Lilly discovered the rejuvenating effects of declining, or reverse reclining, once she stopped blogging so much.

You may have noticed I’m not posting like a blogger gone Cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs. That’s how I used to post before I had a mental meltdown…an epiphany. My epiphany came on the heels of:

  1. completing most of my memoir stories
  2. losing contact with most of my real life friends
  3. having nothing to talk to myself about other than my blog
  4. discovering cobwebs covering my sewing machines after prying the dried hinges of my sewing room door open
  5. noticing some personal hygiene issues that needed my attention before they garnered anyone else’s attention

I hope you haven’t missed me too much. I have missed you and I’ve tried to keep up with reading and commenting on your posts. Some of you haven’t made it easy (and you know who you are). Since I post 2-3 times a week, I don’t think you’ve totally forgotten me. If you have, there are about 250 posts you could go back to and reminisce with a good box of wine.

Well, that kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? How am I going to compete with Mr. Stud-In-A-Box whose spout is primed?

While I’ve done less blogging, I’ve done more of other things.

  1. The people at the Wellness Center know me a lot better. They know to steer clear of me in case I lose my balance and fall off a machine or my yoga mat. The swimmers just stroke harder to get out of my way. I’m really slow in the pool, what with my built-in flotation devices providing resistance like a breakwater.
  2. Phil (my Phil, as opposed to our Phil) and I bought bikes and we are discovering the joy of cycling, having already discovered the joy of … walking Scrappy. (Where are your minds people?)
  3. I’ve completed three (3) chapters of my book. They still need editing by someone who knows how to write, but they are completed. And I know just how I’m going to start the fourth chapter…whenever I sit down and get to writing it, which should be any time now.
  4. I agreed to be a judge on DarkGlobe’s Create A World writing contest. The submissions are rolling in, with the deadline approaching midnight April 14, California-time. You figure it out; I’m busy visiting worlds that some talented writers have created and time has lost all meaning to me. This is not a new phenomenon, by the way.
  5. I rediscovered my sewing room. After the obligatory day or three of cleaning and organizing, I got down to starting and finishing some projects. Here’s the proof.

I designed this pair of wall-hangings and call them "Stepping Stones." They are made from a variety of hand-dyed batik fabrics, each outlined in a narrow black batik.

A view from the other side of the room showing them in relation to the dining room table. I also made the table runner and place mats. I bought the clock.

I made this purse for my Phil's mother. Again, I used hand-dyed batiks in colors she often wears in the summer. She wears red year-round.

The other side of the purse...

Maybe next time I give you an update on my progress, I’ll have sex…six or eight memoir chapters completed, a few more walls decorated in our little condo and some Uniquely Lorna gifts for family and friends. Of course, I hope some of my posts will have entertained you, too.

Lorna, please. You're killing me here. Mommy's gonna have to clean up those yummy mashed peas and carrots I just ate from my MacBook Air. She hates it when I spit-laugh while reading your blog.