That’s me at Cannon Beach on the Pacific Ocean. The Northwest made me very happy. But I guess you can see that.

Hiya! Remember me? After a marvalious trip across this great big country of mine, I’m back at home. My trip left me:

  1. Convinced that I will someday live among the natives of the Northwest.

    We here in the Northwest use our pointer sticks to indicate where a fine woman such as yourself can alter your garment to accentuate your, um, shall we say, assets? You’ll find all of us around here helpful like that.

  2. Reassured me that Philip and I are truly compatible. We shared a room the size of a walk-in closet for a week and never once got on each other’s nerves. The hotel room was what you’d call “quaint” and our love is what you’d call “spacious and with room for a pony” (not that we needed one).

    Okay, so I’m exaggerating. The room had higher ceilings and there were definitely not that many women in our room–at least not while I was in there.

  3. Time to read and edit my book once more. Of course I found about a thousand things to change.

    I told you the hotel was “quaint.” I got so distracted with the quills that I got ink in places that even I found it hard to explain.

  4. Exhausted from the travel. Let’s just say I’m feeling my Chronic Fatigue.

    Yeah. This about sums it up. I have all the life of this statue. All the cleverness, too.

So I arrive back home and realize that this is the week of Thanksgiving! See, I’m not a planner, so I don’t have a watch and I don’t have a Β live by the calendar. It’s a wonder I show up for doctors’ appointments on time.

Anyway, I have an old (well, she’s younger than me, so she’s not old, just a long-time) friend whose visiting me from out of town for the holiday weekend. Surprise! I knew she was coming for Thanksgiving, I just didn’t know it was this week. You’d think she would have warned me…

What? It’s Thanksgiving already? What month is it, anyway? Oh, the month you’re coming to stay at my place for the holiday. Great!

I bet you’re wondering what the good and other news is, right?

Other News

I’ll be kind of scarce around here because of my general lack of spunk and coherent brain activity. The trip was great but took a lot out of me.

Also, since my friend will be visiting, it would be kind of rude to have my face in my laptop the whole time she was here. Heck, you’re going to be busy with your own holidays, right? Oh. Not all of you are American. Well, come on and join us in celebrating a day of genuine thanks for all that we have (Thanksgiving) and all that we want (the buying frenzy that starts right after the eating frenzy stops).

Uh, yeah, sure. I’m ready to stand in line at Best Buy. I gotta have that new iSomething. But can I finish this chocolate pudding or gravy? Whatever it is, it’s hitting the spot.

Also, if this book is ever going to get off of my computer and into your e-readers or your hands, I have to put the final touches on it.

Good News (I always like to end on a positive note)

While in Portland I saw this sign. Some of you may be a little freaked out by it, but I took it as a very good sign. At least a very funny sign.

Eat, drink, be merry, People. The Hereafter is closed. I think that means that The Grim Reaper is unemployed, too. Death is out of business at least for now.

I’ll do my best to catch up with you when I can. In the meantime, be grateful for the gifts each and every day brings to you and your loved ones. You never know when the Hereafter might reopen for business…