It's time again for my agent (a comely, multi-talented, and  athletic woman) to share with you more good news about my memoir.

It’s time again for my agent (a comely, multi-talented, and athletic woman) to share with you more good news about my memoir.

If you missed the first round of fandabidoozle reviews that my memoir, How Was I Supposed to Know? The Adventures of a Girl Whose Name Means Lost, got, click here. You’ll get to read some great reviews and learn why I have such a hard time with self promotion.

That’s why I decided to hire an agent.

But I have a “cash flow” issue. You know the one: the cash flows away but not toward you… So I can’t hire an actual professional agent. Heck, I can’t hire anyone.

The best I can do is pretend that I’m my own agent, and that I’m doing this Lorna person a favor by working for her pro bono because I read her book and I think it’s a winner. Hey, I like to hitch my wagon to a winner. Even if she is a bit long in the tooth and slow out of the gate.

Don't worry! Once she hits the ground, there's no stopping her.

Don’t worry! Once she hits the ground, there’s no stopping her.

More lovely things readers said about my memoir.

From Ann Tracy, Ph.D., author: “How Was I Supposed to Know? arrives at freedom and well deserved enlightenment, as the author learns from Buddhism the difference between giving up and letting go. Reading this section, I too was enlightened, for I had felt something baffling in the tone of her detachment from her earlier selves. I remembered then, in a student’s long ago essay, a Buddhist summer camp song whose refrain must now be approximate: “Pain, loss, and misery–hahaha.” Lorna Lee has given us the book version.” For her full review published in an online and print magazine, click here.

From a regular blog follower: “It was superb. She drew me through the chapters of her life with such skill that I forgot I was reading and, in my world, that’s the highest praise a reader can give an author. It’s an emotional read. I didn’t know from one page to the next, if I would be laughing or crying but nothing could stop me from turning those pages. She courageously and honestly shares her struggle with alcoholism, divorce,and a multitude of health problems, but she never gave up and that’s the true beauty of her story. I would recommend it to anyone.”

From Elyse: “Lorna Lee’s engaging memoir How Was I Supposed to Know? The Adventures of a Girl Whose Name Means Lost gives us the story of a woman who has fought her demons and came out laughing. How can alcoholism, suicide and illness be funny? Pick up Lee’s engaging memoir to find out!”

From M.J. Scheibl: “This memoir held some universal ‘oh, I’ve been there too’ moments. It was never boring. This most enjoyable read suggests to me that her memories of being struck by lightning–twice–and surviving, made her a great writer. She also writes about her striving to be “perfect” so she wouldn’t be invisible. She couldn’t be. Her vibrant personality shines through each memory. Ms. Lee admits to failing at “perfect,” but she wrote a perfectly delightful memoir.”

From Lorna J. Marx: “I purchased this book because I share the same first name with the author and she is from the area in which I live but was surprised and delighted to find that it was a really good read. It read like a good novel while revealing the life struggles of an autobiography that many female readers will relate to. The author uses humor to it’s best.”

From Janet Geldert: “I enjoyed this book immensely. I found it hard to put down and was constantly wondering what would happen next. I love Lorna’s humor and positive attitude. She’s very insightful and openly honest in her description of her emotions. She has lead an amazing life and writes wonderfully about it. I highly recommend this book! I can’t wait to read her next book.”

From ADK Ed: “My Wife suggested reading this book and I read the description of the book and told my wife this book is for women. She insisted it was well written and I would enjoy it. Since my wife is always right and I love to read, I gave it a try. Lorna’s life is a wild ride that she conveys in wonderful prose. The book is a page turner describing an extremely colorful and tumultuous life filled with equal parts humor and heartache. Reading such an honest description helped me understand that it’s OK to have made mistakes and to cut myself some slack while replaying my own life. My wife strongly recommends this book and I second that opinion.”

From Moby’s Mom: “I love a book that makes me laugh. Lorna’s wit and observations of her life spoke to me. Everyone goes through stuff, it is how you handle it along the way that makes a person-remarkable. This book was a fast read-I had to know what was going to happen next. There were surprises along the way-just like life. I highly recommend this trip down memory lane.”

From Ruth Moore: “Disclaimer: Lorna and I are family members. Having said so, Lorna writes in such a way that I feel as if I am with her on her journey through life. You will, too. I love Lorna’s wit and insights! She writes in such a way that the reader learns about themselves while learning about Lorna. Kudos, Lorna!!!”

From Linda Larrabee: “This book is funny and keeps you reading! Very enjoyable, entertaining. I started reading it and had to force myself to get back to work.”

From Pete: “I was amazed how this author could weave her story in and out of pain, humor, and discovery. Lorna has an outlook on life that we all can learn from to improve our lives. This woman bounces back from everything that life throws at her and her life. I like how she keeps it positive and always looks at the bright side. I think what makes this book a fantastic read is her marvelous writing style. I found myself not wanting to put the book down just so I could find out what happens in the next chapter. I was surprised at how she was able to craft a suspenseful memoir. Well done Lorna, can’t wait for the next book.”

Thank you to everyone who has supported me by buying, reading and reviewing my book. My Agent feels the very same way.

I'll share more reviews as they come in. That's assuming more come in. I keep looking for them.

I’ll share more reviews as they come in. That’s assuming more come in. I keep looking for them.