Better hurry. Time waits for no blogger!

Tick-toc. Tick-toc. Time is running out on Dark Globe’s February Shoot-Off. The deadline for photography submissions has expired, but YOU CAN STILL VOTE on your favorite photograph among the many stunningly awesome submissions in this contest. You should vote. It will make you feel exuberant. Okay, maybe not “exuberant,” but it will give you something to do other than staple reports together, do the laundry or make important financial survival decisions.

If he's that flexible, surely he can find time to go vote.

This is just like the Republican Primary, folks. We have a large pool of potential candidates, but only one can emerge as the Conservative’s Choice (or in this case, the Reader’s Choice). It’s up to YOU to use the power of your vote and any Super PAC over which you may have influence to pick a front-runner.

Looks like all you need for a Super PAC is a cover letter, lots of rich friends, and star power. What are you waiting for?

The Judge’s Choices for each category and the one Reader’s Choice Award will be announced on the Dark Globe site on Wednesday February 15, so as not to interfere with any Valentine’s Day hanky-panky hoopla. So procrastination is not an option! Click here NOW, scan the pictures (I don’t mean “scan” as in scan them into your computer–that would be wrong on so many levels–I mean take a close look at each photo), and VOTE.

If your Valentine offers to fill you up (with gas) these days, you know it's serious.

Use your power, influence, and star power to get others you know to go vote, too. These photographs are worth appreciating and these photographers worth noticing.

ANYONE can vote.

Hello, DarkGlobe! I'm phoning in my vote because my hooves are too large for the standard keyboard. I cast my vote for ...