Legendary Post

Whew! It’s December 23rd and I’m still here. I’m guessing you are, too.

Don’t you hate it when you put all your eggs in those apocalyptical predictions that came from ancient dead people who might have been chummy with undocumented aliens of the Star Trek variety? And those predictions seem so credible because ancient-looking live people with doctorates in weird stuff like archaeology, astronomy, and cosmetology, um, oops, cosmology make documentaries for the History Channel that show why the world was going kaput! on 12/21/12. Those same ancient-looking experts will soon be appearing to use the same theories to explain why we were kaput-less. They may be stroking their beards a bit more this time, though–even the women.

Anyway, we’re all still here. I hope that none of you did anything rash, thinking that 12/21/12 was going to be “IT.” Like buying that expensive, sexy gas-guzzling car you always wanted instead of driving…

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