It's like I'm there, but I'm not...and no lap top, either. That's the spookiest part of all.

Since Friday, I’ve been away on a mini-vacation. Sort of a pre-birthday “vaganza” (it’s nowhere near what most people would call an “extravaganza”)—just some time with my family and my “main-squeeze” in Connecticut. I’ll get to see the ravages of the freak snowstorm we never got here in the mountains and attend a Dana Carvey live stand-up comedy show, all complements of my generous younger sister and her husband.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

Through the magic of pre-scheduling posts, I’ve been able to keep you entertained. But, alas (“alas,” is such an elegant and graceful word so rarely used in prose and dorky blog posts), I’m unable to pre-comment on all of your posts or pre-reply to your comments on my posts (such an awkward and graceless sentence, making this an even dorkier post).

My point is: I’m NOT ignoring you. I’ve just taken a bit of time to behave like I did before I entered the world ofย obsessive successful blogging.

Yeah, well, Kramer may be out (for reasons all his own and that have nothing to do with anything on this post), but I'm here to tell you I'm still here. (Can you tell I need a vacation?)

When I return from my weekend jaunt, I will :

  1. Pay lots of attention to Scrappy. (He’ll need extra walks because the wonderful woman who stays with him can’t resist giving him snacks all day.)
  2. Do laundry. (But Phil will help. I love that man!)
  3. Finish some data analysis I’m doing for the local university Provost. (I won’t bore you with the details but the charts are colorful.)
  4. Catch up on all my blog reading and commenting. (This will take a few months weeks days, so your patience is kindly appreciated.)
  5. Celebrate turning 54 on Monday. (Not sure how yet because I live in the moment and that moment isn’t here yet. But I’ll let you know…)
  6. Oh, yeah, and get back to blogging when I can formulate better sentences!