I Didn’t Pinky-Swear, So Don’t Blame Me

When I put my foot down, I try to do it with style.

I posted a definitive statement about how I wouldn’t be accepting anymore generous and lovely awards from my blogging buddies a while ago. Okay. It was a week ago. You know I meant business because I used a declarative statement in a large red bold font. If that isn’t the literary equivalent of putting ones foot down, I don’t know what is.

But… (You know that whatever comes before the word “but” is cancelled by the word “but,” right?)

See what I mean. If considering this person for a date or a mate, I'd go with "psycho" not cute.

…I failed to include what every Kindergartner, teen girl and Mob Boss knows is the ritual that seals the deal: a Pinky-Swear. So, in the seven days that transpired between my gentle but adamant “Thank you kindly and please pass the awards to other deserving bloggers” statement, I received two more awards.

What? I should have known the darned pinky-swear omission would get me...

What am I to conclude from this development?

  1. Unlike Playboy Magazine, you are only looking at the pictures and not reading the the articles on my blog.
  2. The content of my stories is so outlandish that you think I’m making everything up, so you don’t take anything I say seriously.
  3. You have bit of the devil in you and want to see how I’m going to handle this.
  4. You genuinely believe I deserve the award, no matter what I say.
  5. You missed the post about my not accepting awards.

I’m going with #5 because I like the shape of that number.

Neeks from The Short and the Long of It is a writer and nominated me for the Liebster Award. (Click on the award and you’ll see who else she named as well as the rules, which I’m not following.) Bless her heart, she, like me, would love to see my loyal follower-count get past the 200 mark. I’m over half way there but I have a way to go. This is my 3rd Liebster (not to be confused with Lobster, which I can’t tolerate for eating purposes but have nothing against for crawling around on the bottom of the ocean purposes). Check out her blog. She’s a very talented writer and I’m one of her loyal followers.

Harry, from the Dribbling Pensioner, awarded me with a new honor, The Reader Appreciation Award. This one is all about the stats. It goes to the 6 bloggers who have commented the most on your blog, so I guess you could say Harry is rewarding me for having a big mouth or OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Blogging). That’s okay. His heart is in the right place (somewhere near his liver). Thank you, Harry! Check out his blog if you want to chuckle and get a dose of reality. In other words, if you miss your grandpa who you could only ever take in small doses. He’s a real coot hoot!

I nabbed a baby picture of Harry. I hope you don't mind, old pal...

All kidding aside, bloggers named in this award are the ones who you count on to comment when you post and I, too, think they should be recognized and honored. The rules are divinely inspired:

  1. Award your top 6 bloggers who have commented the most.
  2. Be thankful.
  3. You cannot award someone who has already been awarded. And you cannot give the award back to me.
  4. Don’t forget to tell the blogers you’ve awarded.
  5. If you don’t want to pass on this award, that’s okay to. Just admire it.
  6. Link to back to the person from which you received it.

Again, don’t you just love #5? # 3 is pretty awesome, too!

Just because I am so grateful to my super-loyal followers, I wish to recognize them. They are:

Phil from Random Thoughts Witty, sweet, insightful and curious

Izzy from Inside the Mind of Isadora Soulful wordsmith who can see through your words and into your heart

Gayle from Bodirose’s Blog Poet extraordinaire whose spirit is as whimsical as it is grounded

Holly from Hollyjb A young woman discovering herself as she explores Belgium in her year abroad

Big Al from The Cvillean His sense of humor is rivaled only by his sensibility about human foibles

Totsymae from Totsymae1011 Astute, funny, and raw, this visual and literary artist has stirring depth and talent 

Thank you, all of my loyal readers. And now, with a solemn pinky-swear, I respectfully decline all future awards (Pulitzer, Nobel, and Academy excluded).

This seals the deal. I'd take me seriously if I were him.

~ by Lorna's Voice on November 30, 2011.

37 Responses to “I Didn’t Pinky-Swear, So Don’t Blame Me”

  1. No weight gain–precious! This award is all about the numbers. Look on your stats page. It tells you who your top commenters are. This one is easy peasey! 🙂

  2. Golly Gee … she says, blushing. I am so honored to have had you nominate me for this award. After a bit of a rest period from my computer it was a big surprise to see a very nice award waiting for me. So very appreciated – always. WOW … who to nominate??? It is always a panic issue for me. Do not want to insult or leave anyone qualified left out of this. I’m grateful – truly. Just a little overwhelmed with catch-up on reading everyones fabulous posts. I am missing my Lorna fix. Hey, I admit it I have become addicted to your words. One good things about is that there is no weight gain … LOLOL …!!!!
    Truly – Thank you ,
    I will do my best to get to all this soon.

  3. Bless you!

  4. Love your blogs, follow you, but won’t nominate you for any awards. PINKY SWEAR!!!

  5. Don’t even think about it! Hey, the last 3 of you comments went to my spam folder. See what happens when you think such evil thoughts? 😉

  6. 😮

  7. CATCH 22, i like it.

  8. I gladly and graciously accept the “Al’s Pal” Award in the spirit in which it was given. I’m honored. For real, no joking. I’m really touched (not in the head, but in the heart). 🙂

  9. 🙂

  10. Harry, you are incorrigible! Talk about a perfect “Catch 22!” 🙂

  11. Done! Yuck and thanks!

  12. Not only did not you not pinky-swear, but you also did not spit in your palm and high-five with the other person. I’m totally convinced it takes more than one action to get attention. So I just spit in my palm. Spit in yours and we’ll call for a virtual high-five — and then you should be covered!!!

  13. Theres a new award going about , its called the ” i want no awards award ” maybe you would like it 😆

  14. No problem. I like the Reader’s Appreciation Award b/c it’s about the stats.

    Thanks again!

  15. Thanks, Lorna. Now I really feel guilty about falling behind on your blogs again (but only two).

    It’s easy to comment on your blogs because they are so commentable or is that commendable? (actually, both). And, to borrow from a famous Oscar acceptance speech, I really, really like you.

    Further, since I am not on the Pulitizer, Nobel and Academy Award committees I want to bestow on you the last award I will ever give you, out of respect for your request. The “Al’s Pal” award, given to the blogger who has had the most positive influence on my own blog. Congratulations.

    Blog on!

  16. I’m glad you liked the post and you certainly deserve the award. Thanks for understanding my plea for no more awards. Good luck with your nomination process!

  17. You do very well with English. I could not do so well with Chinese! 😉

  18. I wrestled with myself BIG time on this, too. I was raised to be polite and I know the awards are given with such good intentions. I don’t want to seem ungrateful. And yet (trying to avoid the word “but”) there are so many bloggers who could use a boost these awards are meant to provide, so it feels greedy of me to “collect” multiple iterations of them. I know how I felt as a new blogger when I got an award. I was giddy. I hope that in declining future awards, more bloggers get that giddy feeling.

  19. So you know what I mean…

  20. Yes. Finding your voice and using it is liberating and just plain fun!

  21. Thank you. 🙂 And for your kind words.
    I’ve been both enlightened and entertained at Lorna’s Voice. Isn’t it so nice when we find it?
    Enjoy your day.

  22. Thank you very much, Lorna. I truly appreciate your acknowledgment of me and the lovely description of me–I rather like that. 🙂 I love your blog and look forward to every posting–it’s like waking up to a little treat every day.

    I love your #5 and #2–sometimes I get the feeling that being grateful isn’t always included in the giving and receiving of some of these awards. Look for my soon-to-be-posted declining of future awards as well.


  23. I’m completely conflicted on this. I think it’s great that bloggers support one another but it takes a lot of time to accept the award and then send it on to other bloggers–particularly someone like me who hasn’t even figured out to put the award buttons in my sidebar. The southern-bred part of me has a hard time ignoring the awards, ’cause a lady just doesn’t do that. The time-management part of me knows I should pass. In the end, I think time-management will win.

  24. I think I can understand you and totally support your decision to decline the future awards.

    One thing is certain that you deserve all these awards and even Pulitzer.

    Your writing style and words are creative and funny…although I cannot get every deep meaning of your words. 😀

  25. I laughed so much from this post! I can’t believe I’m one of your top 6 commentors, lol. I know that you’ll be right up there on my stats, but I will not send this back to you. I got your point the last time :P. Plus, I totally understand the concept of passing it on to others…which is why I’m being a little tardy with one of mine.

    I appreciate the way you’ve shared yourself so candidly with all of us. And your comments on my end are truly appreciated!


  26. I guess you’ll be now getting awards for letting thrm pass on to others 🙂
    all the best for them!

  27. I missed the word, excluded.

  28. I know, Lorna. I truly was joking. I’m a kidder. Perhaps I should tone that down a bit.

  29. I know you have the same challenge ahead of you. Good luck with your research and acceptance post. I know you’ll do a classy job.

  30. Harry, I said except the Pulitzer, Nobel, and Academy Awards. I would except any of those…in my dreams!

  31. If it helps people know I’m serious about no more awards, I’ll spit. It won’t be that impressive, though. More like spittle… 😉

  32. Terri, I used my stats page that shows the 6 bloggers who have left the most comments recently. I said, it was all about the stats. Please don’t take this personally, though something tells me it’s too late for that (sniff, sniff). I rely on all my readers to keep me on my toes and on track.

    I love ya, Terri!

  33. Ha! I’ll be waiting to see what happens. This almost makes me want to create a special award for you.

  34. I like two things about your blog today.

    1. This: # You have bit of the devil in you and want to see how I’m going to handle this. <—That would soooo be me.

    2. I'm not on your award list. Seriously, I'm ok with it. Really.

    Thank you. I will still be your loyal follower, though, because I don't take those things personally.


    Oh yea, congrats to the (sniff sniff) winners. I am not a poor sport, so I will be checking out your award-worthy blogs.

  35. Aw… shucks now. Thanks Lorna – that was sweet of you.

    So… did you spit in your hand too? Oh wait, maybe that’s for something else.

  36. Very kind of you to say so many kind things about me, but i think you could have wrote more 🙂

    And i would like to know where you got MY photo.

    You would turn down the Pulitzer 🙂 you surprise me.

    Again thank you , Harry

  37. Congratulations and I’m sure the bloggers that you’ve passed this award onto will appreciate it. It’s a lovely way for people reading your post to check out their blogs per your recommendation.

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