Numbers. You gotta love 'em!

I like numbers as much as any accountantgambler…blogger, so I keep track of the typical facts and figures WordPress conveniently taunts…provides me with. Even if you’re one of those literary artsy types who eschews numbers (I threw in the word “eschews” for you literary artsy types–you’re welcome), you have to keep track of words counts or pixels or rhythm (which must be related to counting), right?

So, let’s face facts, people, you definitely want to read this post about the numbers I’m going to share with you.

Go ahead. You're going to tell us whether we want you to or not. At least I've got these beads to fiddle with while you babble on.

  1. I’ve been blogging for just about 10 months.
  2. During that time, I’ve attracted 38,900+ visitors. Let’s forget about the loopy Internet searches that mistakenly ended up here when they were earnestly looking for a “confused old woman” or “sexy dog lady.” (One could argue that both search terms lead them to the correct site.)
  3. In the last month, I’ve had visitors from 73 different countries around the world. One visitor was from the Maldives, but I think they only have one computer and their Internet is slower than turtles swimming through Maldive mud. So that’s impressive.
  4. I’ve posted over 250 hope-you-didn’t-miss-a-one posts.
  5. And, just today, I officially have 200 subscribers. Yes, 200 people want to know what the heck I’m going to say next. I’m bamboozled by this. Honored beyond words, but bamboozled . You can tell I’m bamboozled because that’s the only word I can come up with. Thank you–each and every one of you.

I don't know why you love me, but I'm glad you do. Here's a little token of my appreciation from me to you.

My 200th subscriber is The Coevas Official Blog.  I visited their blog and I’m pretty sure they are foreign because I couldn’t read anything but the English subtitles. I think they are Italian musicians and writers. The reason I think this is because I read this from their “About Page”: We consider words’ instrumentalists and we choose a daily presence in the global village. COEVA is born as a symphony’s  score, modulating and arranging idioms. Conjugated artistic languages. The blog itself is a work of art: crucible of visual arts, reflections, theatre, interpretations and staves; confluences of new concepts and stimulations. Remember, this is the English subtitle version.

That’s all I wanted to tell you, but I have a really great story about my Pilates class this morning. That will have to wait until next week. You’ve heard enough from me this week.

Make that "next week." See you then!