This is an exact re-enactment of when DarkJade68 asked me to judge Dark Globe's photo contest. He even said those precise words. I was just minding my own business reading about someone else's business ...

In a surprising and totally illogical…delightful turn of events, I’ve become a judge in Dark Globe’s most recent contest: The 2012 Dark Globe February Shoot Off. Click here to get all the details, but I’ll summarize for you.

This is a contest for all you shutter-bugs out there–that means photographers for those of you not into picture-snapping. I may sound like a shutter-bug myself, but I’m not. I just know lots of words. My qualifications as a judge are: I’m an awesome blogger (according to those who voted for me in Dark Globe’s last contest); I’m an artist, too, if you count the amazing things I can do with uncooked elbow macaroni, Elmer’s glue and gold glitter–not necessarily all at once; I can usually tell if a photo is upside down or right side up; and I said “yes” to DarkJade68’s invitation to judge (because I have a hard time saying “no” to DarkJade68 and several other bloggers–please don’t let that get around).

I simply can't say "no" to you. I'll stop work on my memoir and judge your photo contest. Anything else you'd like?

But this isn’t about me. It’s about YOU: the photographers out there who should be recognized for your craft. Here are the basics of the contest (again, go here to get ALL the details):

  1. Submissions begin today (2/1/12) at Dark Globe’s site (which will be updated frequently) and end FRIDAY 2/10/12.
  2. There are three categories (themes) for submissions: Hope, People at Work, and Broken. You can submit one (1) photo per category.
  3. Judges can’t enter the contest. (Good thing. I was told to stop lurking around construction sites. The men were getting uncomfortable.)
  4. You can submit to more than one category (meaning two or three), but you can only win in one category (meaning one), thus spreading the awards out.
  5. All three winners will be announced on 2/15/12 after we judges have mud-wrestled…deliberated and decided. Each winner will receive bragging rights and a fancy graphic to paste proudly on her/his site.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spread this post around to everyone you know who might want to enter this contest or who might know someone who might want to enter this contest.

Get the word out so that my fellow judges and I can look at poop-tons of marvelous pictures and stay awake at night trying to decide which ones we think are the best ones. What’s an all-nighter when the pay-off is highlighting the art and finesse of photography? I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

And If I get dizzy and fall off the ladder, don't feel guilty. I made the choice to do this. Just send donations to "The Scrappy Dog-Walker Benevolent Society."