Lighting up the Blog-o-sphere one flicker at a time, 9/13/12

Welcome back to this weekly (as opposed to weakly) attempt to “Occupy the Blog-o-Sphere” each Thursday. I offer this hopefully uplifting message to brighten your day and bring something buoyant into your life. As you move through your day with a renewed outlook, may you pass it along.

I don’t know about you, but, I’ve felt a little tired lately.  That’s not entirely true.  I’m exhausted.  Don’t know why.  Doesn’t matter.  All I know is that I’m lucky to have a really great friend and companion who reminds me what to do when I need a break.  

I call this photograph: “Give it a Rest”

Scrappy has it all figured out.  Maybe it’s time for our pets to teach us a few tricks…

Just for today, give yourself the gift of a break from whatever is exhausting you.  Don’t worry.  I’m sure it will be there tomorrow.  And who knows?  Skipping a day of whatever is depleting you of energy or joy may change everything.  Not convinced?  Sleep on it!

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~ by Lorna's Voice on September 13, 2012.

38 Responses to “Lighting up the Blog-o-sphere one flicker at a time, 9/13/12”

  1. I know the feeling have having a slew of posts to catch up on–that’s part of what is making me so tired. And I’m now working with a professional editor to get my book in publish-worthy shape. I don’t know how bloggers who have a job and family obligations do it…

  2. I’m kinda partial to the old boy, myself! Thanks!

  3. I like Scrappy.

  4. Just catching up with your post – boy did I need to read this today.

  5. At least I remember the disco part… 😉

  6. The 70s seem like one of the best decades, people just seem to be too uptight and serious nowadays but back then it’s all about disco and vista cruisers haha.

  7. Well, I guess “giving it a rest” can be taken too far… I shudder the think of myself in the 70s. Oh wait, I was drunk for a lot of that decade, so I can’t remember much but Disco, mirror balls and Black Russians. I didn’t have a car (good thing). Good times, I think… 😉

  8. I meant to take a nap today. I really did…I’m good at doling out advice; not so good at following it…

  9. I think you may be right. How’d you get so smart?

  10. Oh, sorry to hear about your golden. That is the truly worst part of having a great pal like Scrappy. Someday he won’t be on the couch or doing some silly thing to make me smile. I’ll have to rely on my memories and pictures like this one. And neither will be as soft and cuddly as he is…

  11. I love it when we’re on the same wave length. And you’re not the only one who loves the Scrapmeister. I’m told he’s the cutest dog in my condo complex by several other dog owners. I hoped that their dogs didn’t hear them tell me that! 🙂

  12. Good for you! Now the trick will be not to forget to take care of yourself once you are officially recovered… 😉

  13. Love this, Lorna….yes, just taking a break sometimes can really revitalize you…I’m all for doing this. I love a good nap! xoxo

  14. Ugh I’ve been like that dog all day today, I don’t even do anything to be tired apart from having nothing to do. My cars broken (again) so I can’t go anywhere, my friends are at work so I can’t do anything, so I’ve just been in bed watching That 70s Show all day. Which isn’t a bad thing until you fall asleep and start dreaming about yourself in the 70s =/

  15. You are so right – everything will be waiting. I am enjoying a rest period as my energy levels are restored. After my surgery, I napped every time my dog napped – it was quite the life!!

  16. Now this is just getting weird…Max and I have been taking a break every afternoon this week…sometimes even Zero joins us….p.s….I’m in love with Scrappy…just sayin’.

  17. I love the picture of Scrappy. My girls had a golden retriever and, in many ways, he was the heart of the amily and is sadly missed

  18. Life is full of challenges, Lorna. May this be your most challenging of challenges!

  19. Yip, Yip, Fur-ray!! (Scrappy taught some doggy cheers, too!)

  20. Hey, I was just channeling Scrappy. Who am I to argue with the wisdom of the ages and puppy-dog sages? 😉

  21. A bit edgy, eh? Take a deep breath and, remember, if you let go of your angst for just a little while, the source of your stress will still be there. For some reason, lots of people find that notion comforting…

  22. Maybe tonight? I hope you get some sleep, Diana. I know all about insomnia and it’s a drag (figuratively and literally).

  23. He’s a special little guy, no argument from me on that one! Thanks, Izzy!

  24. Feel free to use Scrappy as the Poster Dog for slowing it down! 🙂

  25. If only I could take my one advice…I’ve been meaning to take a shower and just relax all day. Hasn’t happened yet… 😐

  26. I think he’s working on that now. I hear him snooze-thinking right now! 🙂

  27. I just saw and commented on your blog. No I don’t hate you. But what will I do when I get my real Booker? It will be so anti-climatic… 😉

  28. I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling it…

  29. My husband and I were talking about that last night…it seems like our energy is at an all-time low. Could it be all the negativity out there in the news? But I love Scrappy…my pups are my therapists, too!

  30. Lorna, I hope you don’t hate me, but I nominated you for a {Booker} award ( Feel free to accept or ignore as you prefer! But I’d love to know what you’re reading! I mean, besides me 😉

  31. Scrappy deserves a rest. It’s exhausting being the cutest dog in the universe. Next goal: cutest dog in the parallel universe.

  32. Oh I love this! Skipping a day, sounds great so restful. I”m going back to bed now thanks to you, lol lol xo

  33. There’s a group of people who are on a “slow down” campaign on our island. They’re doing it with their cars – driving people bananas. It’s so much safer and saner to give them a visual like this than preventing someone from catching a ferry! Or getting to the hospital.

  34. Naps are m favorite … better than night sleep. Me and Scrappy are on the same page. He is one cute and very smart companion.
    Excellent advice for today …. and … any day when one needs a little rest.
    Namaste …. xoxo

  35. You’re a day too late! I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. If I’d only read this before I went to bed…

  36. Whilst good advice in principle, Lorna, it could not have come more UNtimely. I need a rest, yet feel restless. Wired. If you gave me a cartload of bricks this minute and some cement I’d build you a house. It would probably amount to a pile of shit but still. And where are the roof tiles? Do you require a chimney?


  37. Funny that I should read this while I sit in my bathrobe at nearly 11 a.m. on a Thursday … Thanks for letting me know it was a good idea. I’m sure my boss will agree!

  38. I rather like your advice of taking a break from it all. Heck, that’s how I wound up here! See what good advice can do? 🙂

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