
    Then, I wasn’t sure what I was voting for.
    Is this poll going to help addicted bloggers?
    Gosh … I’m so confused. Maybe, I should wait for more details.
    Hugs, mi amiga
    Issy xo

  9. Once a social scientist, always a social scientist, eh Lorna? 🙂 Let the electoral rolls show I’ve voted in your two polls for the same reason I think people don’t vote in polls: because we want you!!! It’s like the guest posting situation; no-one wants to read the guest poster, they just want their fix of whomever they came to visit.

  10. Just call me Sherlock!

  11. Come to think of it, neither do I!

  12. Well, since you take that camera of yours out among all those lions and rhinos and crazy looking birds, I figured you are pretty much up for anything…Am I wrong?

  13. I should by now, Al!

  14. Hehehe…all in fun!

  15. Damn! You know me too well, Lorna.

  16. What do you expect of me.???

  17. I ve done a few polls, but I never remember to total up the results and let people know what they think!

  18. What? I would have expected that you had definite opinions on pole dancers… 😉

  19. SO I’m guessing you voted in this one and the last one, Rob. Because you’re a brave guy! 🙂

  20. And one of the things WP tells us is to include polls to attract reader interest–HA! 🙂

  21. I hated that option (or none of the above) on multiple choice questions on tests in school, didn’t you? 😉

  22. I should have seen that coming from the group who follows me. I deserve it. It actually is funny! 🙂

  23. You’re such a sweetheart! That’s why I said “Most people” in the title of the poll. I know there are some responsible blog citizens out there! 🙂

  24. I should have offered a prize, shizzle. I’m really horrible at marketing! But thanks for voting. It’s good practice! Maybe the prize is just feeling better about being a part of something, even if it is totally bogus! 😉

  25. I knew it, U. You’re a cat in a beautiful woman’s clothing! 🙂

  26. I won’t give you a straight answer. In my experience that’s one way of keeping a friend. Or losing him/her.

    Sore point, and thanks for reminding me: I am not allowed to vote. Neither here nor there. And I am over 18.


  27. I voted – is there a prize? 😉

  28. I actually was one of the three or four people who voted in your last poll so I’m exempt from this one! 😀

  29. I thought I would vote “Other” just to be a smart ass; glad to see I was in good company!

  30. All of the above. 😉

  31. Lol, my polls haven’t gotten too many votes either. Maybe readers just skip over them? But I’ll always vote for ya! 😀

  32. Yes in the other … but why can’t I read what is in the other?? If people don’t vote in your polls they are cowards…

  33. (Other) Because I haven’t voted for a pole since Lech Walesa retired.

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