Help me, Junior, I need to spread the word. And the word is: The Shoot Off is still ON!

This is a reminder that The 2012 Dark Globe February Shoot Off is still ON but ends THIS Friday (2/10/12). Click here to get all the details.

Some great photos have already been submitted, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there waiting to be enjoyed. I just want all you people who are so creative behind the lens to show your artistry and get recognized.

Since I’m a judge, I can’t submit any of my stultifying…stunning photography in the contest, so I thought I would show you some of my recent “work” to both inspire you and assure you that your photographic talents are, indeed, a gift–one that passed some of us over.

I just wanted a nice picture of Scrappy after I brushed him. Scrappy doesn't like to be brushed. Can you tell?

That's me trying to be "artsy" with my camera. I still don't understand when to use flash and mirrors. I also don't understand why my right boob is back-lit. I haven't worn an electrified, blinking bra in years...

Just to refresh your memories, here are the basics of the contest (again, go here to get ALL the details):

  1. Submissions began on 2/1/12 at Dark Globe’s site  and end FRIDAY 2/10/12.
  2. There are three categories (themes) for submissions: Hope, People at Work, and Broken. You can submit one (1) photo per category.
  3. Judges can’t enter the contest. (See above, if you’re a glutton for punishment.)
  4. You can submit to more than one category (meaning two or three), but you can only win in one category (meaning one), thus spreading the awards out.
  5. All three winners will be announced on 2/15/12 after we judges have dueled…deliberated and decided. Each winner will receive bragging rights and a fancy graphic to paste proudly on her/his site.
  6. A 4th category of winner was created: Reader’s Choice Award. Anyone can go to Dark Globe’s site and vote for her/his favorite photo from any of the 3 categories.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spread this post around to everyone you know who might want to enter this contest or who might know someone who might want to enter this contest. 

But wait! If you act now, you can vote for your favorite photo of all the submissions. Power to the people!