Can you see yourself headed down there? It could happen!

I built my blog on the WordPress platform because I trusted the advice of a published author who suggested this site as the best place for writers to get their work world-famousmade into movies with big-name stars…noticed. This is the site that authors and authors-in-waiting…-progress use. I fit into the latter category.

I don't know why I'm not further along... (click on image to see it animate)

During my nine (9) month tenure here, I’ve made bazillionsmillionsthousandshundreds…a few really great Blogger Buddies. Most of them are like me: working on a manuscript or have had some works published, but not a whole “real” book (“e”–electronic or “p”–papyrus paper).

Recently, however, I’ve read the “good news” blogs of several of my Blogger Buddies that they have just published books or books just-about-to-be-published. These authors are living my dream. I’m closer to a complete manuscript of my memoir than I’ve ever been, but I’m still far enough away for the dream to still feel like a dream. I’m so proud of the following bloggers who saw their dreams through to becoming a reality:

Diana, who has two e-books, The Bewitching Hour and The Devil’s Own Luck, coming out soon. They are part of an enchanting series.  This link is a post about her in-progress book, Kept Secrets. Check it out!

Patrick of Simple Observations has a book deal based on his outrageously incisive and funny observations on life. The book will be coming out soon and we’ll all have to stay tuned to his blog to get the poop about the title and where to find the book. I’m sure he’ll be quite cooperative, but in his tongue-in-cheek way.

Casey, of Casey’s Comments, has a book entitled An Island no More (a romantic suspense) which is available now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble (print and electronic). Whoop, whoop, for her hard work! Let’s make it pay off BIG!

Victoria, of Live to Write Today, is mostly known around these parts for her poetry; but she’s got a new novel out: Winter is Past: A Novel. (That’s how I knew it was a novel; it’s in the title–Victoria is clever that way.) Here is just one of the comments from a reader: “A beautifully written and purposeful exploration of the meaning of life through love, loss and rebirth. The journey of Claire makes us all appreciate the fragile string our lives are attached to and how each event makes all worth living.” 

Sylvia, has just released her self published collection of delightful funny and heart-warming short stories in a book entitled Postcards From Home. She used the Smashwords platform to get her book out there. Along with this book she sells for a meager $1.99, she released a free mini-book of four short stories as a “sample” called Going Home and Other Stories. I can attest to her down-to-earth, have-you-chuckling-the-whole-way style of writing as she presents her unique perspective of life. This link tells you all about how to find the books and even offers some coupons if you act soon. Oh, that Sylvia, she says she doesn’t like marketing, but she’s great at it!

I’m proud and happy to know these bloggers because the show me that dreams don’t have to stay dreams and they are great resources for me as I dip my toes into the world of publishing one of these daysweeks…months.

My manuscript is the best one there. It should just pop right out at you.

DISCLAIMER: None of these authors asked me to do this for them. I did this on my own whether they wanted me to or not. So I’m not getting any financial incentive (up-front or otherwise).

I'm telling you, I don't do this for the money. This stretch is really great for the hip flexors, gluts, and calves.

DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER: I may have inadvertently missed some of my dear Blogger Buddies who have books that are recently published or about to be published. If so, let me know. I’ll do a sequel. I’m all about spreading the love!

Try as I might, I sometimes lose my focus. But I'm always willing to try again.