Vote Early, Vote Often and Never Mind What I Said Before

I think boofier hair is more flattering when it comes to drawing attention away from my overly large...eyes.

Have you ever, even once, changed your mind? Well, okay. So you’ll understand what I’m about to tell you and ultimately ask you.

I’ve been nominated by Pete at Simple Observations for the Dark Globes, drum roll please, Outstanding Artist Awards Blogger of the Year Award.

Just being nominated is a thrill. Click on the picture to see them shake their collective booties.

In the end, there will only be 5 Final Nominees in each of 3 Categories (Photography, Writer, Blogger), which will be determined on December 20th… If I make the Final 5 Best Blogger of the Year cut, voting for the actual Awards begins December 21st through December 31s. The Award Winners will be Announced on January 1st. Besides a sash I can wear around the house, a tiara and getting to ride in a convertible in every parade for the next year, I will get a graphic to display on my blog’s “Awards Wall.”

I could never walk in those shoes, but people need to see me in them, right?

Click here to leave a nomination for me.

Voting for me lets the folks at Dark Globe know that you admire me and think me sash/tiara/parade/and blog-reading-worthy.

The competition looks stiff and you have only a few hours to vote. I only learned of my nomination about half an hour ago, otherwise I would have engaged in this kind of shameless self-promotion a long time ago, when you weren’t all busy with holiday preparations.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

  1. Forget what I said about me not accepting any more awards. What the heck was I thinking?
  2. Click here and nominate me before 4:00 Eastern Standard Time so I can be one of the five finalists.
  3. When the voting begins for the finalists, 12/20-12/31, if I make it, vote like it’s an election in Egypt (rigged)–but only if you want me to win.

    No need for violence, people. Remember, I'm Buddhist, so let's overtake that blog by peaceful means. Flooding it with comments is perfect. Water comes from nature and is gentle yet powerful. Namaste.


As your reward for voting early and often, I will take a break from posting from now until the beginning of 2012. Your email in-box will be less jammed, and that’s always a welcomed relief after being away for a rest.

You won't find Lorna's Voice in that Black Hole of least not for a while.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement in the 7 months that I’ve blogged in 2011. It’s been a trip and a half! See you in 2012!

Until we meet again...

~ by Lorna's Voice on December 19, 2011.

24 Responses to “Vote Early, Vote Often and Never Mind What I Said Before”

  1. It’s never too late. You’ll see…

  2. It’s too late to vote now, but I love you Lorna and wish you all the best!

  3. Thanks, Gayle! Your support means a lot to me.

  4. I’m sorry that I didn’t make it to the polls in time either, Lorna, but am happy to hear that you were nominated as one of the finalists after all. Sure, you can change your mind about accepting any more awards–I did too. 🙂

    Good luck! And see you after the New Year!


  5. Yes, I am! More about the contest and voting soon…

  6. Sorry, I’ve been so busy with holiday and life I never read this in time to meet your deadline. I’m sure you’re a finalist, however…

  7. Luck seems to be following me lately, Tilly. You can vote for both of us! I’ll post tomorrow with the proper link to the voting page.

  8. I’ll be voting. Luckily, you’re not in the same category as Kate Shrewsday, or I’d have to be cut in half like Solomon’s baby.

  9. Gratz Lorna, you are one of the 5 Finalists for The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Blogger of the Year Award! Head here for more Info


  10. Hey Lorna. I got behind on your blogs again and I’ve missed the nomination part. However, if you make it OF COURSE I’ll stuff the ballot box for you. You rule in the blogosphere!

    Enjoyed the blogs I missed, as usual.

    Good luck and enjoy the time off. I’ll miss you!

  11. Hi Lorna, the Nominations are Done, and the Final 5 of Each Category will be Announced at Midnight PST, West Coast U.S. Time.

    Good Luck in making the cut


  12. Thanks so much!

  13. I must have copied the link incorrectly. Sorry and thanks so much for trying! You’re a sweetheart. 🙂

  14. Thanks Totsy!

  15. Thanks for trying. I fixed the link, but it’s too late. I just had to go out and have my hair cut… 😉

  16. Thanks for responding. I’ve learned to take very little personally. I’m glad you’re reading my blog–that’s what matters most to me. 🙂

  17. Yes I’ll try to fix this… thanks!

  18. Our secret is safe with me, U! Sorry if you have to go cold turkey, but maybe there’s some warm brandy to help you through those long nights… 😉

    Like the Terminator, I’ll be back! 🙂

  19. Don’t take it personally but since I’ve only been reading your stuff for less than the time it takes me to type this comment, I don’t feel I know you quite well enough to vote for you. I’ll keep reading though, you might need my vote in the future.

  20. I am sorry, Lorna, but if that’s the deal – me voting for you, the wonderful blogger you are indeed, only to NOT find my inbox jammed with the next instalment on Lorna’s Life till next year – count me out. Remember, I am the ardent devoted spellbound fan who spent a whole night of her life reading your back catalogue (plus most comments). So making me cold turkey: May the consequences be on your head.

    Thanks for making me smile, laugh, ponder on life’s vagaries, over the last few months. Never a lull moment with Lorna. I shall click on you till my twig breaks.


    PS Don’t tell Phil (that is OUR Phil, not yours) that for a moment I mistook the guy in the tutu for him. I am sure his wife will be delighted. Don’t give her my address.

  21. The link doesn’t work. I tried another link there for Preliminary Voting to check there but I didn’t see your blog listed. Will check back later.

  22. I’m off to the polls now. See you at the victory party!

  23. Mmmmm can’t get the link to work to nominate you – I’ll check back later, it might just be my computer.

  24. Fantastic News!!!!!!! You’ve got my vote 😉

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