I just wanted you to know I posted my Sunday Post gig over at Legends Undying.

I thought you Aspiring Writers might be particularly interested in this post. Why? Well, of course it is so mind-bogglingly well-written that it could serve as an example for your future mind-bogglingly written posts. But mostly because it contains information about a great writing competition that I’m entering and that I think every aspiring writer should know about.
So if you have aspirations to be a writer, you might want to hop on over there. Just be prepared to be mind-boggled. It’s only fair. I live that way all the time.

Happy Sunday!

Legendary Post

What does every writer want? Heck if I know! It’s like asking what does every dog want. Oh. never mind. I think I know the answer to that question.

Anywho. We writers may have as many reasons for writing as we do drafts of unfinished someday sure-fire best-sellers, but I think it’s a safe enough guess that most writers would love to have at least one of the following:

  1. recognition for your work from someone other than your family, friends, and cat, dog or bird–all  who think your work is super-duper.
  2. to see your name in print other than on bills.
  3. to have your words read by an audience wider than the aforementioned supportive circle of two and four-legged cheerleaders.
  4. to have your name recognized in literary circles, and I don’t mean the book club you started comprised of the aforementioned supportive circle of two and four-legged cheerleaders.
  5. to have you…

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