I'm a little nervous. I've never spoken in the blog-o-sphere before. But this is important. Can you see how serious I look?

Um. Ah. [scratching and licking some private places]. Okay. Now I feel better.

Hi. I’m Scrappy. Lorna is My Human. I’ve never done this before, but I hear you don’t have to know what you’re doing to write one of these blog thingies.

Please don’t tell her I’m doing this. I know she promised not to bother you for a while. She told me when she was waiting for me to poop on one of our walks (she thinks I don’t listen to her and I’d just as soon she doesn’t know that I do), but there’s some news you need to know and she’s busy slaving away in her sewing room making gifts for the homeless. Well, the gifts are for her family but I don’t know where they live because she never takes me to visit them because they have dogs and she doesn’t think I play well with other dogs, so they might just as well be homeless. If you think I’m rambling, you should see me on my walks.

So, anyway, anyway. I’m proud of My Human. She made it to the final round of the Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards, Blogger of the Year. My Lorna and four other talented humans were the 5 finalists in that category. That’s pretty good, right? She’s happy. I can tell because she sang during our walk this morning and it was cold and windy. That never happens. Singing when it’s cold and windy, I mean. (This writing thing is harder than it looks. Barking is a lot easier than blogging.)

Is this direct enough for you?

I want to do something nice for My Human. Lorna rescued me and I love her. Voting for My Lorna would make me happy and happy terriers are safe terriers. [Low, throaty growl, and creepy organ music playing in the background…]

I’m almost all Terrier. Do you know anything about terriers? All you really need to know is that we’re fast, smart, and don’t give up when we want something.

Well, we're not all smart. But we don't give up!

Okay. My Lorna wouldn’t “approve” if she knew I “incentivized” you to vote for her, so I’m just asking you to vote for which ever blogger (and writer and photographer) you think deserves the top prizes. Sure, I’ll be wagging my tail and barking my Happy Scrappy bark if My Lorna wins, but I promise I won’t hunt you down and take a bite out of your prime parts if you decide not to vote or vote for someone else. She keeps me on a short leash, My Lorna does. Plus, whose gonna know?

Did you know My Lorna is psychic? Just a fun fact…

My Human doesn't need one of these when...

... she has these mystical powers. Let's just say Cesar Milan isn't the only dog whisperer...

According to Dark Globe, here are the rules:

  1. My Lorna can ask for votes. I’m doing that for her.
  2. You can suggest that people vote for My Lorna by promoting her blog thingy and the contest.
  3. You can vote, but only once in each category.
  4. Voting ends on December 31, but I’m not sure what time because time is meaningless to dogs.

Here’s where you go to vote. I made sure the link works. My Lorna is human and makes mistakes sometimes. I think it’s cute when she goofs up.

To vote, just scroll down to the “Reply” section and tell the humans at Dark Globe who you think deserves the Blogger, Writer, and/or Photographer of the Year Award.

Uh oh. I don’t hear the sewing machine any more. I better stop before she comes in here and sees what I’m doing. She thinks I sleep all day.

This is just between us, right?

Remember, don’t tell her I did this. She prides herself on her humility…

Thanks from the tip of my tail to the nub of my nose,