And so it is with goddesses and gods. They just don't get the respect they once had.

This post is in response to Victoria’s Monday Morning Writing Prompt about Mythology. Not being up on my Roman, Greek, Ancient or Old Wives myths, I decided to meet this writing challenge with a two myths I wrote about myself when I was sorting through the rubble that I forlornly fittingly called my life a few years back. My counselor suggested this exercise in lieu of electroshock therapy. Not really.  Well, maybe.

Girls, girls. Can't I just agree to agree?

The Myth of Doubting Lorna and Diva Lorna

There once was half a little girl, Doubting Lorna, who felt invisible. Her other half, Diva Lorna, craved the spot-light but feared failure while on center-stage and, deep-down, didn’t feel worthy her recognition.

Diva Lorna pressed Doubting Lorna to be noticed, so an internal war erupted. Being on both sides of the conflict meant she was engaged in a struggle with no possible victor.  Diva Lorna charmed people around her while Doubting Lorna scolded her for making a fool of herself. Doubting Lorna was clever and weakened Diva Lorna, who retreated to her bunker to hide and lick her wounds.

The urge to shine again would rally as Diva Lorna strengthened her defenses and weaponry.  She would take her brilliant act out on the battlefield.  Doubting Lorna was ready.  She mocked Diva Lorna, “Show off!  Don’t you know everyone will be jealous and hate you for making them look bad?  You’re not as smart as you think.”

And so it went for many, many years.

The war was tiresome, but battling was all either side knew.  The Lornas found a magic elixir that, when consumed in large quantities, eased the internal unnamed pains.  It was a fiery transparent liquid—the initial sting well-worth the subsequent lulling into tranquility.  The elixir came in distinctive containers, always hidden behind easily opened closed doors.

The liquid elixir created a temporary cease-fire between Diva and Doubting Lorna.  After the magic wore off, however, Doubting Lorna seemed to gain strength and attacked with renewed vengeance.  Diva Lorna’s only defense was to quell Doubting Lorna with more liquid elixir.

Diva Lorna accomplished great feats, yet she always had Doubtful Lorna to cast a shadow on everything she was and all that she did, thus making her achievements hollow.

As the years went by, the battle waged on.  To the world at large, Lorna was a success by nearly all measures.  No one knew her biggest triumph of all: acting whole and normal.

When she became betrothed, the elixir became her enemy.  Choosing between it and her new life, she banished the liquid anesthesia from her life forever.

Doubting Lorna reigned supreme for a long time, only letting Diva Lorna out of her cage long enough to impress the world with some stellar deed. These moments breathed necessary life into this withering half a girl.

The war waged with no relief, no escape.  In time, it took its toll.  Lorna’s internal world began to spin uncontrollably.  Both sides were off balance now, neither had a clear advantage.  The time had come for a truce.

Could these two opposing forces embrace each other and make peace?

That's what I'm talking about, Baby!

The Myth of Divine Lorna

There is now among us a goddess of light who is named Lorna. She is most beautiful and wise.  To all who choose to see her, really see her, she is a vision to behold.  She has no need to feel visible or noticed—no need to be validated by the praise or worship of others.  She is a whole person, connected to a greater whole; divine by her very nature.  She is perfect in every way, even in her many moments of imperfection.

Divine Lorna is filled with gratitude for her life and all the gifts it provides, even if many of the gifts come as lessons that challenge her to change in unexpected ways.  She is proud of her many talents and accomplishments, never denying or demurring from her personal power to shape her world.  Divine Lorna has a gentle yet strong, spectacular voice and she uses it well.

She never makes a mistake or misstep because Divine Lorna believes that everything holds a positive lesson for her.  In her world, she has no enemies, no regrets, no fears, and no worries.  She has faith in the beneficence of the universe and respects life in its infinite variety.  She is an empathic, compassionate, creative, joyful soul.

Divine Lorna is a whole, not split, Lorna.  Balanced, grounded, centered, connected to others in the most essential way, she is absolutely sure of herself.  She is in love with life and with herself.

She glows.  She positively glows.