That's me in the middle.

Thank you from the bottom, middle and top of my heart to all my loyal fans for voting for me in Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Contest, Blogger of the Year Award. Being nominated was an honor. Being one of five finalists was beyond my wildest dreams (well, some of my dreams are pretty wild, but you know what I mean). Now I have the pleasure of telling you that the race was so close that three, count ’em, three top prizes were awarded in my category and I was among the three. Yup, little old Lorna’s Voice that came on Β the scene in half-way through the year won 2011 Blogger of the Year!

I feel honored to be in such fine company as Harry from The Dribbling Pensioner and Pete from Evolution of InsanityΒ who also received the Blogger of the Year award.

A big thanks goes out to Dark Globe who developed and organized this contest.

This is a splendid way to start the New Year!

Well, I didn't win Outstanding Dancer of the Year Award...