There’s something more going on here than jiggling his way to a slimmer him. I know his front side looks like his back side, but he’s having more fun on this machine than he’s allowed to have.

Has your current weight loss plan left you feeling depressed, deprived and heavier than when you started?

Are you miffed by the constant reassurances that muscle weighs more than fat?

Are you tired of watching fitness videos in your living room while you sit on your couch wondering why you don’t look like those peppy, happy, slender freaks?

I hate these people. They don’t even look real.

Well, stop fretting. I have found an exercise program that isΒ guaranteedΒ to:

  1. Buy a ticket to Paris, France so you can’t afford the high calorie crap you sneak when you think no one is looking.
  2. Get you off your butt once you get to Paris because you know they’ve got something magic going on over there, what with all the chocolate, bread and cheese those stick-people eat.
  3. Laugh, which tightens at least some important muscles somewhere (hopefully in your body), which offsets any wrinkles you’ll risk getting around your facial area.

All you have to do is watch this video. How simple is that? You are very welcome!

Why doesn’t my Wellness Center have something like this?