And this is me on a good day.

Have you ever had one of those “Duh!” moments, days, weeks, months, or years?

Well I almost forgot to tell you that I posted a possibly life-changing post over at Legends Undying today. (I’m a regular Sunday Contributing Author over there.)

By “life-changing,” I mean that I discovered something that could very well change someone’s life. Or not. That’s why I said “possibly.”

See? Someone’s life is going to change…but whose?

But you have to go over there and read all about it. Hint: if you’re having trouble remembering why you are reading this post or figuring out what it’s supposed to be about, you HAVE TO go over there and read about what I’ve discovered. I may have to pop over there myself, because, frankly, I’m having some difficulty following this.

Marge, you said Lorna’s Voice was a good blog to follow. You know I’m new to this blogging stuff. And look what this Lorna fellow has me doing. I’ve got to go to this other blog to read about something I thought I came here to read about. This is more confusing that picking a Medicare supplement plan. I think I’m going to stick with Facebook.