Yeah. No. I mean it. Yeah. NO!

When does “no” mean “Gee, thanks?” When it comes to the proliferation of different and same blogging awards for which I am continually nominated, that’s when.

Each person who nominated me had the best of intentions–they adore and admire my blog (I know because they said so when they nominated me–and I believe everything I read).

I believe the alien baby adoption. I mean, she's all about inclusiveness and family. But look at her hair. That seems a little fake, don't you think?

I’m the type person who has a hard time either ignoring or rejecting people’s kind gestures. They know because I exude that helpful, generous, optimistic, easy-going vibe often confused with people who are easily duped into every scam in the book. I even feel guilty writing this. Classic woos emotion–guilt when speaking the truth.

In the last several weeks, I’ve been nominated for a couple more Kreativ Blogger Awards by The Idiot (Mark) SpeakethΒ andΒ Kourtney Heintz. I politely (as best I could) turned them down because I already have that award and more is just not better when it comes to this kind of thing (as opposed to watermelon or hugs, preferably not at the same time).

Obviously two pleasures meant to be enjoyed separately.

I was, however, nominated for three awards that don’t currently decorate my sidebar–all of them quite flattering and lovely. What’s a blogger to do? I’m hoping that, by posting the images of these awards on my site, others bloggers in the nomination business will see them and say, “Golly, Lorna already has this award. Good for her. I should pick a blogger that doesn’t have this award and really make her/his day. Yup! That’s what I’m going to do.” That hasn’t worked out quite so well for me yet, but I’m a blogger filled to the brim with delusions…hope.

Kourtney HeintzΒ also nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Personally, I think the logo could be a bit more inspiring, but that’s just me. Thanks Kourtney, for recognizing my blog as one that inspires you to do or think something, well, inspirational. I hope it’s “good” inspirational (like Gandhi or Miss America) and not “bad” inspirational (like Dexter or [insert politician of your choice, not necessarily one who will get your vote]).

Not your most wholesome crime-stopper...

NOTE: I’m selecting blogs I haven’t highlighted before to give my loyal readers someone new to explore.

I pass on this award to the following blogger, who inspire me in a non-Dexter way:

From Survivor to Thriver

Morning Wood

Xanax or Running Shoes

Cleaning Up a Town’s Blog

Teri of the Narcissist’s Blog nominated me for the ABC, or Awesome Blog Content, Award. How could I turn this one down? Just look at it! Flattery like that will get me every time. Here are the bloggers who I want to pass this little gem onto:


Simple Observations

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley

Notes from Rumbly Cottage

Now there’s one happy-looking award! Thanks, Jeanna, from Xanax or Running Shoes, for nominating me for this zippy little do-da. It’s the 7 X 7 Award. Who among my many Blogger Buddies have 7 posts that are so star-spangled colorful that they want to tell the blog-o-sphere about them? I know lots, but I’m trying to list bloggers new to most of you (which, by the way, is getting harder). I’m thinking I need to expand my circle of friends…

Ms. Mouse Cleans House

WTF: What the Fluffy

The Limebird Writers

Amanda Alive All Along

Word Salad

Inside the Mind of Isadora

Aurora Morealist

General Rules:

  1. Notify nominees that they’ve been nominated so they can prepare themselves for the incredible amount of work…great feelings that the award bestows upon them.
  2. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to her/his site.
  3. Provide links to the nominated blogs.
  4. Increase your Award Deflector Shields to MAXIMUM POWER

    And you thought I was making this up. No one can see you coming when the shield are set on Max (unless you have night vision goggles or can see that globby thingy on the roof).


Rules for the first two awards:

  1. nominate as many bloggers as you wish. The range can run from 0-57. Error on the side of “less is more” for your own sanity.
  2. Reveal somewhere between 0 and 10 heretofore unknown and beguiling facts about yourself.

Rules for the last award:

  1. Name and link back to 7 of your favorite posts so readers may or may not read your best and brightest posts.
  2. Name and link seven other bloggers you wish to give the award to.
  3. Reveal nothing about anything or anyone else.

Because this post is long enough, I will save my beguiling personal facts and reveal my top 7 posts in a follow-up post tomorrow, which happens to be National Toothache Day.

Just giving you time to search for these on e-bay or at your local, ahem, drug "store." You may need them.