I Dodged a Bullet Named Sandy

Whew, that was close!

If you live in the Northeast, you were told to get ready for a wallop from Sandy. She was one ginormous storm who took her time to make an entrance. And from what I can tell, the coastal areas and states inland to the west felt her wrath.

My thoughts and prayers (Buddhist though they are) go out to every soul whose life was topsy-turvied by wind, rain, and ocean surge and the aftermath of all that turmoil.

Up here in New York near the Canadian border, we dodged a bullet. Sandy had a nervous break down or something. She kind of fell apart, which is great news for us. Yes, some trees fell due to hefty wind gusts, but the rain was minimal and so are power outages. Basically it’s breezy and we may have intermittent rain showers and expect the same through the weekend.

All is well in Lorna Land. We’re minus lots of leaves on our trees, but that was going to happen anyway.

I know life isn’t going to be back to normal for millions of people for quite some time, but this “October Surprise,” like all other surprises, will soon enough be history and life will settle back into a new normal…until the next surprise. That’s life. We’ve had lots of earthquake activity around here lately, so you just never know.

Bob, either we better alert the local authorities about all this seismic activity or you have to stop lying about where you were last night.

Speaking of “just never knowing”… Why don’t you hop on over to Phil’s blog, Random Thoughts and check out the post, Bewitched, that I put up today. You will find out something very surprising about me. And it’s true.

What’s true? Well, the thing I reveal and that you’ll be surprised. It’s a double dipped truth fest over there! Have fun (if you have electricity, that is).

~ by Lorna's Voice on October 30, 2012.

25 Responses to “I Dodged a Bullet Named Sandy”

  1. Yes, Scrappy is sensitive to storms. He hates thunder and hard rain/wind. He gets ants in his pants when the atmosphere changes dramatically. He’s better than most weather forecasters!

  2. I’m relieved to hear you’re fine Lorna. I dunno, but does this count as a near death kind of situation? Does Scrappy go barking mad or something, because I hear dogs are real sensitive to storms … you know, that might be earthquakes …

  3. So true. Namaste to you, Izzy.

  4. Glas Sandy went by and spared everyone where you were. It doesn’t look like some of the others got away that easily. We didn’t get anything except high winds. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

  5. Good for you! The coastal areas really got hammered. And directly west of the NJ shore area, too. But the effects will be long lasting–Billions of dollars that we don’t have to restore things back to “normal” (whatever that is anymore…

    Glad you’re safe and sound!

  6. We were in Gaithersburg MD when the storm hit and dodged the bullet, too. Lotta rains, high winds, cancelled flights and everything shut down, but we still managed to get back to Phoenix by Tuesday night. My heart goes out to those who lost so much. I’m grateful to live where our biggest threats are high temperatures and roving haboobs.

  7. I hadn’t thought about the far reaching effects of this storm on so many people due to travel. It was a wing-dinger by the coast. Up here, not so much.

  8. We’ve been watching the news for the last 24 hours and it was a pretty awful storm. So very sad for so many people.
    We’re feeling the effects in Western Canada due to dozens of flights being cancelled.

  9. Amazing isn’t it?

  10. Have fun!

  11. It’s hard to be two places at once…even for me!

  12. I’m sorry that you worried over me (us), U. That’s why I posted that all was well with me. You’re sweet and don’t try to tell me otherwise. 😉

  13. I hope you are as fortunate as I was.

  14. I know. I’ve been watching the news. It’s awful. We were very lucky.

  15. Glad to know you’re fine and still have power. Other friends aren’t so lucky. Off to visit Phil.

  16. Glad you’re safe, Lorna. My thoughts and prayers have been with everyone affected.

  17. We are awaiting winds and rain from Sandy. the husband said just 30 miles to the east they are getting hit. Glad to hear you are safe.

  18. That’s it, Lorna. It’s the last time I worry about any of you.

    I normally don’t watch TV news but worried sick about you and (our) Phil I checked in every hour. Not that I wanted either of you to drown to make it worth my while. This morning I slinked into the newsagent to get the paper and I didn’t mention our own little pathetic breeze once. Hats might fly off, umbrellas be turned inside out – but that hardly competes with New York drowning, does it?


  19. I read it over there! I commented over there! It’s still awaiting moderation though…tap, tap, tap…

  20. Glad you’re safe Lorna. Popping over to the other blog now 🙂

  21. Glad things went well for you up there! We’re to the west of Sandy and feeling the power of her wind..two large trees broken in half so far….

  22. Yup! I’m glad I didn’t go all “End of the World” like a lot of people did. What are some of these people going to do with all that bread and milk? Maybe we’ll get an earthquake and they’ll be happy!

  23. Yeah, here too and we were so far away from the storm. I think the weather people up here were actually disappointed that it wasn’t more disastrous. Imagine that!

  24. We survived the assault last night, when Sandy swept by about 50 miles to the North of us. Winds were awesome and the rain was heavy, but all in all, other than a lot of debris, my neighborhood held on and never lost power, even though we had a few momentary blinks. There are a number without power, and the coastal resort town of Ocean City Maryland got hammered pretty hard, and those are the folks I hope can get back on their feet rather quickly. For me, it’s more of a mop up operation.

    I will say the newscasts became rather annoying last night. All shows were preempted with special reports of the storm, minute by minute, with all weather people mobilized and dressed in rain gear standing outside all around the state to tell us incessantly that it was raining quite hard, and the wind was blowing quite strongly. Imagine that – hard rain and strong winds in a hurricane! Sheesh! 24 hours of preemptive programming in order to get the message…

  25. Ok so the little girl called Sandy didn’t get to you… that’s good news…

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