Whew, that was close!

If you live in the Northeast, you were told to get ready for a wallop from Sandy. She was one ginormous storm who took her time to make an entrance. And from what I can tell, the coastal areas and states inland to the west felt her wrath.

My thoughts and prayers (Buddhist though they are) go out to every soul whose life was topsy-turvied by wind, rain, and ocean surge and the aftermath of all that turmoil.

Up here in New York near the Canadian border, we dodged a bullet. Sandy had a nervous break down or something. She kind of fell apart, which is great news for us. Yes, some trees fell due to hefty wind gusts, but the rain was minimal and so are power outages. Basically it’s breezy and we may have intermittent rain showers and expect the same through the weekend.

All is well in Lorna Land. We’re minus lots of leaves on our trees, but that was going to happen anyway.

I know life isn’t going to be back to normal for millions of people for quite some time, but this “October Surprise,” like all other surprises, will soon enough be history and life will settle back into a new normal…until the next surprise. That’s life. We’ve had lots of earthquake activity around here lately, so you just never know.

Bob, either we better alert the local authorities about all this seismic activity or you have to stop lying about where you were last night.

Speaking of “just never knowing”… Why don’t you hop on over to Phil’s blog, Random Thoughts and check out the post, Bewitched, that I put up today. You will find out something very surprising about me. And it’s true.

What’s true? Well, the thing I reveal and that you’ll be surprised. It’s a double dipped truth fest over there! Have fun (if you have electricity, that is).