This is either a chart showing voter turnout rates,  or it’s a chart of my heart rate after I saw the lackluster participation in my most recent attempt at polling. Either way, it’s confusing so it must be an accurate chart.


Don’t worry, this isn’t another one of those annoying informative Public Information Pains Campaigns about voter apathy or your civic duty to vote unless you are:

  1. in prison for something you did or didn’t do.
  2. 17 or younger but still know everything.
  3. not a citizen even if you can speak better English than your (wink, wink) “friend” who pays you to do crap jobs.

There are enough totally legitimate sources of information like, um, er, ah… Well, Start with Google. You can’t go wrong if you start with Google. If you end with Google, you could go wrong, though.

I’ll say this one more time. Blogs are not acceptable academic resources for your term papers on voting behavior. Yes, I know some of them have polls, but they are not scientific. Trust me.


These “real” sources should guilt convince guilt you into voting in the upcoming elections. Yes. There are elections coming up in a state and country near you. Maybe even if you’re not in America, but definitely if you’re in America. Even if you live in a state other than Ohio.

But I’m not talking about voting in THE elections, people. It’s me, here. I don’t “do” controversial political serious. I “do” important things like ask questions that bloggers don’t care dare to ask.

Why don’t you vote when I any blogger takes the time and effort to create a poll?

Don’t deny it. Don’t tell me that you vote “every once in a while.” That doesn’t cut the ballot-casting mustard, Excusie-Pants. If I any blogger creates a poll, the least you could do is pick an option and click. If you’re like most voters deciding on propositions, you don’t read the whole thing anyway. You read a couple of lines, get the gist of it and vote. Give me us the same courtesy, would you?

Sheesh! I just cleared my inbox. And look at all these new posts. Don’t these bloggers have a life? I do. I have naps to take, humans to ignore, kitty litter to spread around the house. The list is endless–just like these new blog posts. And some of them even want me to vote on shizzle cracker polls. I scratch polls people. I don’t take them.

Why am I so adamant about this topic? Glad I asked.

I recently posted about getting propositioned for cyber sex by a creepster on Goodreads, who was booted off Goodreads, by the way. I asked in that post what I should do. I got about 120 hits on that post. 18 people “liked” it. About 20 people commented.

But only 8 people voted on what I should do.

I don’t have the volition energy to compare the “likes” with the “comments” to calculate a precise figure, so an estimate will have to do, which seems fine for most people anyway.

I calculated my voter turnout. Don’t worry about the math; I don’t have the energy need to explain it.  28.6%. Yup, that’s lower than the voter turnout in the Ivory Coast (where piracy is a booming business).

Not bad for a pirate, but do you think most pirates have such a fine disposition and superior dental health?

What really hurts is that I said my writing future depended on your vote.

What am I to make of this?

So, you realize you can vote, right?

Myrtle votes very chance she can just for the thrill it gives her to come out of her shell and make her voice heard. Don’t you want some of what Myrtle’s feeling?

You can vote here AND, once you get the hang of it, try it on Tuesday November 6 if you are in America and eligible to vote. If not, I just may put up another poll that day so you won’t feel left out of the excitement or if you don’t live in Ohio.