Hey, I tried.

How can you resist a pooch like this?

How can you resist a pooch like this?

Scrappy is really special to me and I was trying to do something nice for him. For Easter.

I know that sounds strange on lots of levels:

  1. He’s a dog.
  2. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any particular religious affiliation.
  3. If he saw an Easter Bunny, he’d rather hunt it down and …, well, let’s just say neighborhood kids would be very disappointed.
  4. I don’t like holidays of any kind, secular or religious because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and holiday gatherings are the equivalent to sending me into friendly fire.
What? Another holiday get-together? I thought we just had one...oh. That was a birthday thing. Shizzle.

What? Another holiday get-together? I thought we just had one…oh. That was a birthday thing. Shizzle.

So why did I do it? (I’ll tell you what “it” is in a minute. Patience, People. It’s not like you have a life. I mean, you’re reading blog posts on the weekend…)

Because I care. I want Scrappy to live a long time and to be happy for at least most of that time. Sometimes he gets in a mood and there’s nothing I can do about it. Terriers. It’s just the way they roll.

Put the blasted camera down and leave me alone. I'm serious. They called me "Scrappy" for a reason.

Put the blasted camera down and leave me alone. I’m serious. They called me “Scrappy” for a reason.

So, anyway, I bought him these organic, expensive, gourmet, expensive, all natural, did I mention expensive, “home-baked” dog treats. They were marketed as good for his digestion, skin, coat, teeth, breath, and chances for finding true love on e-Harmony.

With great anticipation, I treated him to one of these special, expensive delicacies last night. You can see for yourself the results.

Oh well, he seems to love the crap he finds on the ground (that would be both of the literal and figurative variety) . And that’s free! Maybe I’ll just take him for an extra long walk and look the other way.

Happy Easter!

~ by Lorna's Voice on March 30, 2013.

29 Responses to “Hey, I tried.”

  1. Thanks!

  2. Smart man! (and cute!)

  3. He is quite adorable, but not so polite. He rejected them completely. I ended up giving the bag to my sister who has two dogs. They loved them! 🙂

  4. adoarable and cute … he has discriminating taste … and … so well mannered, he saving them for later.

  5. Scrappy the star – what a looker he is, and his facial expressions say it all. Loved this. Thank you for sharing it. And the award goes to Scrappy!

  6. 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting–really appreciate it! I know to give him the soft chewy kind. No more treats that are good for his teeth! 😉

  8. Same to you, Gerry!

  9. Wasn’t that funny! Now my Scrappy is immortalized on You Tube! I wish I could say the same for all my other fine companions over the years.

  10. Yeah, don’t I know it!

  11. Thanks, Paulette! 🙂

  12. I agree! I can’t get over how cute he is and I’ve lived with the bugger for over 8 years!

  13. There’s a reason to love terriers–they’re just so friggin’ cute!

  14. Ohhhh, I wuv him. He’s adorable. He’s got the same expression on his face in that second photo as yours. Waz up with that? Big hugs to you, him, and your hubs.

  15. Whoa – Scrappy is a polite taste tester. But if looks could kill, ….

  16. Well, Scrappy knows what he likes. I know I do the same thing with gourmet Swiss chocolate. Not. Your Scrappy is adorable!

  17. happy easter to you and family….;)

  18. Way too cute! We would give treats to our dog on holidays too. He loved it. Good luck on the next treat purchase.

  19. My Cooper only gets excited about those, too. He lives for them.

  20. I knew he wouldn’t eat them, because I tried giving him one before I filmed this and he promptly spit it out–that’s when I did my laughing! So I decided to film him. I had know idea he would stock pile them and hold them in his mouth like that. He’s such a funny character.

  21. Absolutely! They have companions like us, Casey. How else would they be but high-brow and discriminating? 😉

  22. That’s probably true for me, Vanessa, but I first tried giving him a treat before any camera was rolling. He just pit it right out. I laughed so hard! That’s what gave me the idea to film him. I had no idea he would do any of this other stuff. 😉

  23. Yup. He proved that. He likes the soft, chewy treats. You should see how he perks up for the expensive Milo’s Kitchen “Meatballs”!

  24. He was so funny. The first time I gave him one, he promptly spit it out. That’s when I knew I had to try and catch him on film. I had no idea he would do all of what he did. That boy is a ham! 🙂

  25. Looks like Scrappy’s career as a taste tester is somewhat limited. You however, have a very bright future as a film producer and director.

  26. Poor Scrappy. No kids like the healthy stuff …

  27. You know, maybe he was just being camera shy. I’ve heard that if someone tries to feed you some tasty treats Lorna while a camera is right in your face, you turn away and refuse to eat them too.

  28. Scrappy and my Oreo have the same talents in refusing healthy treats. I’ve wasted more money on them. Discriminating puppies?

  29. Oh how the doggy enjoyed those treats… I can’t stop laughing… give the dog a bone… I still can’t stop laughing… were you expecting something different.???

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