A Highly Sensitive Blonde Goes to the “Big Apple”

Times Square. Why Am I there?

Times Square. Why Am I there?

You heard it here first, People. I’m in The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, Gotham City, New York City.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not on a several-city book tour. I’m just visiting one place, NYC. Those are all nicknames for this behemoth megalopolis. I’m not being redundant. It’s that big a city. It needs a lot of nicknames.

As a Highly Sensitive Blonde (HSB)–why not create a new category for fair-headed sensitive people?– this is quite the experience. And not exactly in a good way.

I wouldn’t say I’m panicked yet, but I have a few more days before I get to go home to my cave condo.

I don't know what I was thinking, either. The street vendor was so pushy and yet so convincing. He wore me down. He said the hat made me look years younger. I trusted him. You should never let me out there on my own again, I tell you! Never!  Where will I wear this when I get back home?

I don’t know what I was thinking, either. The street vendor was so pushy and yet so convincing. He wore me down. He said the hat made me look years younger. I trusted him. You should never let me out there on my own again, I tell you! Never! Where will I wear this when I get back home?

You see, Philip is here all week on “business.” At least that’s what he says as he disappears out of the hotel door at 8:00 and doesn’t return until 5:00. He comes back wearing a badge with his name on it, so either the “gentlemen’s” clubs he’s going to all require visible ID or he really is in some kind of seminar. Either way, he comes back looking very tired.

I’m tired, too. Of sitting in the hotel room. So I go out and walk the streets.

No matter how hard I try to blend in with the crowd, they seem to know I'm a tourist.

No matter how hard I try to blend in with the crowd, they seem to know I’m a tourist.

Then I come back to the room to recover. Midtown Manhattan is no place for a HSB (Highly Sensitive Blonde) to be wandering around aimlessly.

Here’s why:

1. This is a city of 22.2 million people. Plus it’s tourist season. That means the city is teaming with at least the population of China. And they are all on the same streets I’m walking on. Going the other way.

Excuse me. Pardon me, but I need to get through...oh never mind.

Excuse me. Pardon me, but I need to get through…oh never mind.

2. There are over 6,300 miles of streets in NYC. I can’t tell one from the other. All the hot dog vendor carts look alike. I’m sorry if that sounds as if I’m being a cartist, but they do.  I find it hard to tell where I am by my internal GPS protocol that relies less on actual addresses and more on landmarks. Women, you know what I mean.

3. This is a very noisy city. No wonder King Kong got all kerfuffled. Horns, sirens, shouting. He was probably a Highly Sensitive Mutant.

I'm just trying to get away from all the noise and pandemonium. The Jungle was so much more peaceful. I miss the jungle. Mommy!

I’m just trying to get away from all the noise and pandemonium. The Jungle was so much more peaceful. I miss the jungle. Mommy!

4. People just come up and talk to me. Some want to convert me to Jesus or Allah to save me. Others really want me to “have a good time.” But I don’t know how flying midgets will spice up my sex life, do you? (I really, really hope you don’t. And some guy really, really did ask Philip and me if we wanted to get some flying midgets.)

The man was standing right next to...

The man was standing right next to…

...the Naked Cowboy.

…the Naked Cowboy.

Thursday night we’re going to see The Book of Mormon. We’re very excited about that. And the weather so far has been ideal: sunny, upper 70’s and low humidity. I’m even stopping to smell (but not buy) the roses.)

I really am having a good time!

I really am having a good time!

Until there’s more news to report from the Big City…

Give an HSB a break, would ya?

Give a HSB a break, would ya?

~ by Lorna's Voice on August 6, 2013.

40 Responses to “A Highly Sensitive Blonde Goes to the “Big Apple””

  1. […] you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you already know something about this NYC extravaganza. But let me fill you in on the rest of the […]

  2. Haven’t posted about it yet–but I will. Thanks for asking. I made it, but barely. 😉

  3. How did it go??? Did you hold on to your strength. I am sure you have written it somewhere … but who knows if I can find it.

  4. Ah, yes, the memories…and those are calorie-free! 🙂

  5. These items are off my food list too. Gluten intolerance and lactose sensitivity have limited the yummy foods I always had. At least, I had them and can go back to my memoires and reminisce.
    ~~~~~ : – O
    Enjoy the rest of your vaca ….

  6. Yeah! Can’t wait to tell you all about it. Going to a gluten-free Italian restaurant before the show. And evening made in heaven for me! 🙂

  7. Way too late, Al. When have you known me to keep a low profile? 😉

  8. I hope so, too. I feel pretty good so far, but I can feel my energy waning. But I’m sure Scrappy’s enthusiasm to see me will give me a nice jolt of renewed energy! 🙂

  9. Being in this city is an experience like no other. I’ve been it lots of cities and this one is different. It’s so excessive–everything is over the top. Right now I hear the traffic from my 14th floor hotel room. People who make and repair automobile horns must do very well here! 😉

  10. Unfortunately, both of those items (pizza and pretzels) are off my list of foods I can eat. It’s torture because how you come to NYC and not sample these traditional foods as part of the experience? I have found some great vegan places–one where many Broadway dancers go to. 🙂

  11. WOW … mi amiga … you’ve hit ‘The Big City’. Time to walk outside and turn on the keep-me-safe antennae. hahaha
    I hope you have a GREAT time. It will be a different experience that you’ll look back on and be happy you had it.
    Where else can you travel around the world and be in one town. Go have a good slice of pizza or a street vendor pretzel. ~~~~~ : – )
    The germs won’t kill you. You’ll build up an immunity for future NYC visits. LOL

  12. I was in New York once. Sort of. I was in the airport. I bought a “I *heart* NY” tee-shirt for $10 in that airport. It was all very exciting. Next time I’m going to jump into the city like you did. Hope you have a blast!

  13. I seriously love all the things you are talking about. I love the roar of the city. I feel all alone while being with people — I love that feeling. I love the noise and the smells. Well, most of the smells. hahaha. wish I was there with you … I know we would have a ball. Hoping you feel good when you get home after all the exposure. 🙂 Hugs

  14. It’s probably too late, but I have only four words of advice for getting along in the Big Apple (besides not buying a super size soda) and they are these: “Keep a low profile!”

  15. Missing you. Book Of Mormon-lucky! 🙂

  16. I know, Al, but they are in fashion and I want to look like I fit in. Lord knows I look way to wholesome, what will all my smiling at everyone and saying “excuse me” and “Good morning” and such. I stick out like a…a…zebra in Manhattan!

  17. Thanks, Richard. We are going to dinner and a show on Thursday. And I’m using my days to explore the city by morning and write in the afternoon. I can take only so much of this over-stimulating city!

  18. I’m finding some great vegan restaurants. That’s the great thing about this “melting pot”–choices! Thanks and I am really having a nice time. 🙂

  19. I do, too. I grew up in rural America and I just look to wholesome for this place. I think I smile too much at people or something… 😉

  20. Weather seems to be holding out so far. More humid today, but no rain. I really like to walk. Riding in a cab = taking my life and sanity and throwing it out the window! 😉

  21. Not to worry! I only post once a week… 🙂

  22. You do see all sorts here. And people are not afraid to speak their minds. I couldn’t stand a year here. I’ve seen enough. Although I really wanted to go to Ellis Island to do some research for my novel, but it’s closed due to Hurricane Sandy. Just my luck–the one touristy thing I wanted to do and I can’t!

  23. My hotel room is fairly quite and quite spacious by NYC standards. But here, you have to find solace in the midst of chaos. I’m not quite that zen… 😉

    I will report on The Book of Mormon. 🙂

  24. You’re right about the smells. Sensory overload City!

  25. I love New York, but can only take so much of it. What I find a bit overwhelming are the smells. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you’re in, they all smell alike with slightly different overtones. A touch of flowers, dry cleaning fluid, fabric dye, or ocean sea breeze floating on top of a solid base of dog urine, fried foods, exhaust, sweat, and garbage.

  26. Giggling…. only you Lorna would come out with the phrase “i’m not being cartist!”. I love it. Oh the Book of Mormon – oh please let us know what you think. So the Big Apple…. feels a million miles away from where I am now. Enloy, oh and if anyone can find a wee quite spot in the Big Apple I bet you can!

  27. When we went to NYC we flew in at 7am and immediately tackle the tourist spots as we only had 3 days before we moved on… all the photos of me are standing in the middle of 1000’s moving around me with me looking up, mouth agape….
    My second morning had me being propositioned for an”early morning good time” by some woman.. I immediately changed to Afrikaans and made as though I did not understand her… I was called a “f….ing foreigner” as I walked away… love the city.. and would love to go back one day just to see more… I think if one wants to see everything you need a years holiday there…. we stayed in a hotel in Manhattan and they say that city never sleeps, I can attest to that…

  28. Fun. And too funny, as always. Why don’t I read you every day? Fractured cognition. Maybe the Mad Cow.

  29. Oops, I hit post too soon. Have a blast while you’re there. I’ll keep an eye on the sky for you.

  30. I grew up going into “the City” most weekends. I haven’t been back in 35 years. I need more sky than I get in NYC!

  31. I love N.Y. Enjoy the show Thursday and all the commotion there. And, grrrrrrrreat food! 🙂

  32. Lorna please take time with Phil…A date night. Go out to eat see the show .
    Please see the art mus. and take pictures.. Lisa would love them. As for the people yes there are lots of em. Use your street smarts and be careful.

  33. Lorna, Lorna, Lorna! How many times have I told you? Stripes are not a good look for you.

  34. Well, Casey, I’m on the 14th floor of a very nice hotel and I can hear all the traffic noise. I wonder just how far one would have to rise to get above all this urban chaos? And while I’m on the streets I keep looking for famous people, but no luck. Although I saw a man I swear looked like Tom Cruise with really long hair. Maybe he was a Tom Cruise impersonator… 😉

  35. Welcome to my neck of the woods!!! I am on a stay-cation myself. Only, I am leaving the Times Square masses out of it. I am journeying across the Brooklyn Bridge on foot to mingle with the tourists and take pics. Sounds like you are having an interesting time:)

  36. I’ll be sure to report on The Book of Mormon. It won lots of Tony Awards and I hear it’s the best show in on Broadway. Very funny–and you know that’s right up my alley! 🙂

  37. Not a chance! I’m a country girl through and through! 🙂

  38. Ah New York, never a dull moment. Your picture seem to blend in, just don’t get converted, ok?

  39. cannot wait for update… enjoy your trip. 😉

  40. I’m not highly sensitive, nor am I blonde, however, I’m quite sure my response to the Big Apple would be similar to yours. In fact, unlike my misspent youth, when I really wanted to get to NYC, I’ve no desire to go–well, unless I was as rich as Warren Buffet and could rise above the turmoil.

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