Well, I was scheduled to a hat-duel with the Queen, but I suppose I have a few minutes for an interview. I do so love Lorna and her silliferous voice.

Well, I was scheduled to a hat-duel with the Queen, but I suppose I have a few minutes for an interview. I do so love Lorna and her silliferous voice.

I’m so exited to be interviewing Diana today. I love her. Who doesn’t love her?

I know what you’re thinking. She’s dead. Is this going to be a séance interview (which I totally could do)?

No. You are confusing the Princess Diana of UK and world fame with the Princess of Romance, Diana Douglas of WordPress and romance novel fame. Well, maybe I confused them first. It’s a simple, honest mistake. I bet Johnny Carson didn’t get everything right when he got started.

Take it from me, Kiddo, get out of the business and get an education. Child stars never make it big.

Take it from me, Kiddo, get out of the business and get an education. Child stars never make it big.

I’m interviewing Diana Douglas. And I’m excited about it. I’ll interview the Dead Di later. That should be interesting, too. Stay tuned.

Diana has written two Regency Romance novels. I read one and gave it a 5-star rating. So did lots of other readers. You’ll have to click on the link to find out witch one (oops, a clue) and what I said.

This is her first novel.

This is her first novel.

And this is her second.

And this is her second.

And this is the Princess of Romance, Diana Douglas.

And this is the Princess of Romance, Diana Douglas.

Lorna: I’m thrilled to be in the presence of a real princess–the Princess of Romance. You know how much titles impress me. Talk to me about titles.

Diana: Um. Thanks for inviting me here, Lorna, but I’ve never been called “the Princess of Romance.”

Lorna: Well, it’s about time! Do you have a tiara. You really should. Tiaras are impressive during book signings.

I would totally go over and buy a book from this cat.

I would totally buy a book from this cat.

Diana: I never thought of that. Did you want to know about my book titles? I suppose I cheated when I decided to use The Bewitching Hour and I as my titles, since neither one is original, but they fit the characters and plot line better than anything I came up with on my own. Even so, I have to admit to feelings of guilt over my lack of originality.

Lorna: That’s okay, Diana. You are royalty. Your subjects love you. And speaking of your subjects, whose hearts and minds are you trying to capture with these books?

Diana: Mmm… I’d have to say women between the ages of 35 and 65, who have a desire to temporarily immerse themselves in a world of fantasy where life’s daily chores are always done by someone else, money is never a problem, and couples make love by candlelight, or moonlight, or firelight, or in a rolling carriage…I’ve had guys comment that they enjoyed the books, too. I was really surprised by that.

Lorna: I’ll bet you’ll find some 65+ers ripping through the pages of your books. Have you heard what happens on some of those “senior tours?” It’s scandalous and they must come up with their ideas from somewhere. You could be contributing to the delinquency of some majors (as opposed to minors). But what goes on in those luxury buses is their business, right? Excuse me, I need to get this mental image out of my head…Okay. Romance novels seem to be pretty popular. What makes them so alluring?

Where's the bus? I was only gone for a couple of days...

Where’s the bus? I was only gone for a couple of days…

DianaRomance novels are a fantasy. They provide us with a happily ever after ending that doesn’t always exist in real life. Historical romance novels enhance that by taking us to a different time and place that adds to the richness of the experience. If that sounds intriguing, but you’d like a little humor and suspense added into the mix, I think you’ll enjoy both books.

Lorna: Yeah, I can see that–wanting to escape into a dreamy world of excitement and hanky-panky. But not everyone can have my life. I bet you escape, too, when you’re writing one of these babies. What’s your writing process? Do you need swanky music playing? Do tell!

Now if he doesn't get you in a swanky mood...

Now if he doesn’t get you in a swanky mood…

Diana: No. Nothing that exotic. I start off with a highly detailed outline and the words just flow from my brain to the keyboard. My days begin about 4:30 am and I crank out about 5,000 words by noon. I go run my ten miles and then crank out another 5,000 words before dinner. Nah, not really. Don’t you hate writers who say stuff like that? I’m still trying to find the writing process that works best for me. I do know how my books end before I even start them and have a vague outline in my head. Next time around, I’m going to try working with a more concrete outline and see how that goes. I’d like to think I’m the boss, but sometimes my characters get really stubborn and when that happens, I don’t fight it. They usually know better than I do.

Lorna: You really had me going, Diana! I’m supposed to be the prankologist around here. So, okay, Princess Smartypanties, there are almost 320,000 romance books available on Amazon (yup, I checked). What sets your romance novels apart from others in the genre?

Diana: They’re really, really fun!

Lorna: Good answer. You really are a smartypanties. So let’s get some of your advice. If you could change one thing about each book, what would it be and why?

Diana: One advantage to self-publishing is the ability to go back and make changes. Both books have been re-edited, re-formatted, and I’ve changed the covers. One thing I’m keeping in mind for future books, is word count. A novel of 70,000 to 90,000 words is much easier to proof and edit than 100,000+.

Lorna: Tell me about it. Oh. I guess you just did. Any more words of wisdom, Princess SmartyPanties?

Diana: I actually have three pieces of advice for new writers trying to get published. Understand that it’s a really tough business. Make sure that your novel is polished enough to publish. Learn as much as you can about the different publishing choices before you decide what will work best for you.

Lorna: It can’t be as tough a business as selling encyclopedias or roofing, can it? I’m just saying, at least you get to stay inside and not deal with people or tar. It’s something. Plus, you can wear your tiara while writing. Try doing that while selling door to door or putting roofing on a house.

See? a tiara would be all wrong on him.

See? A tiara would be all wrong on him.

Diana: Did you have any more questions for me?

Lorna: Oh, um. Sure. Give us a fun fact about each book.

Diana: I would love to! I created a really fun character who is in both books: Aunt Mirabella. She’s rather large lady with flaming red hair, favors outlandishly overdone ensembles, doesn’t know when to stop talking, and fawns over her twelve little terriers that she’s named after Greek and Roman gods.

Lorna: She really is a hoot. I remember her well and even mentioned her dogs in my review. Okay, now give us a fun fact about you.

Diana: I was a Go-Go Girl when I was twelve. Seriously. I had little white Go-Go boots, turquoise paisley bell-bottoms and a matching sleeveless, turtle-necked top. I didn’t dance in a cage and the dances were just for kids, so it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.

Yeah, Baby!

Yeah, Baby!

Lorna: Bad? Heck fire! That sounds awesomalishous! I always wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer and had vinyl white boots that went all the way up to my knees. I bet you were popular! Do you know how to get black scuff marks off white vinyl go-go boots. Long story…Never mind. Do you have any more writing projects planned or underway?

Diana: I’m finishing up The Tattooed Angel, a time-travel that takes Phoenix paramedic, Angela Finley, back to the year 1648. It’s much edgier than the other books I’ve written. Kept Secrets is a book that I started years ago, but I temporarily set it aside when I realized I needed to improve my skills as a writer before it would be ready for prime time. It should be out by the beginning of next year.

Lorna: Wow! When do you have time for go-go dancing? What else are you besides a former go-go dancer and Princess of Romance novels?

Diana: I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and (gulp) great-grandmother. Like most writers, I’m an insatiable reader. I do most of my reading on my iPhone because there’s something about turning those virtual pages that gives me a thrill. I’m also a thrift store addict, home decorator, painter (if it holds still long enough, I don’t care what it is, I’ll slap a coat of paint on it) and I enjoy making jewelry when time allows. I also used to work as a graphic designer and loved doing my book covers.

Lorna: Show off.

Diana: Sorry. You asked. And there is something you didn’t ask: what is the most important thing a writer can do to improve their skill?

Lorna: Just because you’re a princess and prolific writer and former go-go dancer, you don’t get to hijack my interview, Missy! But that is a great question, so go ahead and answer it.

Diana: Thanks! Find or start a critique group where attendance, production and detailed critiques are expected every month. Death, dire illness and vacations are the only passes you get. It’s a bit intense, but it’s so worth it.

Lorna: Great advice. But I don’t think death should be an excuse. If you really want to, you can find ways to communicate beyond the grave. Just wait for my interview with the other Princess Diana…

Does this pose remind you of another Princess--one of Romance?

Does this pose remind you of another Princess–one of Romance?

If you want to read Diana’s work, go to Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and the Diesel eBook Store

Excerpt from The Devil’s Own Luck

The morning dawned clear and sunny and the small drawing room was bathed in a golden light. For a brief moment, Rand wasn’t quite certain why he was sleeping on a blanket on the floor, or the identity of the lovely young thing he had curled up against him. And then he remembered.

Christ Almighty! How could he have forgotten? He rolled over on his back and raked both hands through his sandy hair. “I’m going to hell,” he muttered. “First my best friend is going to kill me and then I’m headed straight to hell.” There was simply no way around it. He could only hope that it would not be a lingering painful death, though given the nature of his sin, God knows, he deserved it.

Thanks, Diana, and to all the brave souls who agreed to let me interview them!

Remember, if you have a book you want to share and are up to an interview with me,

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Is she finished? I have to pee.

Is she finished? I have to pee.