A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

Daily Prompt: Cliché

by michelle w. on February 25, 2013

Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

I'm thinking I might get one one these. Sure, I'll get gas-mask hair, but at least my lungs will be safe from all the crap in the air. It's a freaking danger zone out there, People!

I’m thinking I might get one these. Sure, I’ll have gas-mask hair, but at least my lungs will be safe from all the crap in the air. It’s a freaking danger zone out there, People!

This old adage means “it’s better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing.” I couldn’t agree more.


Because I’m what you’d call risk-averse. While I’m socially liberal, I’m personally and economically conservative. That is to say, I’m conservative when in comes to my safety and my money. And that puts me with about half of the population when it comes to money at least. Only 10-15% of the general population are willing to take risks with their life, like jumping out of airplanes (with our without a parachute), running with the bulls in Pamplona, or eating fast food seven days a week.

Eating that thing fast has got to be dangerous on so many levels.

Eating that thing fast has to be dangerous on so many levels.


Just this weekend I was standing in line at my local pharmacy (where else, eh?) and the man ahead of me purchased $15 worth of lottery tickets. The woman ahead of him was checking a stack of lottery tickets she had already purchased. It looked as if she was a dealer at a Black Jack table. Except she wasn’t dressed in a tux. She was in a sweat-suit.

Maybe she would fit in at a casino. How would I know. I don't go to casinos either.

Maybe she would fit in at a casino. How would I know. I don’t go to casinos either.

Me? I purchased my various personal care items (never mind what they were) and skipped the lottery tickets.

I don’t gamble. Will I ever hit the big jackpot? Absolutely not!  And that’s fine by me. I’ll keep my dollars in my hand and not risk them for the chance at the big payoff.

I hear that even those “lucky winners” end up being miserable a lot of the time.

Yeah. This is what it's come down to. I got "family" and "friends" I ain't never even heard of wantin' money from me. So I gotta go, shall we, say, incognito for the rest of my freaking life.

Yeah. Dis is what it’s come down ta. I got “family” an “friends” I ain’t never even heard of wantin’ money from me. So I gotta go, shall we, say, incognito for the rest of my freaking life.

~ by Lorna's Voice on February 25, 2013.

32 Responses to “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush”

  1. At least I run with a great crowd! 🙂

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  3. You got me there!

  4. Liar Liar Pants on Fire… You did take a risk. Your published memoir was a risk, exposing you to the world. The dream came true-a risk was taken. 🙂

  5. What can I say? I swore an oath! 😉 Oh gee, that was way too pithy…

  6. Yeah, right! Famous last words…

  7. lol, oh gawd I love ya! lol

  8. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  9. I can understand that. A dream is worth a $1. 🙂

  10. Me too! Not a day trader, but someone who was very willing to take risks with our money. It was very stressful, especially when he kept saying, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Yeah, right!

  11. Thanks. I thought I’d start doing this daily prompt thing to get my writer’s mind going. I’m starting another book and need to get creative!

  12. Yes, as a sociologist, I am sworn to writing long and laborious pieces on nonsense. It’s part of out code of professional conduct! 😉

  13. My father was from a very poor family in England. As a boy he saved his earnings at odd jobs and came to America where he put his money in the bank. That was 1929. He lost ever penny in the Great Depression. After that he was very risk allergic which has impacted my outlook. His mantra was pretty much what you just wrote here (well not as long, lol). Paulette

  14. I like your take on this Lorna. 🙂

  15. I’m not a gambler either…I like a sense of security….as much as I can manage within my circumstances. It’s interesting how I ended up being married (now ex) to one of the most risky gamblers on the planet…day trader! Just about put me in my grave…

  16. I buy lottery tickets, even though I completely believe in what Frannie Liebowitz said: “I think my chances of winning the lottery are the same whether I buy a ticket or not.”

    My husband hates his job — so I spend a dollar a week on a dream.

  17. I don’t buy anything regularly except staples. But I do sometimes ‘splurge’ on a lottery ticket or go to the casino with $20. After all, you can win on a $1 or $2 ticket or the first time you put money into a slot machine. Fun for some, not for others! Liked your post and your followers’ comments.

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  19. Good for you! I tried the slots once and got so bored I couldn’t wait to lose all the money just so I could leave! I really am not a gambler!!

  20. I’m not a lottery player but I’m a sucker for the casino. However, I don’t go to the casino hoping to come home rich. I take as much as I can loose. The fun of it lies in the hysterical slot machines they have now. If I can make my little money last for hours of entertainment there (which I always do) then I’ve completed my mission. If I come home with more money than I left with, all the better!

  21. Blame it on the slow recovery, Al. I’ve had a tough month!

  22. How low can you go? Using Scrappy to get to me. The check is in the mail.

  23. I think that kind of instant anything complicates life. And my life needs to be simple. I’ve had enough complications to last a lifetime, don’t you think? 😉

  24. Al, my dearest Pal. Scrappy could sure use a new car…

  25. I think there is a difference between a calculated risk and setting the bird in your hand free just to go after what you think may be two birds in a brier patch. Good luck with your computer program (although luck has little to do with such investments, I know).

  26. Well, good luck to you then! I promise not be one of those “friends” who hits you up for some of your winnings when you make your fortune. 🙂

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  28. I do the lottery here in the Uk, and yes mostly it seems to make people unhappy,, but me well i would like to experience it..I am often in a pharmacy queue,, very interesting…)

  29. I’m happy with what I’ve got… can’t afford a lottery ticket.. it would mean giving up a chocolate… not on… not much of a risk taker, although I’ve invested a fair amount into our computer program, but then I’m convinced it is going to pay me back and then some…

  30. Couldn’t agree more! (scratch, scratch). What a waste of time and money! (rub, rub). How gullible can peop……. wait, what’s this….Yes!…I’ve won a million dollars! Lorna who?

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  32. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of programs on TV about lottery winners and I certainly wouldn’t say they are deleriously happy in the main! A lot of the time they find themselves quite isolated – the wealthy people don’t really accept them as one of them because they feel that they haven’t earned their money, and the poorer people they used to mix with can often turn out to be jealous and turn against them, and they find it hard to make new friends because they don’t know whether to trust if people like them for them or their money, so they’re in a kind of no-mans-land. The only time they are comfortable is when they are with other lottery winners, so they have get-togethers and stuff. It’s different here in the UK of course because we get given the whole lot in one go, so people litterally get millions handed over all at once. It’s too much for people to deal with. Having said all that, I do do the lottery myself! 🙂

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