I bet your thinking I’m one sizzling hot Dizzy Blonde who gets around. Get your mind out of the place minds go when suggestive titles are used to shamelessly allure readers to a blog post.

Now that I’ve got your attention, I am a sizzling hot Dizzy Blogger who gets around. On November 2, not quite 6 months after my baby-blog was birthed, my “visitor” odometer tripped to 20,000. I happened to be transfixed working on my blog when I saw this happen and, while the visitor may have been a mysterious “lurker,” the blogger who made his presence known at the exact moment that the odometer tripped was none other than this charming character:

You may know him as Phil.

20,000 visitors in less than 6 months seems awesome noteworthy, so I contacted Phil and told him I wanted to mark this event with a reward—like the millionth customer in a store who gets a shopping spree. The blogging equivalent of that kind of windfall is promoting your blog, at least that’s all I could afford until I become a best-selling author.

I’ve gotten to know Phil over the past few months because he’s such a loyal reader and commentor on my blog and many others I visit. He’s insightful, compassionate, witty, and curious. Sometimes he even posts things on his own blog to which I subscribe, Random Thoughts. Whatever he posts is always random wonderful. To help you get to know him better, I asked him some brilliant, probing questions and he answered them in his trademark tongue-in-cheek way.

I hope you enjoy this mini-interview, learn something you didn’t know about this great guy, and hop over to his blog, Random Thoughts.

What do you want people to know about your blog that they can’t get from reading it? 

This is a tough question Lorna.  The site really is about Random Thoughts that swirl around in my mind, in no particular order or priority.  There truly is no underlying purpose to it other than for me to have fun writing, and hopefully for the reader to enjoy, latching on for a few minutes to wherever my mind wanders.  There is no deeper, hidden agenda about my blog, nor are there any aspirations of it becoming anything more than my personal playground, with everyone welcome to frolic about.

You never know what to expect at Phil's personal playground.

You’re a curious guy. Why do you think you’re so curious? 

Yes I am curious, intensely curious, some might even say insanely curious (or is it curiously insane? I forget which).  I’ve been this way since I first could walk and talk.  I have no idea of how my mother and father put up with annoying little me, always asking them questions about anything and EVERYTHING.  Why?  I don’t really know other than I have this inner sense of delight that comes over me whenever I learn something new.  I’ve worked hard trying to keep that child-like sense of wonder and curiosity alive.  It gets me in a lot of trouble at times, and yet it is also a great source of joy (when it’s not getting me in trouble that is).

I always wondered how the SPAM filter worked...

Is there any special reason why you chose that darling tiger as your Avatar? (No is not an acceptable response!) 

My Avatar is Bill the Cat, a comic strip character gracing (well maybe disgracing is more appropriate) the pages of Bloom County and Opus.  I have an affinity for irreverent characters lampooning about in this world, and his facial expressions manage to suit my own wild-eyed open-mouthed expressions of playful astonishment.  Besides, I think he’s one rockin’ dude – a most bizarre role model that kind of grows on you over time.  Don’t you think?

I hear this guy could "cut a rug" with Thelma Lou when he wasn't on duty. But he was probably too "by the book" for you, Phil, huh?

What is the best and worst question you’ve ever been asked and why? (I hope it’s not any of mine, but if it is, say so.) 

The best?  “What have you accomplished since we last met?  What have you learned?”  I love those questions, for it puts past accomplishments into perspective and keeps the focus on continual growth and achievement.  I’m geeky like that.  The worst?  Oh my, so many to choose from.  “May I see your license and registration?”  Yeah.  No explanation necessary…

Childhood memories still leave pretty deep scars, right Phil?

What question do you wish I asked but didn’t? (Please answer it. Pretty please.) 

Gee Lorna, I was hoping you’d ask me if I’m as charming and witty in person as I appear to be online.  To which my response would be, “Why of course!” (all the while nervously hoping and praying my stunt double would be available for just such an occasion).

Charming, witty, kind, and versatile. This guy would make a great stunt double, but I bet Phil could do most of his own action shots.