Thanks to all of you who sent donations to my favorite charityflowers for my memorial serviceapplications to Scrappy’s PetFinder Adoption Page…wishes for a speedy recovery. I am back among the living, and no worse for the experience. I’m told that there’s a pandemic of upper respiratory plague sweeping the universeglobenationstatecountycityneighborhood…condo, and I was among the lucky survivors. (I majored in melodrama in high school.)

In my last post, I mentioned that I was nominated for some more awards (the kind you accept and pass along) but was too weak and disoriented to say much about them. Let’s fix that.

Aurora of Auroramorealist and Magnet for Foolishness nominated me for my 9th Versatile Blogger Award.

Aurora of Auroramorealist also nominated me for the Kreative Blogger Award and The One Lovely Blog Award. Being the “kreative blogger” I am, I’m going to make up my own rules for these awards (which probably have different versions of rules their own anyway). These rules will apply for all three awards, but just according to me, because I’m in a klever mood and I’m still on drugs…medications. Feel free to go back to the original award rules, which can be found somewhere. I’m sure you’re krafty enough to figure that out on your own.

You must…really should:

  1. name the blogger who nominated you in your acceptance post, should you choose to accept the award.
  2. right click on the image of the award, and copy the URL of the image. Use the “Widget” Images on your dashboard to put the image on your blog home page so others know you’ve already been given this award.
  3. Pick however many bloggers upon which you want to bestow whichever honor (that was clear, right?).  Zero is a number. I’m just saying…
  4. Say a little something about each blogger so readers know who they’re going to find when/if they check out the link you provide with their name.
  5. Let the nominees know you’ve given them the award.

I’m passing. Nine times. If I was a cat this award was a life, I’d be at the end of my rope road.

The Kreative Blogger Award is one that goes to bloggers who think outside the box and use their talents in surprising, memorable ways. I could give this award to almost every blog I follow. Some already have the award and some would rather not deal with awards (like me; and, yes, I see the irony). My apologies to anyone I don’t name, but I’m trying to keep this manageable. My picks for Kreative Blogger are:

Thag at Mightier Than the Pen Here you’ll find amazing, funny, and thought-provoking flow-charts, Ven diagrams, and short essays. This guy’s brain in wired in a way that I admire.

O. Leonard at WTF: What the Fluffy He can spin a yarn that will wrap you up and won’t let you go. Nostalgic, hysterical, and insightful.

Gayle at Bodirose She is a poet of immense talent. Words are her paint brush. She makes the difficult job of writing memorable poetry seem simple.

Chris at Christine Noels  Together with her partner, Anton, she creates what I’m sure will one day be top-of-the-charts songs and videos. Their talent blows me away.

Edwin at Awkward List If Jerry Seinfeld had a blog, this would be it.

The One Lovely Blog Award, I feel, recognizes a blog that makes you feel good after you’ve visited it. I’m not sure of the original intent of the award, but it can’t be far off from how I’m interpreting it. My picks for this award are:

Jacqueline at The Mature Student Hanging in There No matter what challenge she faces, she faces it with grace, humor, and optimism.

Amanda at Amanda: Alive All Along Here’s another woman who brings her unique sense of humor to her life or her observations about it.

Nancy at Not Quite Old  Her writing style and sense of comedic timing are superb. She writes about her life in a way that makes it feel like your life.

Laurie at Sparky Laurie Her “Nuggets of Life” are heartfelt lessons in how to navigate your journey with a positive attitude. Her blog is always inspirational.

Molly at Serendipity for Molly Her blog is about saving the world in her own gentle way.

What is this flashy award all about? According to Aurora of Auroramorealist (who got it from the blogger who awarded it to her), “There are so many bloggers who give so much, whether it’s to your families, friends, community, your fellow bloggers, and/or to your craft – art, writing, photography, etc. This award is just a way to thank those people.”

This award is given to only two (2) bloggers who:

  1. always give encouragement to others, by being a guiding light in the blog-o-sphere.
  2. give tirelessly to their blogs and posts by sacrificing their time and talent; sharing their deepest emotions, whether in words, art, photography, or another form.
  3. lend a hand to help fellow bloggers make their blogs even better.

As a recipient I must to tell you why these two bloggers deserve this award.

Isadora from Inside the Mind of Isadora is a blogger extraordinaire. Her posts–be they photographs, poetry, or prose–are a unique combination of magic, truth, hope, and playfulness. Only Izzy can create what she creates. I know she is active in her artistic community and she certainly is one of my reliable readers. Her comments are always supportive and insightful. She often acts my compass, helping me to gauge if I’m going where I should be going with my memoir stories. And she seems to know my destination before I do. I rely on her for inspiration in my “Comments” area and when reading her blog.

Al from The Cvillean is one kind-hearted, witty, generous blogger (for a guy). Just kidding, Al! His blogs posts are a sure-fire laugh, so don’t eat or drink while reading his material; your computer screen will be a mess when you burst out laughing and other stuff bursts out, too. He has mastered the art of captioning zany pictures like no one I know, except for maybe, … well,  … me. So I know how much time and effort go into all of his must-read posts. Al is quick with the wittiest of come-backs. His mind is sharp as an obsessive-compulsive fifth-grader’s #2 pencil (I’m remembering me again), but his heart is as soft as [insert softest thing you can imagine]. He cares. I know. He’s told me so. And he never lies. He’s told me that, too.

Unfinished business officially finished.